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  1. Mr_K

    Orlando overlooked

    6 threads on Japan 71/72 in the last 100 topics. True, there are more Far East shows to talk about. And Orlando is ranked highly. Just think, to requote Rodney Dangerfield, that this show don't get no respect. Thanks for writing.
  2. Mr_K

    Orlando overlooked

    My top 5 too. I think the Japanese tour that follows overshadows this one show. Much recent Forum talk has been which Osaka/Tokyo date is the best. And Orlando becomes a musical black sheep. Today I think Orlando has them all beat. Not a perfect recording - it is far from it - but more clarity and punch than anything in Japan. 71 and 72. Maybe that's why Orlando is overlooked in that respect, the amount of praise. It's not part of a package of related shows that fans can compare merits. Just a great stand alone. Thanks.
  3. Is this one of their best shows from the 69-73 period? Note to note, song to song, all 4 musicians in sync for the night. Yes. I see so few comments on it. The band was young, healthy, and in their peak performance time. They were still out to conquer America. After 73, they would always return as crowned kings of metal and never need to play with such consistent energy again. Orlando was their pinnacle of heavy rock swagger. I'd like to hear what others think about the show. After listening to it again last night, I decided that if I could have only 1 year of complete Zeppelin soundboards, it would be from LA 8 21 71 onto this date through Burn Like A Candle to Tucson 6 28 72. Thanks for reading.
  4. Enjoy your approach. You have one of those ideas that's so simple and good, everyone wonders - myself included - why they didn't think of it and execute. Song by song , minute by minute, finish to close, you pick apart - pun intended - each flaw and success. And you help us to see concerts in a new way. Hope at the end you decide on a best of 75. I'll have to re listen to Vancouver 3/19 to see if it can knock off NYC 2/12, which for me is still tops for the year. And I'll wait for a complete earlier 1975 NYC soundboard to add to my collection. Thanks.
  5. You make a good point about the difficulty in getting new soundboard bootlegs. I just got the Seattle 75 03/21 boot. Nice job. But I get my downloads from Black Beauty. Good stuff. And I'm less concerned about getting a computer virus than with Torrent. Hope Bonzo's Birthday and How The West Was Won turn up there soon. Keep us up to date. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply! Curious: a quote from the article is ”106 minutes and fifty three seconds of pure and alive rock as the sleeve insert put it...." I'm seeing 2:09:54 on my web site as I listen to the show. Is this a mix of the 2 bootlegs referred to in your post? PS. Sorry I didn't start a new topic on this. Thanks.
  7. Wow. Now listening to Blueberry Hill. What was JPJ thinking in the organ solo? He's a great keyboardist, especially with his later work on NQ. Can't figure out why he played they way he did on those early TY songs. Especially with the JP solos that followed. No insult to JPJ - just wish he'd come up with something more melodic for the solos. Bye the way - the JP work on this TY is a killer. Thanks!
  8. Why a great album? No outstanding songs like WLL or STH or Kashmir, but an album that I can listen to repeatedly and enjoy from start to finish. Sure, I wish it was longer, had one or more songs with an edge to them, that really pushed a hard rocking sound that was a hallmark of of their earlier albums. Just one more tune other than ITE with a great guitar riff and I think the album would be rated higher than it is. Thanks.
  9. Am listening to 1970 Blueberry Hill. Really incredible show and great audience recording. One of my favorites. Can anyone tell me the history of the recording, the taper, the equipment, the location to the stage, the release of the recording, etc? Thanks.
  10. Thanks to this forum for letting me know of the new Soundboard. Wow and good. Been listening to it yesterday and today. Love it. Rank it as one of the top shows of 75. The band was relaxed and tight. At ease working together, and Plant speaking to the audience is enjoyable. Tight in that they were really playing well together. I can I finally hear thr JPJ bass up in the mix! So far to what I've heard, the whole band sounds good. For example, OTHAFA - it's a fine loose groove, the band in sync, and an excellent confident solo from JP. It is excellent. Almost a reminder of the energy of 1973. But I don't think it's the best of 75. Solid, masteful, but not a heavy fire. If I were asked to pick just 1 show of 75 to say how good that they could be, I'd still pick 02/12. It still seemed like they had the fire of 73 just 6 weeks before in New York. Even the Plantations were top. The band was playing like they still had to prove their material, to conquer America with their new album. I'm not knocking Seattle of March 21, just saying that their total energy of the early years was not there. The frenzy had mellowed. Second night in Seattle. The album was out and maybe this was a great victory lap. In fact, this was one of the last times the band would be playing so well together for an entire show. Let me know what everyone thinks. Thanks.
  11. It is impressive. Nice review. Thanks.
  12. So this is the 7/24 recording - which is very good - with the 8/4 video? Thanks.
  13. It seems that most soundboards give more prominence to Bonham's drums than Jonses' bass. It was the best rhythm section in rock, but whenever I listen to the band live, I'm usually straining to hear the bass. And the interplay with Bonham is muted. A few exceptions - such as Millard's 77/06/21 recording, where I can hear the dynamic melody of the bass. And the best interplay with the drums. Some people might not like the Alembic, but at least it's not a "second fiddle" so to speak, in the mix. When I hear other bands' recordings - I'm thinking of Phil Leah with the Grateful Dead - I can clearly hear his excellent bass line through years of live music. It's almost like Jones' bass is snubbed, even by the professional engineers. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  14. Hello. Any books on how Zeppelin wrote their songs? Something like "Paul McCartney: Many Years From Now"? Thank you.
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