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  1. Page's playing in Montreal 1975 was just fucking vicious. For me, Seattle '73, Montreal '75, L.A. Forum 6/2377 and Copenhagen 7/24/79 would be my first 4 stops in a Led Zeppelin time machine.
  2. Kramer never reveals too much info regarding his Zeppelin experience. However, I would have loved if someone had asked why it is that he never worked with them again after recording the 3 nights at MSG in 1973.
  3. Mick Taylor should have kept his mouth shut about songwriting credits and just ride that gravy train he was on like all the others in the band. They were already fucking huge when he joined them and he was a kid, a very lucky kid. The fact of the matter is that Taylor was a coked out mess by the time he quit the band. If there is anybody who has the right to complain about songwriting credits you'd think it would be Watts and Wyman. Look up how many credits either of them have received, you can probably count it on one hand. But guess what? They're all multi millionaire's today. Hell, I'll guarantee even Wyman's replacement, Daryl Jones, has shit tons of $ for slumming with the Stones since 1994. Note: Ron Wood didn't really start receiving credits until he was about 4 albums in. Wood received zero credits for Some Girls and his contribution to that album was obviously monumental. And guess what? Never a complaint about credits because he understood the opportunity he was given. Its called foresight/ thinking ahead. Taylor was unable to understand that at the time. He could play solos like a motherfucker, but composition/songwriting abilities...not so much. Mick Taylor was kind of dumb to boot. Check out the link below where he joined up with Jack Bruce after quitting The Stones and thought he was gonna be Eric Clapton...how'd that shit work out for him, how did anything work out for him post Stones. It really was a disastrous move for him.
  4. Neil 'Fucking' Young, god damn! Sorry for all the cursing but...Fuck! If it took a worldwide pandemic in order to pull a song like this out of old Neil Young...then it may have been worth it.
  5. Oh, I needed this! Vulfpeck just keeps cranking out the goods man...
  6. Well, according to Trump, he was "being sarcastic", which is obvious bullshit. So, either he was "musing" or "being sarcastic". Both musing and sarcasm during a time like this is the worst fucking thing that any world leader could possibly do. So, either way, you should understand that attempting to defend Trump anymore is pretty much out the fucking window.
  7. To me, Page's FITR solo is his most happy/blissful/carefree solo ever. And, the way he and Bonham synch up on certain notes is fucking timeless. Yeah, the Blue Box masks mistakes, but so does distortion/phasers/flangers etc... It really shouldn't be part of the discussion due to the fact that it has no bearing whatsoever when creating Art.
  8. Yep! "Swan Song artist Michael Des Barres described Cole's role in the band as being "like a Rottweiler pimp. You did not want to fuck with him. He's the gentlest, sweetest man today, but back then, he would shove a coat hanger up your ass and hang you out the window like a wet cunt. All of the Zeppelin road incidents were in essence choreographed by Ricardo [Richard Cole]"
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