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  1. Speaking of Frank Melfi, do you (or anyone) know any of the particulars on how Frank was in Birmingham May 18, 1977, to capture what I consider some of the classic photos of Led Zeppelin 1977 tour? Was this his first shoot of Zeppelin? Did he have a portfolio the band admired? Perfect place, right time? I know Frank and Robert have what appears to be a great relationship as friends, never mind the perks both bring to the table. But I'm curious as to how it all came about in 1977.
  2. Bernie bought the farm one day before April 15, my favorite day, tax day. Quite the irony and worth a chuckle. A fitting epilogue to the king of American Greed.
  3. jabe

    2020 NFL Thread

    Fitz tests positive for the fucking virus. It's up to Tua to dismantle the Bills. Roll Tide!
  4. ledzepfilm, primo! This takes me me back to far flung memories of May 18. A great boost to my immune system.
  5. Adding a snippet of "Dixie" at the onset played damn well in the land of cotton. Who had ever heard the sonic orgasms and seen the visual magnitude of this artistry on this scale, prior to 1977? And then to blast off into another dimension with Achilles... I wish everyone here could have experienced this live.
  6. jabe

    2020 NFL Thread

    "...not that it's not hard." See if Chan incorporates more of the quick Bama slants down the road. Have we seen much of Tua's long ball yet? Breaking him in slowly... Defense looks damn good.
  7. "You know that what you eat you are" Phenomenal sax
  8. I need to revise the timeline of events regarding the discs I sent your way, which you cleaned up better than I could've hoped. Hope to do that soon on this thread, without clogging the intention of the OP.
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