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  1. I mean, how fucking low can one's expectations be at this point? Only fucking lower. Let's go!
  2. Quite the pisser. Received the email last week. Had 6th row seats for October 6.
  3. I'm not sold on Tua either. even though I believe he's 7-3 as a starter. Mac looked pretty damn good after that first pass(?) attempt. Jalen Hurts smoked Atlanta. Keep an eye on Philly, at least for another week. My Crimson Tide bias is understated...
  4. "Las Vegas Raiders" just isn't right. Al Davis has gotta be spinning.
  5. I'm cool to hanging in the minority opinion of events. I look at the output of the Beatles post August 29, 1966 Candlestick Park. The touring ceased but the future material created equalled or surpassed in many instances much of their previous body of work. Out of the chute the Beatles from the early 60s to the end of the 60s in my world, are still the apex. Led Zeppelin a miniscule bit behind. Hence, after the incredible energy surrounding the O2, was there not "energy left in the tank" to at least explore new music, new directions? Or as SteveAJones has said, "the well is dry, that dog won't hunt." No replacement singer was ever an option in my mind. And Jason of course was the only options on drums. Tons of lawyers could have mucked up the possibility as well as a leary Plant. Relect on the Beatles post touring creations of Sargent Peppers, Magical Mystery Tour, the White Album. Let it Be, and Abbey Road. I'll always wonder what new classics could have been created in a year or two if Led Zeppelin members were all in. And yes, sans John Henry Bonham, not truly Led Zeppelin. At the same time, who can find fault with Led Zeppelin's poetic exit.
  6. Mrs jabe and I returned today from a casino excursion to Mississippi. Great comps and all the expected southern charm. Usual slot play for my wife, roulette and baccarat for me. We both took the Patriots against the line vs Philly. That was sweet, Cam and Mac. ++ Tonight, parley vs the line, I have the Foreskins and the Chiefies.
  7. Shit. I wish one of my friends would ask me what decadent flavor of ice cream I'm indulging in...
  8. With *higher* institutions admitting students for the new year, I can picture Fauckhi's new deviant strains named using Greek alphabet letters of college frats and sororities. Oh No!!!! I've had the vaccination. I respect choice. Thanks be to President Donald Trump for Operation Warp Speed, I respect (usually) personal decision.
  9. Dobbo! Explore a more diverse diet in your news feed. The borders are as open as a famous Californian's legs who sharked her way up the politcal ladder. The last time I traveled from Mexico to the U.S. was a time consuming bitch as you say. Wading across a river appears to be more expedient. Bobbo, you're a smart dude, but don't downplay the illegals coming into the U.S. wearing Covid on their sleaves welcomed apparently with open arms. Could be headed to Flagstaff, Glendale, Chandler... quien sabes?
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