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  1. Wonderful, really enjoyed that new recording - thanks a lot for loading this up!
  2. you may have luck, when you write to "the world's largest accumulator" of Zep-related magazines rogerberlin@freenet.de · 2020
  3. Quote: Purple were equally good at nicking stuff from other bands. It’s interesting you mentioned Child in Time as they nicked that. It’s been a while since I’ve heard it so forget the song title but it was from a band named It’s a beautiful day. The Song Purple nicked was "Bombay Calling" by IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY
  4. Robert played electric guitar on stage during "You Shook Me" at the well documented performance at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Juli 1993 ...
  5. This 2-CD just turned up on the "grey market" via amazon: SUPERB 1985 BROADCAST RECORDING FROM THE FIRM With Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers Formed in 1984 by singer Paul Rodgers, guitarist Jimmy Page, drummer Chris Slade and bass player Tony Franklin, The Firm were among the most successful and popular rock supergroups of all time. As Paul Rodgers remembers; "Jimmy was at a bit of a loose end. He'd come round and check out my home studio and we ended up writing songs, but without any definite plans. Jimmy was very keen to get back on the road, so we put a band together The first thing I knew
  6. Great pics, what a cool story ...thanks for sharing!
  7. By the way: there were 30sec promo commercials on australian TV for the Sydney shows in Feb. 1996 - got it somewhere on DVD.
  8. ... the concert was recorded at the Oberrheinhalle in OFFENBURG and not in Offenbach, which is a different city near Frankfurt and 200miles away!
  9. Thanks for sharing the 8mm Video ... this was one the three shows I saw on that last tour ... brings back great memories.
  10. "The kind you would use for screening your Home movies ." Claude Nobs filmed 100's of the shows he promoted in Montreux and stocked'em in his private archive ...
  11. Just would like to point out, it was the late and great JEFF BUCKLEY who said that at a concert in Australia, as Jimmy Page and Robert Plant sat in the audience and Jimmy told that tale later in an interview.
  12. ... wouldn´t expect a 2hour show - Robert doesn´t play that long anymore, anywhere. Suspecting an afternoon appearance I guess he'll play for an hour plus encores. An appearance at the annual Pinkpop usually means broadcasts on FM and dutch TV ...
  13. Thanks, already have the recommended "Final Acclaim" and Dave´s even more detailed "Feather In The Wind" too and if you know Mannheim, you´d understand why Plant, Jones and Bonzo were anxious for the weekend in Munich ...
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