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  1. It is awesome but it is not me, but you probably knew that? But check this out. He even references Gallows Pole in this vid.
  2. I think that is one of the great things about Kashmir. To me, it does not need a guitar solo. In fact, in a studio version it might detract from the overall structure/composition. The orchestration is magnificent and stands on its own, making the track even more unique and special. That being said, Page plays some great riffs and fills during the outro in live versions. But he does not add a whole section to the song to add a guitar solo. He is embellishing the existing orchestration.
  3. Summer 1971 Led Zeppelin, Santana, and The Allman Brothers Or how about Heart opening for Led Zeppelin in 1977, with the Wilson sisters singing harmonies on Battle of Evermore and the rest of the acoustic set?
  4. Found this 1999 Rolling Stone review of Zooma. Legend has it that John Paul Jones was the only member of Led Zeppelin to not sign over his eternal soul to Beelzebub. But on his first solo album, the instrumental Zooma, one of rock's great bassists plows through some downright hellbent grooves. On tracks like "Zooma" (featuring Paul Leary on guitar) and "Tidal," Jones creates thunderous, King Crimson-like, brainiac rock with a battery of four-, ten- and twelve-string basses. "Bass 'n' Drums" echoes the bluesy fills of Zep classics like "The Lemon Song"; "The Smile of Your Shadow," with i
  5. No Quarter 23 June 1977. One of the all time great versions. That was the first 1977 boot I ever got, and the piano work by Jones is really something else. It was so amazing to have that recording back in the 80s. I made multiple cassette copies so I would not wear out the vinyl.
  6. Way back in the 70s I read in an interview that Page liked Django. At the time I had never heard of Django. So I started looking for his records. So glad I did.
  7. Robert says "We got one more". Check Cool improvised intro riff. Check Spacey keyboards during theramin section. Check
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