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  1. https://fb.watch/6WEjPmslts/ My wife and I will drive the 40 miles to Sylacauga (my wife's hometown) to eat here. $12, all you care to eat. They about have wheel me out I eat so much. Dig the accent.
  2. Ok Computer easily ranks in my top 9 tier. Not a clunker present, all carry their weight. Right now I'd go with The Tourist and Knives Out from Amnesiac. That guitar! Jonny on stage reminds me as a shy/ lower profile version of John Paul Jones. Perfect components in the right place. Never seen Radiohead live, but is absolute bucket list material.
  3. To me, most are great selections listed above. Veering off the four lane to the dirt road I'll add: Deliverance The Hitcher Christine Coma The Birds
  4. paul, same here. I've dropped 10-11 lbs the last few weeks as well. Glad to return to my awesome svelte physique, *though an (ever so slight) caucasian male gut pooch is still present*. In my situation, I feel I'm detoxifying from some loser cable news networks misinformation regarding the virus. This tells me what my gut told me all along. Sweating my ass off in my vegetable garden has benefits as well.
  5. Kudos to you, Sam! If you own/sold the stock, I imagine it's a night of celebration. If you had a handful of out of the money call options, I imagine you might be looking to buy an island. Way to go!
  6. C'mon Saggy Frog Bob. China has a stellar human rights record don't they? What's a few million people? Cull the herd. Get enough people to blame Trump for failing to keep the virus out of the USA. This is no more far fetched than people getting reeled in by Russian collusion. Humor me... this is a conspiracy theory thread.
  7. Not only do I believe Covid-19 is man-made, I could see it being *accidentally released* because Trump was not the pussy China was used to dealing with. I hate to think this, but...
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