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  1. TONY RICE - He will be missed. One of the Greats! https://bluegrasstoday.com/tony-rice-passes/
  2. Interesting observation: TJ1 year ago "75 was a different vibe for some reason. I saw Zep in 75 NYC and again in '77, the 77 show(s) had a ton of juice, the atmosphere was ELECTRIC, '75 was very competent playing, except for Plant's voice. Still, the band was good, Plant was okay, but the vibe was subdued in 75. 1977 - WOW!!! Those shows left everyone deaf and limp - IN A GOOD WAY. Anyone else seen zep/ notice the difference in those two tours, '75 - '77? Show less
  3. Page's playing in Montreal 1975 was just fucking vicious. For me, Seattle '73, Montreal '75, L.A. Forum 6/2377 and Copenhagen 7/24/79 would be my first 4 stops in a Led Zeppelin time machine.
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