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  1. Forget about his other tapes. The Baton Rouge 1977 tape itself is not only special, it's legendary. And it remains in the hands of a selected few (if not totally lost) because of some selfish assholes and bootlegers. Freezer got angry and refused to share his tape with the general public.
  2. If you knew who Strider is, you wouldn't dare talk to him like this. He went to many LZ shows, including 5 out of 6 LA '77 shows. He shared his memories with us. His desriptions are the closest thing of being actually there, 40+ years ago. I admire him for doing that. So please show him some respect. Talking about his response, he probably hasn't seen the Seattle video for years, like many other fans, for the very simple reason that there are many '77 brilliant shows that make the Seattle show look mediocre. Or he is just joking. To stay on the thread, I will reply to you: The person with the drumsticks is Jimmy Page. He did this while waiting for the guitar tech to bring him another guitar, because he broke a string.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I am so glad I see you back!!!
  4. Black dog from 5/24 is far superior to the version from 5/25. I completely agree with the rest of your post.
  5. Birmingham, Alabama 5/18/1977: Jimmy playing "bouree" with the bow. Never heard him doing it before with the bow. He usually did it as a part of Heartbreaker.
  6. To the other members here: Sorry for getting off track and making this useless and ugly conversation. Lesson learned. I will never mess with an idiot again.
  7. By today, you are in my ignore list. I hope the moderators will realize you have two accounts. End of the conversation.
  8. You are the troll here. Yesterday you said you were stoned on marijuana. The thread was magically deleted. Keep in mind I am not the only member I realized what game you play. Some other members here agree with the fact you are just trolling and talking shit, trying to cause major fuss. Don't try to hide. You need help, not me. On the deleted thread, I clarified my position by summing up all your controversional, self-canceling posts. On that thread, I also asked sorry from JohnOsbourne for overreacting on his opinion. You came with a stupid marijuana statement and the thread was deleted. STOP TROLLING.
  9. And yesterday he asked the moderators to delete a whole thread because I unveiled him. He is just a troll, ignore him. He has two accounts here.
  10. My point was generally about those who make negative comments about the tour based on minor factors, ignoring the giganticity and the vibe of the tour. Saying that a zeppelin tour "was shit" is an exaggeration, even for the '80 tour.
  11. Next time you 'll see a great photo from '77 or be impressed by a blistering solo, don't say the same shit "i'm not a fan of '77 but I like blah blah..." because it makes normal fans to cringe. You either like the tour or hate it. No bullshit anymore.
  12. I dare you tell this to all the people who saw them live in '77. They were untouchable, better than everyone at the time. You simply weren't there, you judge by the bootlegs which is not fair. (Strider, where are you?)
  13. 1973 and 1975: Reel to reel 1977: Cassette The '73 and '80 sbd recordings were stolen from Jimmy's house. That's why they circulate since the eighties and thats why we have never seen a new '73 or '80 sbd released by E.V. Whoever transferred the sound from the reels to the cassettes, did a really bad job with the tape machines. The '75 and '77 sbd recordings most likely come from a showco employee which copied the original master tapes before giving them to Jimmy. E.V. buys the first generation copies and releases them.
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