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  1. Happy Birthday!! Love ya!

  2. That damn whale has taken over my screen!

  3. o m g Just came around here and there's A LOT of memories in here. Oh lord. (x

  4. Nope the name's Mike. sorry that answer took so long :P

  5. A teen zep head is very rare to find...........

  6. Yesss, I have the same Mothership shirt, had it on when I left that comment. lol :D

  7. I like it! And welcome to the forum!
  8. I have been out of my groove my a pencil lately , so I have been doing some cartoons. Sorry about the pictures, I have yet to buy a scanner. Jimmy: I play White Summer for 12 minuets and I come back to see you drinking my whisky! Robert: What whisky? (He is holding a bottle of Jack Daniels behind his back, you can't see it that well) This one was inspired by Ev. Jonesy: Yeah, I know I'm hot. As hot as this ciggarette.
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