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  1. Anytime this subject is brought up it gets ridicule. When people are afraid they make jokes trying to cover up their fear. To believe we are alone in this universe, let alone this dimension, is ludicrous. Have they been to earth/are they here now? I'd say highly probable to both. I agree with ledzeppelin 77 in that they could have sent/be sending pilotless probes, just like we have.
  2. So if it's "been", why don't you hear "I've " before it? And what is he singing after "been"? Just aaaaah? Tryin to find where you belong makes way more sense.
  3. Hmm, bit rude.☹ I was hoping someone else would also agree with me. I've heard the song many times, also. Not as many as you, though. I'll always hear belong, so there! 🤪
  4. I disagree. Listen for the loooooooong part, plus it makes more sense.
  5. Tryin to find, tryin to find where..... Is it 1. I've beeeeeeeen? Or 2. I belooooooooong? I always thought it was belong.
  6. https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/touchdown-nasas-mars-perseverance-rover-safely-lands-on-red-planet
  7. You're in for a ride! Go in with no expectations. It requires a second watch, or 3rd or....🙂 The correct way to watch is Season 1 Season 2 Fire, walk with me Season 3 Enjoy!
  8. Me too! Do you like Twin Peaks? Have You seen season 3?
  9. David Lynch, creator, writer, director, actor of my favourite show ever TWIN PEAKS, loves KASHMIR!
  10. David Lynch, writer, director, creator, actor of my favourite show, TWIN PEAKS, loves KASHMIR!
  11. That's good. I rarely visit here, nothing new happening, unfortunately.
  12. I'm going well, thank you. No covid out here. You?
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