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  1. HTTPS://VIDEOS.METRO.CO.UK/VIDEO/MET/2020/03/19/8218366516048018241/960X540_MP4_8218366516048018241.MP4 All I can say is hats off to the lady cashier who refused to serve this dick head, who tried to check out 24 bottles of water! I hate people who panic buy, when there are health care workers and the elderly who are being inconvenienced!!!
  2. When someone tries to come over during quarantine:
  3. Ah! Lovely to meet someone who thinks they have the authority to educate people as to what news source is biased and what news source is not.
  4. Since you are so quick to make assumptions regarding the manner in which I post, you can definitely figure this one out on your own.
  5. Sounds like someone is biased in favour of the two posters that I referred to in an earlier post.
  6. I have indeed put them on ignore CP, but another forum friend pointed out their responses to my post, so I viewed them out of curiosity and I decided to respond! Oh, I'm doing well...my country is crazy, but my family and I are doing well! We live in strange times, but I refuse to get bogged down by all the cynicism. I haven't ventured out in 18 days, man...it is tough, but anything to decrease the number of COVID cases!
  7. Great, but I did not ask you for an opinion.
  8. Yes! Good luck indeed! Given their history on the forum, I truly do not expect either of them to produce an objective and unbiased post, which does not involve bashing Hilary Clinton, praising Trump, Fox News, etc. It is pointless to expect such a thing from either of them.
  9. Right. May I request that the two of you kindly list out the news sources that you believe are credible, without having your own political agendas, rantings and unnecessary comments get in the way of making an unbiased and objective post so that lesser mortals like myself can learn from your wisdom?
  10. https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/young-people-didn-t-social-distance-because-government-kept-telling-ncna1165281?icid=related
  11. I think it is very unfair to paint all Millennials in the same brush and state that we are not taking the whole concept of social distancing seriously. Speaking for myself, I am working from home and I am currently doing all my grocery shopping online. Haven't stepped out in days. While it is true that there are some people in my age group out there who are not taking the advice issued by health care workers seriously, there is no need to blame an entire generation!!!! That is just petty behaviour.
  12. What a year it's been and we are only in March!! No one will forget "The Great Pandemic of 2020" in a hurry!
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