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  1. I was just listening to that Fairport Convention live album the other day. The liner notes say that "Led Zeppelin stopped by to destroy a few ballads" and that Zeppelin joined Fairport in some "obscene Midlands drinking ritual". And then I noticed that in "Led Zeppelin Day By Day" (2016) by Marc Roberty it mentions this gig. He says that all 3 nights of the Fairport gigs were professionally recorded by Wally Heider, although none of the tracks Zeppelin played on were released - well, obviously ! But he also notes that the tapes from all three nights reside in Universal Records' tape archive. He does not specifically say that he knows the Zeppelin/Fairport songs are on the tape but he does imply it a bit. I have no way of knowing if Roberty is a reliable source here because he does not cite any source on this entry. Does anyone else have any information about what may have been recorded or was actually recorded when Zeppelin joined Fairport on the stage?
  2. From 1947 Great intro then Dizzy blows the roof off at 0:19
  3. Great version with the mandolin. SteveZ98 your version is fantastic. Can't wait to listen to the whole song in your version. Thanks!
  4. photos of the new 9-28-71 soundboard CD are posted at Royal Orleans
  5. That is outstanding !! - and someone just posted the whole thing in flac files on Guitars101.com. Great story about how the original tapes had been considered lost.
  6. I was listening to my Jethro Tull Pandora station and I heard Zeppelin. That is somewhat unexpected, but was really odd was that the song played was For Your Life. Then a few tracks later it played All My Love. I can't decide which of those 2 songs is more unlike Jethro Tull.
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