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  1. Really? I never thought of myself enamored by celebrity at all. Maybe im just a sucker for 70s rock celebrity. But i see where you can say that after reading my post. I tried to tie in albums tours etc to come up with a winner and again its a totally silly thing as i wrote, just having a little fun. Kinda like the old bar room argument on who the greatest team or quarterback is. But i do disagree in that only the Stones rivaled our beloved band's popularity in the 70s and again its just an opinion. Using any criteria you want, who "wins" 1970, 71, 72, and 73 between LZ and the Stones in your opinion?
  2. Ah a Stones person, nice. Good info, yes commercial flops perhaps to strong. I love both albums but can we agree that comparwd to their earlier 70s production these albums were a bit sub par creatively? Also with your insightful info do you think it changes who "wins" 1976 and 1980? Again, its just for fun and kinda silly to compare both bands
  3. Ah yes i have to admit i love that album but im a fan. The sound is so crisp on black and blue and also tattoo you. Maybe the mix or mastering. Other 70s albums sound muddy like exile, goats head, its only rock n roll, even some girls is a bit muddy
  4. Yup i agree. I do think however they had some creative sparks feom time to time. I think Some Girls 1978 was their last great album. Tattoo You was huge in 1981 but most of those songs came from scrapping the outtakes barrel.
  5. Led Zeppelin wins head to head (year to year), however . . . Let's first compare each year of their shared existence, not count 1968, and we will return to the "however". I know its silly and rather impossible to say anything is better than anything else when it comes to music and/or art, but what the heck lets have some fun. 1969. WINNER- Rolling Stones. Even though Zeppelin released 2 albums and toured extensively, the Stones were in the midst of a 4 year run that created their myth and solidified their legend and popularity with the public as a whole, not just the rock music scene. From 1968 to 1972, they released Beggars Banquet, Let it Bleed, Sticky Fingers, and Exile on Main St. In 1969 Brain Jones died, they played the free concert at Hyde Park, they embarked upon the infamous 1969 tour and of course Altamont happened. The Stones were beloved by the rock press and began to entrench themselves into the public collective consciousness. They were already a famous pop group for the previous 5 years but by 1969 they became a mature rock band and seemingly alone at the pantheon of rock music. The Beatles were disintegrating and Dylan was in exile. Zeppelin was building its following and creating their own myth and legend, but 1969 goes to the Rolling Stones. RS 1, LZ 0 1970. WINNER- Rolling Stones. Stones released Get yer ya ya's Out, toured Europe, and released the film, Gimme Shelter. The film and the Altamont press solidified the Stones as a dangerous band in the public's eye and they became even more famous for it. Zeppelin III was released, LZ toured extensively and by the fall of 1970 the rock scene was definitely taking notice. Their following was increasing and so were album sales mostly from the first two albums. They were growing as a band, but alas 1970 goes to the Stones. RS 2, LZ 0 1971. WINNER- Rolling Stones. This was the most difficult year to judge. Zeppelin's fourth album is iconic, but it had yet to catch on. Zeppelin's touring almost gives them the advantage but the release of the iconic Sticky Fingers, album art, the tongue logo, number 1 single, Mick's marriage to Bianca and the start of the jet setting celebrity life style, etc gives the edge to the Stones. RS 3, LZ 0 1972. WINNER- Rolling Stones. Another tough year. Zeppelin's music is now starting to trickle down to the high schoolers, as all rock music had started to do. Zeppelin offered the kids blues, rock, myth, and mystery. Their 1972 tour was well received but it was eclipsed by the Stones 1972 tour. The Stones released Exile on Main St. Their touring band which included Nicky Hopkins, Bobby Keys, and Jim Price, had become as tight as it ever was going to get. The Stones 1972 tour was glorified by the rock press and they became media darlings. Their celebrity continued to cross over into the public consciousness. Mick Jagger may have been one of the most famous people in the world at that point. RS 4, LZ 0 1973. WINNER- Led Zeppelin. The 1973 tour propelled Zeppelin into the upper echelons of Rock acts. The Rock press started to come around and the public at large started to take notice of the band for its fan following, album sales, and concert attendance records, etc. The Stones dropped a notch with the release of Goats Head Soup even though they had a number 1 single. They toured Australia and Europe. It was the last year Mick Taylor played lead guitar. The last year of a touring band line up (1970-1973) that created a sound that defined their careers. RS 4, LZ 1 1974. WINNER- Led Zeppelin. Neither band did much. The Stones released Its Only Rock n roll another step back from their golden