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  1. Here are some records that were released during July 1969 Honky Tonk Women / You Can‘t Always Get What You Want- the Stones Yes - first album Green River - Creedence Space Oddity - single- Bowie Soft Parade - The Doors Give Peace a Chance - Lennon single Here are the top singles in the US Billboard chart the week of the moon landing. Very diverse: In the Year 2525 Crystal Blue Persuasion Spinning Wheel - Blood Sweat and Tears My Cherie Amour - Stevie Wonder What Does it Take to Win Your Love - Jr. Walker and the Allstars Good Morning Starshine - Oliver One - Three Dog Night The Ballad of John and Yoko - I had forgotten it got this high in the US singles chart. Amazing. Such a great but off beat song. Baby I Love You - Andy Kim Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet - Henry Mancini Mother Popcorn - James Brown Here are the Billboard US Top Albums that week: Blood Sweat and Tears Hair Romeo and Juliet This is Tom Jones Age of Aquarius - the Fifth Dimension A Warm Shade of Ivory - Henry Mancini Tommy Crosby Stills and Nash In a Gadda da Vida Nashville Skyline - Dylan
  2. This is mislabeled on YouTube. it is not outtakes but rather the basic tracks without overdubs. This would have made a great companion disc. I think this album is Aerosmith's best and it is burned into my memory because it was released almost the same time as Presence. My friends and I wore out multiple 8 track copies of both albums in the crazy spring and summer of 1976.
  3. For studio recordings: Night Flight
  4. This was the first time I saw Yes. Great set list spanning their career to that point. I was glad they played the Future Times/Rejoice and Awaken. In the round so everyone had a good seat at the Garden. Pretty good audience recording. A fantastic evening.
  5. good article but I noticed it says Zep played there in 1979.
  6. I used to buy the models to sell in my dad's store. I learned that from my older brother. We all built alot of models too. We had some strange traditions too with models. One was we would pour glue on battleship models and light them on fire in our neighbor's pool to make battle scenes. Man did we get in trouble when he got caught! Just so you know, the neighbor kid was my older brother's best friend and chief instigator in this crazy activity. One time my brother was getting frustrated with a model and he threw it against the wall in our basement where we all built models. The next few times anyone got frustrated with a decal or something he would say "you should just wall it" He drew a big X on the wall and soon on a regular basis models were being demolished against that wall. It was a stone wall - very old house. We also built balsa wood model airplanes in middle school shop class, covering the wings with that thin paper and then coating it with "dope" and yes it really was called "dope". My favorite models were WWII fighter planes.
  7. I will gladly defend the 1977 tour and explain it from my point of view any time. Only time I saw them. Just missed 1975 MSG because parents said I was too young (15 going on 16) to go to the City with my older brother and his friends. Sure the tour had its low points but so much of it was just amazing and over the top.
  8. Thanks for posting this. I had not heard this particular compilation/mix before. That is kick ass! Celebration Day 1971 - always one of my favorite Zeppelin live moments.
  9. Listen to Jones in The Song Remains the Same. Four years to the day before the Kingdome show.
  10. What a great idea for a thread. I was nine, almost 10. We watched so many launches and missions in the 60s I don't recall the specific launch, but I do clearly recall watching live when Armstrong stepped out and on to the moon. I also remember getting a free lunar landing module model every day at the local Texaco station. My brothers, friends and I spent lots of time building those models and acting out the whole series of steps in the mission from when the LEM left the orbiting ship with Michael Collins to take Armstrong and Aldrin down to the moon. It was a very big deal that summer. My parents were really into it, maybe just because we were so into it, but they made sure we were awake to watch the first steps on the moon.
  11. From the 1958 recording The Scene Changes. The whole album is excellent.
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