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  1. Personally, I think 'Under Cover of the Night' is the Stones last relevant album, and I think its more inspired than 'Tattoo You'. The title track and 'The Pain of Love' are the standout tracks and feature Jagger in top form. Personally (again), I cannot compare the Stones albums to Zeppelin's because they just did completely different things musically, and I appreciate/love them both. However, I will say that if Brown Sugar and Honkey Tonk Women had been on 'Let It Bleed' like they should have been, it would have been hands down the greatest rock album ever made. I believe the publishing of both these songs were "delayed" due to the Stones extricating themselves out of the hideous contract where they'd signed away all their copyright ownership from 1964 to 1969.....what a disaster! Imagine this track listing: Gimmie Shelter Honkey Tonk Women Live With Me Love In Vain Let It Bleed Brown Sugar Midnight Rambler You Got the Silver Monkey Man You Can't Always Get What You Want
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    Led Zeppelin - 1977 Soundboard Compilation

    North_Bridge remastering of 1977 soundboards is the best I've ever heard
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    Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

    Thats fucking awesome! You do 'not' need a singer Porgie.
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    The O2 In Retrospect...

    Steven Tyler has been relying on "outside writers" for the past 30 years.
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    Still the greatest rock band!

    Point well taken .
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    The O2 In Retrospect...

    He [Plant] really doesn’t want to make loud music anymore,” (Jones explained). “We do. I mean, I love acoustic music, but it doesn’t stop me from turning something up.” Spin magazine 2008