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  1. confounded_bridge

    New Mystery Soundboard?

    This has been discussed before:
  2. confounded_bridge

    Seattle 1977 Video with Remastered Sound

    No, not at all. Actually, the Seattle video is the source of negativity for the 1977 tour. All the bad rumors come from people who listen to this show and then comment how bad is Jimmy's playing, or how bad is Plant's voice. The Seattle show should never be considered a good (or even fair) representation of the 1977 tour, simply because Plant's voice is destroyed, like it was in 1975. The only 1977 shows featuring a hoarse Plant are Seattle and Tempe. In my opinion, the best representation of the tour is the Cleveland 4-28-77 show. A mind blowing show, just a small step above the L.A. shows.
  3. confounded_bridge

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    What's wrong with you? If you don't have "bootleg ears" get on with it. I appreciate all the audience recordings we have, no matter the quality.
  4. confounded_bridge

    What's the weather like where you are?

    It is snowing heavily right now and the temperature in my city is -3 Celsius...
  5. confounded_bridge

    Cleveland 4/28/77 alternate source

    A download link was available on argenteumastrum.com but only for 24 hours. He uploaded the complete audio, some awesome photos and a story from the taper. Unfortunately, when I saw the link, only 1 hour was left. I managed to download all the songs but only 4 photos. If somebody has the rest of it, i'd like to ask for a link.
  6. confounded_bridge


    So, do you think that all these people who went to the Cleveland, Pontiac, Birmingham, NY and LA shows feel bad and have regreted? I don't think so. Listen more to the really good '77 shows and you will change opinion.
  7. confounded_bridge


    Well, the same with 1975 and 1980.
  8. confounded_bridge


    It is totally unfair to compare a good '75 version of STH to a really bad '77 version. Why you didn't chose 5/30/77 or 6/23/77? Ft worth is a good show (not great of course) but that sth version sucks. Do the comparison again, but this time please be fair.
  9. confounded_bridge

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    I remeber hearing the 5/28 audience recording. After the show there is a guy that says: "Great show. I hope it comes out one day." This prooves that the sterile and murky soundboards sometimes give us the wrong opinion about a show.
  10. confounded_bridge

    Cleveland 4/28/77 alternate source

    +1 I'd like to hear the missing piano jam section of no quarter. And to approach this show from a different angle.
  11. confounded_bridge

    Cleveland 4/28/77 alternate source

    I want to personally thank you for opening this thread, because I feel that this sudden release after many years of knowing existence was triggered by your thread. Also, thank you for your awesome youtube uploads!
  12. confounded_bridge

    Cleveland 4/28/77 alternate source

    Yes!!! After 41 years, the second source is about to start circulating! I can't wait to hear the ending of no quarter and the stairway intro without the "oh, fuck" from the taper. Details from argenteumastrum.com: "T2K has just announced their new product, The Destroyers, a nine disc set covering both Cleveland April 1977 dates. The first three discs are dedicated to the famous and one of the most bootlegged tapes from April 27th, sourced from stunning soundboard quality. Next three discs are containing excellent quality audience recording from the April 28th show, also often bootlegged over the years. The last three discs debuting with previously uncirculated second audience tape for the second Cleveland show. The box itself is a lavish, hinged open box set housing three individual glossy gatefold sleeves. Important note: The author of this site was emailed by the taper of the second audience recording and was kindly requested to inform all the readers to not buying this new T2K product because of violation of taper's conditions. The tape itself was discussed to be shared freely among the fans and because of that it will be freely available foer download over next few days in stunning audiophile 24/96 quality, profesionally mastered and exclusively supplied wit detailed info, actual show photos and personal story of the taper. Eye thank you and Happy Xmas for you all!"
  13. confounded_bridge


    The same camera crew is visible on the June 14 1977 photos. I wonder how much stuff is being hoarded.
  14. confounded_bridge


    To sum up, this is from MSG and its either a VHS tape loaded with photos, or a very good quality amateur film, transferred to tape. Mystery finally solved. Thanks for the info guys! I still hope that the uncirculated 8mm films from Pontiac, L.A. and Birmingham will show up one day.
  15. confounded_bridge

    09/29/1971 Osaka - Stairway To Heaven - EVSD SBD Single

    +1 And where is "celebration day"? Great version and I was waiting just for these 2 songs and the magnificent organ solo. WTF EV?