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  1. RIP Robby. Great live version of 2 early Kansas tracks. Both sung by Robby and featuring lots of violin.
  2. From jimmypage.com today. I played the Seattle Kingdome with Led Zeppelin 17 Jul 1977 On this day in 1977, Led Zeppelin played the Kingdome in Seattle, an indoor venue that held 70,000 people. It felt surreal, as we entered the building through an airlock door. Here is a section of my solo spot that features the theremin and the bow and the exploration of both. It's lengthy but gives an example of my avant-garde journey with this sonic architecture.
  3. Jones is just so incredible in this. I hope someone does a matrix of the whole show.
  4. I wonder - if I had not been listening to Jennings Farm Blues all those years on the bootleg, would it have been my favorite of the outtakes on the re-issues? Maybe. It is amazing, but by the time the reissues came out, I had been hearing it for years, so perhaps it did not have as much impact as the things I had never heard before.
  5. La La. So many textures, and Page's guitar tones and phrasing are out of this world. A close second would be 10 Ribs and All. So unexpected and so ethereal.
  6. It is on YouTube now. Great composition from Jones. Sorry about the multiple embeds here but it did not show up when I saved this post so I tried to re-embed, still didn't show , so I posted it as a link. Now all 3 attempts show up. Oops. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUOTPbSBfW8
  7. Glad you liked it. Have you listened to WLL from that show yet? It has a great improvised introduction, and some keyboards during the theramin section - rather unusual.
  8. Very well said. For a more over the top/rawer version go to Orlando 8-31-71. Not as good a recording but it is something else.
  9. It's Your Thing was released on Feb 16, 1969. It hit Number one on the US R&B Chart and Number 2 on the US Chart. Those were the days when radio was not so segmented. Zeppelin had started building a funk breakdown into Communication Breakdown that spring. You can hear a bit of it in the March Danish TV broadcast.
  10. There is a gap of a second or two, but the transition from NIght Flight into Wanton Song is great.
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