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  1. I wish there was one complete audio release. It was frustrating that this track was only on the DVD. I don't think it is on any audio release? Great version. Should have been on the first audio release.
  2. If you want to do a complete review of their live catalog you should include the DVD, which has essential live recordings not found on the other releases. A review of live Zeppelin should include Royal Albert Hall, Danish TV, Earls Court and Knebworth. As for the No Quarter Page/Plant Unledded project, it has some fantastic versions on Zeppelin songs, but it is not Led Zeppelin.
  3. I can remember the day my older brother brought this album home. It had barely sunk in yet that the Beatles had broken up. At the time I had not heard Zeppelin. I was into my brother 's Beatles and Creedence albums and singles. At the time I think my favorite song was Get Back.
  4. I did not see Zeppelin until 1977. I would really like to have seen one of the early shows when they were just breaking out. A small venue with a responsive audience. The underground scene. So given that I would say Boston Tea Party in May 1969. They were really gelling as a live unit after a lot of touring, and their reputation was just starting to grow.
  5. On Coda, the transition from the frenetic ending of Poor Tom to the vocal opening of I Can't Quit You is amazing. That is some Page sequencing magic there.
  6. Superb! Always great to see more than one band member in a stage photo. Thanks for posting.
  7. For 1977, another great one is 23 June. Amazing in every respect.
  8. I always really liked this photo. I am always interested in photos that show the crowd and the band.
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