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  1. "All My Life" - Foo Fighters
  2. Grey's Anatomy Season 15, episode 9.
  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing that photo of the original LP!! You made my day!! Cheers!
  4. It certainly was! That was the first time I tried an authentic wood-fired pizza.
  5. Grilled Chicken Mexican Burrito Bowl
  6. Can't believe this beauty will be turning 40 in two weeks! Yes, I am already celebrating!
  7. A TV News channel today came up with an interesting abbreviation for Boris Johnson's name : BoJo. Being The Doors fan that I am, my brain soon switched to a rather interesting variant of the line Mr. Mojo Risin': Mr. BoJo Risin' I couldn't help but make this silly pun, given that BoJo is one of the contenders for the post of Britain's Next PM!
  8. Loser In The End - Queen
  9. Actually looking forward to this....cannot imagine a world without The Beatles, though...
  10. Finally getting some much needed relief from the incredibly oppressive weather. Summer this year, was absolutely brutal!!
  11. One thing is for certain. While I absolutely love Monty Python, that show will never resonate with my generation (aka The Millennials), who seem to be overtly concerned with political correctness. Their bleedin' loss!
  12. Such is the impact of globalization, CP!
  13. Yes! That was my first thought, when I opened the box!
  14. RIP Doris Day. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-48257670
  15. It has been way too long since my last food related post. I am hoping to change that and participate more in this thread, like I used to in the past. Today, I treated myself and family to an authentic wood-fired pizza made from sourdough. It was light on the stomach. It was fantastic. It had parmesan, red pepper, jalapeño, olives and tomato sauce. The pizza was courtesy of The Pizza Bakery. It is a restaurant cum pub and has appeared time and time again on the best restaurants to enjoy a pizza in Bangalore. I always used to be intrigued by the hype but now, I get it!
  16. This is just heartbreaking to watch! Centuries of history, gone! I pictured myself visiting that architectural marvel, someday with my mom! Now crowds can be seen chanting hymns in front of the Cathedral.
  17. Caught up with an old and dear friend after a long time (it's been 6 months since we last met). It didn't feel awkward. There were a lot of laughs exchanged. We spoke about even the most mundane things and it was still so enjoyable. We were chatting for almost two hours. Interestingly, I am proud to say that this friendship developed at work. I have met countless folks of different personalities at work and at University. This is the one person with whom I would like to stay in touch. No ulterior motives. No overthinking. No awkwardness. No shit. No drama. No judging. No complexities. Just good old fashioned friendship! So glad to have met her! Life just does not hand out friendships like this, everyday. Friendships have not been easy for me to keep, as I can be introverted on the one hand and ultra silly on the other. Trust me, I swing to extremes. It is either my outrageous and outlandish humour or my reservedness that puts people off. Plus, I call people out on their b.s (to their face) and that hasn't gone down very well. Also to me, 'catching up' does not mean comparing my life with that of the other person's. It is not healthy, in my opinion. Catching up means actually enjoying a genuine heart-felt conversation with the other person. Period. Can never get myself to put on a facade!
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