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  1. Just saying hi and bye......I might get banned from here because of that DICKHEAD of Anjun who provoked me:):)!!! It was good meeting you and supporting a good cause...beautiful women:):)

    ROCK ON:)

  2. Great to hear should have happened a long time ago though. They always knew he was in NW Pakistan but botched the response via invading sovereign nations. Good for the US which has largely been in limbo since the attacks on Sep 11. Plus you have a shuttle launch to look forward to so is this the resurgence of the United States?!!!
  3. Pagey_17

    Swine Flu

    Im in Mexico now trust me no alarming problems enjoying 1 week off, real flu kills far far more people!
  4. You do realize how many effects and harmonizers were used on roberts voice in 77 dont you. Plus not to mention the flu and "the operation"
  5. Love those pics Led Zep in Leeds awesomeness
  6. Would you be jealous if i say ...when i worked at marks and spencers during sixth form i served her, very very very dull woman to say the least!
  7. Vitamin B12 tablet....thats some good stuff reccomended!
  8. Whens the wedding set for???
  9. It will feel just like home in no time, just the shock of moving i suppose. Now we have all the shall we say... regular threds!! Didnt think the photo threads would take long to take off!
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