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  1. A tour/new album didn't happen in the late eighties, the nineties, or even after they actually reunited, so it probably won't happen when the original members are all in their sixties. It also seems pretty clear that Robert isn't interesting in singing about squeezing lemons anymore.
  2. I'd say Sabbath's best musical moments are about on par with Zeppelin in terms of quality. It's hard to speculate how things would have panned out had Bonham lived, but Zeppelin at their most uninspired was still more listenable than, say, Sabbath with Tony Martin, Ice T, etc.
  3. I always thought TSRTS would sound neat with the orchestral accompaniment that other songs had in the Unledded show.
  4. If Page and Plant's Unledded concert in the nineties had been a full unplugged reunion set with John Paul and Jason, what would your ideal set list be? Here's mine: Babe I’m gonna leave you Ramble On Hey Hey What Can I do Travelling Riverside Blues (slide guitar) Black Dog (slide guitar) Over the Hills and Far Away Going to California When The Levee Breaks No Quarter Stairway to Heaven The Song Remains the Same The Rain Song Misty Mountain Hop Fool in the Rain Encores: Since I’ve Been Loving You Kashmir
  5. Nope the name's Mike. sorry that answer took so long :P

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