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    I like Led Zeppelin, baseball, exercising, the Cardinals, the Cowboys, Notre Dame, bass, keyboard, pretty much any stringed instrument.

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  1. loves Led Zeppelin

  2. your a complete jerk knebby is a bigger fan than you

  3. you are a true fan gratitudes form Virginia

  4. i went to guitar center for the first time a few weeks ago and I played my first bass, I find it more fun than a guitar.

  5. lol yea ok then between chosing overrated and awesome ill chose awesome
  6. Thx for the comment, I have decided to take bass lessons over guitar lessons

  7. nice to meet another young zep fan

    Make Music, Not War!

  8. argh cant decide between ten years gone and thank you
  9. hard choice i would say he was bette by himself but by a hair
  10. they are awesome but overrated
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