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  1. So you knew what I was talking about but decided to give a childish reply
  2. How does the theft from "the bitches" relate to this? They weren't cutting the tapes apart from they
  3. Not saying it made sense, I am saying it's an anomaly that should be explored.
  4. How do you know Jimmy has the entire SBDs.? Why in each of those EU shows does it meticulously only provide the SBD source for the major medleys.7 Playback and listen yes maybe so but it happened and is odd.
  5. Big leagues? I could sling some insults back but I just want to discuss this...
  6. Why do the AUD bootlegs randomly get cut into recordings from the console, Essen, Vienna both examples of this happening for the same songs.
  7. You continue to bring nothing to this but insults, is this all you have to offer anymore?
  8. You wouldn't know me from Adam old timer
  9. Finally someone who has been able to actually start a dialogue and show me where I was wrong rather than thro garbage at me. The "initial confrontation" I had with Mobile had me so riled up hearing the same sounds I heard from TSRTS and I had all these theories in my head of Pagey piecemealing those EU shows 73' becuase they were SBD'd but I see it all now Thanks Ram. I don't think anyone was understanding I was NOT Saying Mobile is TSRTS song for song no edit, I was creating a sensatialist thread name, however I was listening the D&C and it dawned on me this sounds pretty fucking spot on with additional pieces and then realised other songs sounded oh so similar. (I still want to know why the D&C and WLL's were the only things getting recorded from the board across Europe (and thank fuck they were)
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