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  1. HI Jim,Could you tell me your skype?


  2. I just read about a new pending lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven, and wanted to give my opinion. It's not the first time LZ has been sued, and probably won't be the last. Here's a link to the article at Businessweek. Note 1: I didn't proofread, edit, or spellcheck this. This is the web, FTLOG. Let the errors go. Note 2: This is one man's opinion. There's a detailed story in Businessweek about the latest copyright infringement lawsuit against Led Zeppelin, one of my favorite bands. I've read most of the biographies and sagas about LZ, plus I have all their music and videos. With that level
  3. It's funny you opened this thread when you did. I'm a taxi driver, and I have converted my LZ studio albums to MP3s and copied them onto my MP3 player for use in the taxi. Starting tomorrow I'm going to start running through the albums in order. I already play a lot of Zeppelin in the taxi, and you wouldn't believe the positive reaction I get. There's nothing like a 15-year-old girl getting in and saying, "Is that Led Zeppelin? That's so cool! Turn it up." They may like Justin Bieber, but true greatness isn't completely lost on some of them.
  4. I'm going to get some flak around here: I have no interest in seeing them live if they reunite. I'm looking for one last studio album. I want 70 minutes of "shades of light and dark" with mystical lyrics, something that transports me somewhere, like the other studio albums do in a way the live albums don't. I love live, but when I sit down with LZ at home I usually put on studio songs.
  5. They're all really good, with BBC Sessions being a bit of an oddity in the grouping -- imo. I went with How the West Was Won. I'm listening to Heartbreaker from that right now. Satisfying.
  6. Thanks for the great reminder. I just put it on with my new headphones. It has been a long since I listened to this.
  7. Here's a good BBC docu on Owain Glyndwr. It's an interesting -- and true -- story of how he took on the English.
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