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  1. It was Robert Plants responsibility to take care of 'his' voice, not Peter Grants. Plants warm up routine was cocaine n cigarettes, no wonder why the first couple of songs the vocals sound like shit. Ever hear of a singer that had as many "flu's" as Robert Plant? Me neither. Should Grant have cancelled the shows when Jimmy Page injured his fingers as well? Should they have waited until he was fully healed? If Grant had cancelled all the shows/tours where Plant had "the flu" along with when Page's fingers were injured, (and lets not forget that Plant didn't want to record Presence while in a wheelchair either) I would say that would have effectively destroyed the band. Grant made the right decision as a manager. And yes, Grant chose "profits over Plants long term vocal health". A managers job is turn an artists work into profit, not babysit a bunch of adults. Rock n Roll was not designed for "long term health". Just my two cents folks.
  2. The Girl Can't Help It (1956).
  3. How bout the time Grant had Cole & LZ's roadies beat the shit out of a bunch of teamsters for trying to prevent Zep's crew from working the venue? I love that shit!
  4. Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bollocks N.W.A.- Straight Outta Compton Ice Cube - Amerikkka's Most Wanted
  5. Nobody has more fun playing the guitar than Eric Gales. He's quite simply the greatest living guitarist today...
  6. Page definitely forgot what song he was playing during the solo in OTHAFA. At 18:50 both Bonham and Jones attempted to hit his key signature outro riff, but Page misses it, although it did remind him of what the song was and how to wrap it up, which he did 8 bars later. Its a really weird, disjointed lost solo, but I kinda like it to tell u the truth. They were obviously pumped up and fucked up for their last night in L.A. and appeared to be fearless in taking chances and stretching out songs to extreme lengths with no concern for what 'might go wrong'. I think they got a real kick out of being that fucking free and daring. This is definitely extreme Zeppelin.
  7. It's toss up between Plant & Page Plant started losing his vocal range towards the end of '72. The Euro tour '73 Plant was struggling big time. He recovered his voice quite well for the most part of the North America '73 tour, despite his frequent squeaking/voice cracking (which has never bothered me one bit) , and by the 1975 PG tour...his voice was obviously gone. Somehow, Plant managed to turn in decent performances for the EC run though (thank god). For the 1977 tour (which was postponed several months due to another one of Plant's flu's ), we see that Plant has learned how to sing again within his new limited range, and pull it off quite well with attitude and emotion...but his previous amazing voice was in the past. Page's performances didn't start to get inconsistent until the 1975 tour. Another finger injury at the beginning of the tour didn't help at all, but he adapted to it by developing his three finger technique along with consuming codeine pills and Jack Daniels to get thru it. For the 1977 tour, Page could either be great...or abysmal, there was very little in between. So, if you do the math, I would say that Led Zeppelin's live performances were marred more by Plants shitty vocals than Page's shitty guitar playing. Also, think about all the cool LZ songs they had to drop due to Plants inability to legitimately pull them off anymore? Its a pretty long list... And, to answer your original question, I seriously doubt anyone in LZ ever reprimanded each other for making "mistakes". I think they just laughed that shit off and counted their money.
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