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  1. I never got to see this on the big screen. Amazing film. Burton and Eastwood.
  2. From JimmyPage.com today Sept 12 John Bonham: Tour de Force On this day in 1976, I was in the studios in Montreux Casino with John Bonham and engineer John Timperley to record Bonzo's Montreux. I had recently acquired an innovative piece of equipment, the Eventide Clock Works Harmonizer and I discovered one setting where you could arrive at a steel drum sound. I wanted to employ this colour, if possible, in the palette of John Bonham's drum orchestra project. He really liked it and it's quite heavily featured in the construction of the piece. When it came to be mixed, I used the keyboard with the Harmonizer to construct the final gliss-phrases. The percussion employed on this track with John Bonham's kit were overdubbed bass drums, snare drums, tom toms, timpani, timbale, congas, backwards echo and Harmonizer. I am sure John's inspiration came from the Brazilian Samba schools.
  3. A masterpiece. Sandy Denny and Richard Thompson. How can it not be great ?
  4. Always like this song since it was released but I had not heard this live version.
  5. so cool he used Dead End Friends for the music in this clip
  6. John M

    2020 MLB Thread

    The "walk up music" for baseball hitters these days seems very weak to me. I realize I don't know all the new artists and songs they play, but they all sound so vague, generic and WEAK. Nothing I have heard really strikes me. Years ago Chase Utley used to use "Kashmir". The first walk up music used was in my view one of the best. Trevor Hoffman, a closer, used to come out to "Hell's Bells". Now that had an impact. I don't watch that much baseball so maybe I am missing some great walk up music. What else are they playing out there? If I could choose songs for this it would be things like Draw the Line, Back in the Saddle, Get the Lead Out, Lick and a Promise, Walk this Way, Mama Kin, Toys in the Attic, Communication Breakdown, Heartbreaker, Rock and Roll, Immigrant Song, Custard Pie, the Rover, Hot Dog, Bastille Day, Anthem, Limelight, Spirit of Radio, Fields of Fire, Flame of the West, Sting Me, Remedy. Songs with definitive, impactful openings.
  7. Laguna Sunrise and Bron-Yr-Aur. I think they are different because Laguna Sunrise has the strings, but I read a review once in the 70s that said "Bron-Yr-Aur" was "Zeppelin influenced by Black Sabbath". Of course the reviewer did not know that Bron-Yr-Aur proceeded Laguna Sunrise. Sabbath Vol 4 had been released in Sept 1972 and PG in March 1975. Most people at that time did not know Page had written and played Bron-Yr- Aur in 1970, but did not release it until 1975.
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