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  1. I play Brazilian percussion. But I love Led Zeppelin too ! My son is a guitar player. Here's his own composition. He's 16. Please take a listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BbRh8GmRrE
  2. Max Wall

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Jimmy Page at the Mangueira Samba School, Rio de Janeiro Brazil 23/6/2010 Beleza !
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0z1sJozwI4
  4. Where did you go? lol

  5. Hi!!!! Long time no talk!!

    I dont know why I just can't get PMs here, it's been like that since they changed the looks of this board. :-(

    Great to hear from you!!


  6. Hello, not been here for years it seems. Used to be a nice place but have lost total touch. Just poking around and saying hello to old friends and acquaintances !
  7. Hey there. Tried to send you a PM but it said "use cannot receive new messages". Anyway, wanting to say hello !

  8. No it's not and everyone knows it. It seems Obama would have to literally die. The math shows it's just about impossible for her to do it. That's why she's still trying to get the party to change its rules and allow delegates from Florida and Michigan to sit. But as everyone knows, neither candidate campaigned there and Obama's name didn't appear on the Mich. ballot. How can you then include the delegates from these states? Her other option is to argue to the Supers that despite the shenanigans in those states, her vote there shows that in a general election she'd do well. However, if the Supers are convinced, they'd then face the prospect of robbing Obama of his candidacy and a major backlash from Dem and Ind voters. Believe me, I'd really like a woman Democratic President in the USA. I personally would vote for Clinton if Obama didn't make it (I can't 'cause I'm not American ). For me Obama seems like the right guy for now, not just for the USA but the world. Yeah he attended a fairly radical church. I think you have to understand it the context of it being a 'Black church', where tonnes of Black preachers deliver bombastic sermons. Even J Carter's talked about when he was kid, growing up in a Black district, how he'd often hear firebrand Black preachers. Obama doesn't voice any of that radicalism himself - on the contrary. I think he's about solutions and brining people together in achieving those solutions. He's political career hitherto has been just that. It also seems that too few people are prepared to look at the hard-right church and their links to the Republicans and the sorts of shite they propound. Also, let's not forget, hardly anyone who critises J Wright can match his distinguished service to his country - you could argue that Obama's former preacher is quite a patriot: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeremiah_Wright#Education_and_military_service) The fact is Obama himself is about building bridges and respect. Not once during his career has he sought to press a radical agenda against the wishes of the community. He's essentially a coalition builder and opts for reason over ideology. For example, he rejects affirmative action for prosperous Black kids to get into college ahead of some poor white kid.
  9. Having lost N. Carolina massively and despite Billy hanging around there and tonnes of money being poured in....and having it seems narrowly escaped defeat in Indi.....Clinton is still trying to persuade the Democrats to change the bylaws of the party to allow Florida's and Michigan's delegates to sit at the convention....even though Obama didn't campaign there and his name not appearing on the Michigan ballot..No one seems to think she'll succeed. And if she does get the nomination thanks to the supers, Obama's supporters aren't likely to then come out and vote for Hillary anyway. Face it, she's lost. Ed to add: Besides...she may not've won Indi afterall: http://blog.washingtonpost.com/the-trail/2...ml?hpid=topnews We'll see !
  10. don't anyone love jessica?
  11. Do you remember?

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