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  1. Yes. It was probably a spambot though. HYE ignored a family member's friend request on Facebook?
  2. Nope the name's Mike. sorry that answer took so long :P

  3. I'm listening to "Race for the Prize" by The Flaming Lips. I'm surprised that I never warmed up to them before. They're pretty damn good.
  4. If they replaced the stupid fantasy scenes with concert footage, the film would be much better.
  5. 65 and sunny! Beautiful day with a nice breeze. I walked my dog for about an hour around the neighborhood.
  6. No but I've always wanted to. To rub salt in, I see hot air balloons all the time during the summer just where I live. Have you ever seen The Godfather Part III?
  7. Cowboys. Hank Hill is a fan. John Lee Hooker or Muddy Waters?
  8. It's about 18" x 18" not the exact measurement but my old monitor was 12 by 12 and this one is about 6 inches bigger in both dimensions.
  9. I watched The Godfather Part 2 for the first time (best 4 hours ever spent on a movie) and my new computer monitor arrived!
  10. I just remembered I have "Pink Floyd The Wall" in my DVR- in high definition. I need to get around to seeing that again!
  11. No I don't own any of those albums, but I have heard nothing but good things about their audio work. I will take a look on e-bay. Also, when did you see them live? That's really awesome. Unfortunately due to Richard's recent passing another reunion is impossible.
  12. I searched for any Pink Floyd topics in this forum, but searching yielded no immediate results, so I will start this one. This is the discussion topic for Pink Floyd and related musicians, like Syd, David and Roger's solo careers as well. Pink Floyd are, in my opinion, the best English band ever and an amalgamation of some of the best musicians who ever lived. Their musical maturation is fascinating to observe from album to album. Syd Barrett was a genius and even The Madcap Laughs is a fantastic and quirky work. Roger Waters is a kickass bassist and the band went to crap without his songwriting. Richard Wright is responsible for the amazing atmosphere generated by some of their greatest albums and was a fucking fantastic keyboardist, RIP. David Gilmour has a great singing voice and the emotion oozes out of his guitar, he is the archetype of what many guitarists strive to be. Nick Mason's drumming was never quite the main focus of the music, but his work on Piper and Ummagumma is perfection. So, anyone want to talk Floyd? I'm listening to The Wall right now actually.
  13. I was skimming over the main forum page and read "Plant does the O2 11th Sep" as "Plant dies 11th Sept." My heart skipped a beat. Other than that I've had a pretty good day.
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