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  1. Whoa! This is great! First Japan 9/28 SB and now a possible new 75 show to wait for... Hope it gets freed! Woohoo!
  2. I saw your comment scrolled up and thought... Hmmm... What could this be? Clicked play and then thought about your comment and chuckled. Talk about free form...
  3. Zzzzz... Zzzzz... Yawns slowly...
  4. When the Levee Breaks IS a blues song and based on a country blues at that... Each verse drones through an open chord country blues drone. Explain to me why its not???
  5. I'm with you ... Plus it has overdubs. Since I've Been Loving You is my vote!!!
  6. This is such a waste of time. I really hope beyond playing the tracks themselves that someone is smart enough to play for the jury the plethora of examples of composers, who were alive long before the members of Spirit and Zeppelin, using chromatic phrases. Neither of these two groups "invented" chromaticism and cannot own the technique. They can use it to write songs but one cannot claim they stole it from the other because as some other people have stated on here they both "stole" it from the classical maestros before them. Its so crazy how this drags on because yes Spirit can bring in experts that can point out similarities but those experts, if thats what they really are, can cite examples of the use earlier, way earlier.
  7. Regardless of examples i can vouch for this effect... Ive been to quite a few shows with lasers... One being Tool ... They also use a bunch of colorful spinning lasers and dry ice which creates this distorted effect when watching it and pics can have the same distortion.
  8. The lines you see are an effect from the lasers... And if you want to see CCTV footage from that arena youtube the who and aerosmith...
  9. Search Youtube for the bootleg Burn Like a Candle ... Its a wonderful aud recording of the whole show with great atmosphere
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