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  1. I'm listening to IMTOD from Seattle 1975 March 21, a soundboard. Darn, I just him to be louder on the mix. He's so good.
  2. Thanks for recommending Tuscaloosa!
  3. Great answer! Thanks.
  4. I'm listening to Scarlet Begonias/Fire On The Mountain, The Grateful Dead 1977, Cornell, a Betty Board Production. I can't believe how clear Phil Lesh's bass is in the mix. It's wonderful. The bass of JPJ was never so prominent for an entire show like Phil's. There are a few exceptions, like the Alembic from a few songs in the 77 tour. But overall, from 69 to 80, the bass was never given a starring role for a whole set. In the monitors or the soundboard he's just not featured. I think he deserved more. I always listen for his bass in the live recordings. I wish he was louder. Any thoughts on the reason for this? Thanks.
  5. Hello again. You write, "Winston's "The Great Love Affair" is still my go to for the 9/4/70 show even though I've done my own remaster of it... " I think there are about 1000 people waiting to hear your version! If it's as good as your 9/29/71, we are in for a treat. Thanks.
  6. You write, "To answer your original question, my opinion of 6/23/77 has actually declined a bit as the years go on...." I was always a fan of 6/21/77. That preference has not changed over the years. And I still want a 6/22/77 soundboard. That will be excellent. Thanks!
  7. Howdy. The 3/21/75 has recently been released in a pretty good version. Any reason you choose to work on this one? Also, any chance we get the remainder of the 9/29/71 show, like the full WLL. I'm listening to it as I write and appreciate your work. Darn, it's so... well... professional! I like it. Thanks.
  8. I'm listening to the soundboard of Seattle 1975 03 21 as I write. When it first came out I thought it was over-rated. A bit sluggish compared to say, 4 Blocks In The Snow. And not as consistent. Today, well, I think it one of the best shows of 75, combining performance and recording. Everyone is on. Relaxed. And clear. Even the mellotron is sweet and in tune. And the Plantations - great. "John Paul Jones is a very easy way of being an orchestra." What a nice thing to say. What do you think? Thanks.
  9. "I believe I'm the one who did the 1971/09/29 show you mentioned... " Yes, that was the one. This is an interesting reply. I sure hope technology comes so a computer program can make their old shows sound good, like you did with 9/29. Of course it will still take good ears, like yours, to make it in the mix right. Thanks.
  10. HTWWW in its remastered form is better than the original HTWWW over a decadel ago. Bass stronger. Drums not as compressed. But it still feels over-produced and incomplete. Wish someone would work on Burn Like A Candle and make a clean, clear version. We have the technology. If I just had the equipment.... Read the recent post on 1971/09/29. Listen to the snippet. Nice job on an old rough recording.
  11. Mr_K

    Offenburg 1973

    Thanks for answering. I will be looking for other bootlegs of the show. What I'm interested in is who did the taping for the show? What equipment did they use? Thanks.
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