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  1. Mine is that I don't even care for Plant very much, and I wish their singer had been Ian Gillan. This opinion will probably get me roasted pretty hard, but I've gotta be honest!
  2. My absolute fav ever is "Friends" the others are: Achilles Ten Years Gone No Quarter In The Light Battle of Evermore Fool The Rover Black Country Woman Carouselambra
  3. 6/10, I need to go back to school!
  4. No worse than most of the clown costumes Plant has sported over the years...remember the Now and Zen cover? The Honeydrippers? All the ethnic looks he's tried to pull off?
  5. I like them and I am really happy for them. I wish them great luck out there.
  6. "Thank You". Listening to it feels like snooping in on a personal moment between Plant and Maureen.
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