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  1. Steve, Hats off to you friend. Please send me a link. Merci bien. LBC
  2. Oh my. May i please have a link? This looks incredible. Mucho gracias Michael.
  3. Ooooh nice. Just love that 77 dead sound. To the archives!
  4. Wow. Steve please send link when you can. Merci bien
  5. What a wonderful piece of history ypu shared with us. Thank you. Those were the days indeed those were the days
  6. Hi Steve, another triumph. Please send link. Merci bien good sir.
  7. Really? I never thought of myself enamored by celebrity at all. Maybe im just a sucker for 70s rock celebrity. But i see where you can say that after reading my post. I tried to tie in albums tours etc to come up with a winner and again its a totally silly thing as i wrote, just having a little fun. Kinda like the old bar room argument on who the greatest team or quarterback is. But i do disagree in that only the Stones rivaled our beloved band's popularity in the 70s and again its just an opinion. Using any criteria you want, who "wins" 1970, 71, 72, and 73 between LZ and the Stones in your o
  8. Ah a Stones person, nice. Good info, yes commercial flops perhaps to strong. I love both albums but can we agree that comparwd to their earlier 70s production these albums were a bit sub par creatively? Also with your insightful info do you think it changes who "wins" 1976 and 1980? Again, its just for fun and kinda silly to compare both bands
  9. Ah yes i have to admit i love that album but im a fan. The sound is so crisp on black and blue and also tattoo you. Maybe the mix or mastering. Other 70s albums sound muddy like exile, goats head, its only rock n roll, even some girls is a bit muddy
  10. Yup i agree. I do think however they had some creative sparks feom time to time. I think Some Girls 1978 was their last great album. Tattoo You was huge in 1981 but most of those songs came from scrapping the outtakes barrel.
  11. Led Zeppelin wins head to head (year to year), however . . . Let's first compare each year of their shared existence, not count 1968, and we will return to the "however". I know its silly and rather impossible to say anything is better than anything else when it comes to music and/or art, but what the heck lets have some fun. 1969. WINNER- Rolling Stones. Even though Zeppelin released 2 albums and toured extensively, the Stones were in the midst of a 4 year run that created their myth and solidified their legend and popularity with the public as a whole, not just the rock musi
  12. I am so late to this party. If still available, can you send me the link. Thank you kindly in advance
  13. Wow. Please send me link. Thank you kindly in advance.
  14. Ok. Sorry for the fire alarm. I went back and its spliced. For some reason in my time of dying is cut at the and and doesn't include oh my jesus and you shook me bit. Obviously its then attached to the next file (digital recording) being SIBLY. Whoooooooshhhhh. Man thought i had lost it today. Im good. Man, strange days indeed.
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