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  2. Haha...I know! Am I slacking or what?! =P

  3. Chicken, I have more posts than you, and that doesn't feel right.

    Get to work!!!! ;-)

  4. Hi Jag, thanks for your happy birthday comment you left me! I only just noticed it...d'oh!


  5. Happy Birthday, Chicken!

  6. I love chicken fried rice :D

  7. Yeah, it is a bit. It's mor e like MySpace than Facebook though, I think. =)

  8. Yeah, Chicken, I'm always surprised by how many people tell me I look like Homer Simpson..... :-)

  9. Hi Chicken,

    Wow didnt know we could do this profile thing now.

    Is it a bit like facebook??

  10. Yeah, it gives this whole forum a more friendly, open feel to it.

  11. Hi! Just noticed your comment. I quite like this whole thing myself. ^_^

  12. Hey Chicken, I'm just checking this feature out and saying hello.

  13. Haha...I worked for a whole 10 minutes or so then!

    Yes, I suppose it is something like that. Wow, you look just like Homer Simpson. :P

  14. Back to the books Chicken!

    stop fooling around!


    So, it's like a Zeppelin myspace AND a board?...

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