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    Does anyone have any controversial opinions about Zep?

    Replace rock n roll with some other opener in 1975. Dump dazed and quarter and and play like 5 other songs. 1975 could have provided much more enjoyable set lists. Also dump the drum solo and replace with 3 other songs. Ahhhhhh that felt good. Sacraligous but good
  2. NorthShoreBlues

    Things You've Heard From The Audience?

    Berlin 1980, during white summer, some guy yells "enough of the guitar lesson". Arrrggghhh!
  3. NorthShoreBlues

    Led Zeppelin - 1977 Soundboard Compilation

    Thank you Zep Head! Cheers . . .
  4. NorthShoreBlues

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    Lets not forget his surprise success with Alison Krauss. Bad timing all around for a Led Zeppelin resurgence.
  5. NorthShoreBlues

    Robert Plant's recent set lists

    Indeed. I'm not sure what the hell I was looking at . . . Very well rounded shows
  6. I checked out robert's setlists on setlistfm and he's playing alot of led zeppelin. I don't understand why he is not incorporating any of his solo tunes. He has quie a few good songs. Any thoughts?
  7. NorthShoreBlues

    Holy Grails

    Not sure. I saw it on the official website and it blew my mind. I grew up in NH and never realized the boys were there
  8. NorthShoreBlues

    Holy Grails

    August 1969 Hampton Beach Casino, Hampton, New Hampshire
  9. NorthShoreBlues

    Here is my own complete version of Seattle 1973

    Indeed. So good. Thank you LedHead 315!!!!! Cheers!
  10. NorthShoreBlues

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    Had a cook out today, wife's family over. While cooking on the porch i was blaring san diego 1975, then a little LA 1972 (how the west was rewon bootleg) Good times. Cheers!