run of 1968 to 1972. Taylor left the Stones and they scrambled to find a replacement. Both bands recorded and neither band toured. The Stones popularity amongst the youth began to wain, while Zeppelin continued to increase, so Zeppelin gets the nod. Also did Keith turn Jimmy on to heroin in 1974? Yeah, thanks Keith, what an assh**e. RS 4, LZ 2 1975. WINNER- Led Zeppelin. Zeppelin's music had by now engulfed teenage life. At least in most of America, Led Zeppelin would be entrenched in the High School experience for the next 15 to 20 years. Although they only toured America in the spring and finished the touring year at the legendary Eals Court shows in May, the shear weight of Physical Graffiti propelled them into the stratosphere in the rock scene. The Stones released a compilation album and toured America in the summer. It was a huge tour but again Physical Graffiti pushes the scales on this year. 1975 belongs to Led Zeppelin. RS 4, LZ 3 1976. WINNER- Led Zeppelin. The Stones Released Black and Blue, a commercial flop and toured Europe. Zeppelin's release of Presence did not fair well. Robert was in recovery so Zeppelin didn't tour. The release, however, of the film Song Remains the Same pushes Zeppelin's popularity with the rock scene and public at large. 1976 goes to Zeppelin. RS 4, LZ 4 1977. WINNER- Led Zeppelin. Keith famously got busted in Toronto and suddenly the future of the Stones was in doubt. They release Love you Live to mixed reviews and established NYC as home. The growing punk scene declares them as dinosaurs. The other dinosaur in the room, Zeppelin, embarked on their largest US tour. Robert goes into mourning. The massive 1977 tour gives this year to Zeppelin. RS 4, LZ 5 1978. WINNER- Rolling stones. While the Robert mourned, Led zeppelin's future was in doubt. The Stones released Some Girls, one of their best selling albums, release their last number 1 single and embark on a short summer stadium tour with Keith's future in doubt from the Toronto bust. RS 5, LZ 5 1979. WINNER- Led Zeppelin. While the Stones recorded Emotional Rescue, Zeppelin released In through the out door and played the Knebworth comeback shows. Zeppelin wins the year as the Stones take a year off. RS 5, LZ 6 1980. DRAW Stones release Emotional Rescue, which is a commercial flop and a step back from Some Girls, they do not tour. Zeppelin tours Europe and plans the ill-fated tour of America. John dies, and Zeppelin is no more. I cannot give this year to either band. RS 5, LZ 6, Draw 1. Led Zeppelin wins the head to head battle, but, now here is the HOWEVER from the beginning; The Rolling Stones I believe win out for their entire career and because of their stardom. Let's face it, even the mighty Zeppelin in their prime cannot not compete with the celebrity that was Mick Jagger. The Stones were on a different level of celebrity. I once asked my mother in-law if she knew who Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin were and she had no idea who I was talking about. I asked her if she knew who the Rolling Stones were and she said of course. She even mentioned Mick Jagger and how she disliked him- Ha. Same answers from my 93 year old dad. The Stones were cultural icons even before Zeppelin came on the scene. The Stones continued career propel them over Zeppelin in the rock world and the public at large in the long run, but head to head our beloved band wins out . . . any thoughts?
  6. I am so late to this party. If still available, can you send me the link. Thank you kindly in advance
  7. Wow. Please send me link. Thank you kindly in advance.
  8. Ok. Sorry for the fire alarm. I went back and its spliced. For some reason in my time of dying is cut at the and and doesn't include oh my jesus and you shook me bit. Obviously its then attached to the next file (digital recording) being SIBLY. Whoooooooshhhhh. Man thought i had lost it today. Im good. Man, strange days indeed.
  9. 1977.4.27 Destroyer. At the very end of SIBLY, Percy ad-libs ending of In my time of dying ??? and they do a few runs of it even ending with the 1977 you shook me bit (tag on in my time of dying). I didnt have time to listen again. Is my recording spliced? I haven't listened to this show in 30 years. Need some explanation! Please. Help. Kinda freaked me out. Particularly since they had played in my time prior in the show.
  10. Ha. I listened to that yesterday. Today was Destroyer 77. Havent listened to ot for 30 years. It was on heavy rotation in high school.
  11. I know im late to this party but can you reupload, the link has expired. Would love to listen to this. Thank you kindly in advance.
  12. Oh my. Could i please have the link. Thank you kindly in advance
  13. Replace rock n roll with some other opener in 1975. Dump dazed and quarter and and play like 5 other songs. 1975 could have provided much more enjoyable set lists. Also dump the drum solo and replace with 3 other songs. Ahhhhhh that felt good. Sacraligous but good
  14. Berlin 1980, during white summer, some guy yells "enough of the guitar lesson". Arrrggghhh!
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