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  1. So the reason Randy California didn't do anything about this is because he "didn't have enough money to sue"? That's odd. It seems that if he had a strong case I'm pretty sure some attorney would have been willing to work on a contingency basis.
  2. The whole post itself was indication that it was a possibility. If he thought Robert was simply making a joke I'd imagine he'd have said that, or not mentioned Robert's comments at all.
  3. Well Jason Bonham's facebook post wasn't dismissive of Robert's comment. It indicated that Jason actually thinks there is a possibility Robert is up for it. He knows Robert pretty well, so I'm getting hopeful about this. If it was a joke, I'm assuming that we'll be made aware of that shortly. I doubt Robert would string people along on something like that.
  4. I just watched the 60 Minutes interview. Robert did not look nor sound to me like he was making a joke. We'll see. If they come to Dallas my friends and I will go apes--it.
  5. I've had a crush on her for over thirty years. I was obsessed with her when I was nine years old!
  6. Thanks Walter. I kept losing too, even though she has a beautiful face.
  7. With Jason's oversight, I'm all for it. I'd love to see a celebration of their music.
  8. If quoted accurately (I have no real reason to believe he wasn't), Keith was a classless shitheel for saying those things. Zep sure does bring out the green-eyed monster in some people.
  9. Lindsay Wagner - Aaah the memories... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJuzhSReRvo
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