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  1. They're just not. I think I know what you're trying to get at, but...they're just not.
  2. My boyfriend gets pretty wound up by pretty much all of the 80s synth-pop I listen to. Actually, pretty much any 80s stuff. Pah.
  3. Haha...yeah, I think a few of my friends have been shocked when they find out how much I like that song, but I just find it irresistable!
  4. I don't really see the point in making it a contest, but I've recently come to realise that I love Led Zeppelin and Manic Street Preachers equally. Partly for different reasons, but they both just mean so much to me that they can share the love.
  5. I found a whole display of old CD singles going for 50p each while I was out shopping. Funnily enough, every single decent one came to £5 exactly. Gnarls Barkley - Smiley Faces Massive Attack - Live With Me Ray LaMontagne - Trouble REM - Bad Day Placebo - Twenty Years [disc 1 + 2] Doves - Snowden Morrissey - Redondo Beach/There Is A Light That Never Goes Out Morrissey - In The Future When All's Well Supergrass - St. Petersburg
  6. I actually really love the song. I think it's brilliant. Massively overplayed, but brilliant. Yeah, I think the Klaxons/Rihanna version could be my favourite of all.
  7. I wouldn't say so, not necessarily. Not all the time, anyway. My flatmate's grammar leaves a lot to be desired. She's often getting me to look over her finished assignments and check the spelling and grammar, but she did quite well in school, was taught at the same sort of schools as me, has got just as far on the degree we're doing as me. There's nothing to say she's any less educated than me, but I just have more of a natural flair for grammar and writing in general. In fact a few of my friends are like that.
  8. I don't post on any other forums anymore and I barely even post on this one now! I think it's the end of an era as far as me and messageboards are concerned!
  9. Chicken

    Best Avatar

    Hiii! How're you doing? I can't believe a thread about so something as trivial and simple as avatars has turned into a religious debate.
  10. Chicken


    My dad buys me one or more watches for every occasion. I wouldn't mind, I like watches, but the thing is, my dad is an ignorant man who thinks he knows me and my style, but gets it so badly wrong. They're usually like, little dainty girly things that are nice, but they're just not me, and they don't go with anything I own. Y'know? Therefore every birthday I have to open yet another watch that I don't like and have to go through the "try not to hurt his feelings" acceptance speech. I mean, I know this sounds really nasty, and I do appreciate that he's taken the time to buy me a birthday/Christmas present or whatever, but seriously...so many watches... My mum said he always used to buy her watches when they were together, too. He must have a real thing about it. Anyway, a while ago he did actually hit the jackpot and got me a watch I liked. It was like, a big round face with a thick white [faux] leather strap. It was actually really nice. I started wearing it all the time but before long, bits of it started breaking and not long ago the battery (I assumed) went, so dad put a new one in, and that went in about a day. My conclusion is that the watch is fucked. Probably because dad bought it off bidup.tv like most of his other purchases. Now I just wear my friend's watch (that she doesn't wear) which is a square-faced Punkyfish one with a black leather strap and big silver buckles with pink thread.
  11. I bought Money/Magazine by this band Daggers that supported Gary Numan the other night. They were awesome. I wanted to buy the vinyl really, but I'm making do with the cheaper downloads for now.
  12. Gary Numan at the newly revamped Manchester Academy last Saturday. It was part of the Replicas tour. [Blog here!]
  13. Ah, I thought it'd be the Manics version. I still can't decide whether I love the Manics' version or whether I'm quite indifferent to it. I have listened to it an awful lot, but I dunno whether it's because I love it or because I'm still trying to decide. Either way, I prefer the original. And I am a big, huge, devout, relentless Manic Street Preachers fan.
  14. Your final score was 81/180 Birthday Party DJ (73-108 points) You are a rabid consumer of music. You get a rush every time you hear something new but remain faithful to those artists you love. Your music collection represents who you are and what you care about and your home may even bear the tell-tale signs of your affections – posters, old band t-shirts and the odd music biography. But you aren't a completist, you know what you like and make sure you have it. Simple as that. To expand your repertoire, perhaps there are some genres that you'd benefit from giving a little more attention to – perhaps now is the time to hear something new or get hold of that missing album from your collection.
  15. My boyfriend bought me a Led Zeppelin pewter belt buckle for Christmas a few years back. It is awesome. The sorta stuff I always want is like, quirky little things like that. Or maybe you could find her one of those Zoso necklaces. *shrugs*
  16. Oh my days. "Can not be burn not".
  17. Well...technically I should probably be doing some recording for my degree composition project, but I can't because I left the mic cradle at my boyfriend's and I need to record some acoustic guitar. D'oh.
  18. Ah, I coulda got away with it after all! Haha... Does "coulda" count as an unnecessary abbreviation? I'd better stay away from Electrophile... I am massively guilty of using 'cos or 'cause, though. But mainly just because I type how I would talk most of the time, and most of the time I just don't say "because".
  19. Ten years old certainly is young! I was only just getting into music at 10 years old and it was mostly stuff that was really popular with kids at the time like Spice Girls. I never really picked up much off my parents music-wise though, so I suppose that can make a massive difference. What other stuff do you listen to?
  20. Well, for starters I wouldn't say that "most people" on the board have seen Zep at all. It's more likely to be the minority than the majority. And as other people have said, you should live in the now! Embrace your own generation...there's no point on just dwelling on a fantasy like that. Well, of course some fantasies are great fun when dwelled on for a few minutes ( ), but don't get too bogged down with a silly idea that will never happen! There's plenty of great stuff that's going on now - enjoy it!
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