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  1. I saw one of your posts and i loved your avatar and the pic you have here...faith no more rules!!!

  2. Say Say Say - Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson
  3. My high school football team is undefeated!! It was a great time!! But one thing that makes me so upset is that at one point of our show, I totally forgot that I wasn't supposed to move on that move, I like literally blanked out and I started to breathe heavily, but then I fixed myself and got myself right back on track. It was a good thing too because I could have been run over by a sousaphone if I hadn't! But overall great time! Here's some pix: (I'm the one in the Ray Bans )
  4. First day of high school tomorrow. I'm not too worried, I've met so many new people from Marching Band and have been at the school for 6 weeks out of this summer.
  5. They gave me German!! A girl was switched out of it on Friday so I was the lucky one and got the spot!! (Though I still think the "25 kids per a class" law is bull crap. Many people I know couldn't get into the class they wanted because of it.)
  6. Slowly Growing Deaf - Mr. Bungle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGTHYdF8ZpY
  7. Hats Off to (Roy) Harper I have to admit, at first, I really didn't like this song much, but it grew on me so much! I think it could be easily one of my many favorites .
  8. I'm upset. So coming home from Band Camp, my dad told me he talked to my counselor about my language being changed from Spanish to German (You see, I changed that actually a couple weeks into summer) and he told me that they couldn't put me in the class becuase only 25 people can be in it. I cried for the whole car ride home. I mean, I wanted to take German all 4 years, it was my plan to go study in Germany after highschool, and the stupid board of education ruined that for me because they made a law where only 25 kids can be in a class. It's a dumb law. I get that there's overcrowiding in schools, but its too the point where one of my friends doesn't even have a world language because all of them are "full". If everyone can't get into a specific class because its "full" that must be a problem. Now, either if someone switches out of German, i'll be the first one in, or I can take it next year and only take German for 3 years. Thank you board of education, my parents pay you taxes and even a quarter of your salary and you can't give me the one class I terribly need and want.
  9. Going to band camp tomorrow !! It lasts for about 2 weeks I think, but I really don't mind waking up at 6:45 every morning becasue i've been told it'll be alot of fun. I'm pretty excited for Marching band, its something so new! Though, what i'm mostly kinda scared about is the memorizing music part. But again, i've been told that you play it soooo much it just starts to grow on you.
  10. 8.5 I really like the vocals and the whole feeling of the song. And the guitar sounds great
  11. Mr. Bungle "Bloody Mary" One day God had to get off his ass He had to walk to the kitchen and get his own glass To this glass he had to pour his own booze For this, his woman had to pay the dues Now all women must pay this terrible bill That arrives every month against their will A crescent hang over, half-irritated smirk Full migraine cramps, and Maxi-pads don't work! I lol at that all the time. Faith No More "Ashes to Ashes" Smiling with the mouth of the ocean And I'll wave to you with the arms of the mountain Paul McCartney "Here Today" What About The Night We Cried, Because There Wasn't Any Reason Left To Keep It All Inside. Never Understood A Word. But You Were Always There With A Smile
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