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  1. tmtomh

    Original Celebration Day on TSRTS Cassette

    Yes, the Heywood version is fantastic and my go-to as well. He put in the proper Celebration Day solo, uses the original No Quarter with the crucial 2-1/2 minutes that were cut from the 2007 version, creates a never-before-done 18-minute version of Whole Lotta Love by adding in stuff from the DVD menus, and adds on a soundboard-sourced version of the final organ solo-Thank You encore played on the final night of the three-night run. It's fantastic. RE the 1976 cassette and LP, yes, they have the identical tracks and edits, as do all LP, cassette and CD versions that came out prior to the 2007 re-do.
  2. tmtomh

    Original Celebration Day on TSRTS Cassette

    Yes, the original Celebration Day outro solo is on all the original, 9-track versions of the album (CD, LP, cassette, etc.). The 2007 expanded/redone version swaps in a different outro solo on that song, taken from one of the other two nights of the band's three-night run from which the concert album audio was produced. The new 2018 remaster has the identical audio edits/content to the 2007. One of the reasons Celebration Day could have such a major, wholesale change in its content is that most of the song doesn't appear in the original movie - so except for the very beginning of the song, Page and his collaborators have been free to do whatever they want with the audio. And yes, the original solo is better!
  3. https://www.discogs.com/Led-Zeppelin-The-Soundtrack-From-The-Film-The-Song-Remains-The-Same/release/12483643
  4. tmtomh

    Berkeley (Going to California)

    Dadgad's 2010 24/96 vinyl rip is my go-to. Godfather's is nice, but dadgad's is a little better IMHO.
  5. Yes, this is going to be epic. An incredible amount of work, and a great gift to the community. Thank you!
  6. tmtomh

    "Alternate Box set 2", anyone know it?

    Yes, Steve is correct. Also, the Crunge/Lickin' Stick bit is part of a Whole Lotta Love medley live performance, and so will not be on any studio-outtake collection. It is available on many live bootlegs, although it sounds as if the version you have is something Unkeljimbo might have custom-made as a standalone-type track, perhaps with by fading in and out of the Whole Lotta Love medley. As for a studio-outtake collection, the Antrabata 11-disc set is cool but it's two generations out of date. Scorpio released a 12-disc set that is based on the Antrabata but uses some upgrades sources and rounds up some additional odds and ends. And then in 2013, Godfather put out Studio Magik, an 18-disc set that again upgrades a few sources, and rounds up some additional material (including the Zep II multitracks that had leaked by that time). So if you're searching out a one-stop studio outtakes, demos, etc set, the Godfather Studio Magik is the one. There are some additional and/or better-sounding bits and pieces that have surfaced since 2013 - and a few of the items came out in pristine quality in the 2014/15 official reissue campaign - but Studio Magik remains the best overall outtakes comp.
  7. tmtomh

    The Lemon Song (studio)

    The band often were - or at least strove to be- heavier live than in-studio. At the risk of overgeneralizing, in the early years that live extra heaviness sometimes took the form of increased speed for a more intense, frenzied impact (Lemon Song/Killing Floor, and of course Communication Breakdown, come to mind); in the latter years that heaviness sometimes took the form of slowing things down, for a more menacing impact (some instances of In My Time of Dying and Sick Again come to mind). I would guess nerves might have played a part in it, and perhaps also the "young and hungry" early phase vs the "confident and swaggering" later phase. At any rate, I would guess that "That's the Way" is the earliest example of full-on speed manipulation on a Zep album, yes?
  8. Don't want to go off-topic, but I actually agree with you about Harvey - I too prefer the sound on the BBC/Peel versions.
  9. I know Albini is very well regarded as a producer, and I can see how it works in some cases - for example something like PJ Harvey's Dry. But outside of the post-punk context from which Albini hails, I personally don't feel his super-dry production style works as well, and that applies to WIC - it's a busy mix and IMHO Albini's production works best on starker material. To each their own, of course.- I can see the appeal of it, just not my cup of tea sonically.
  10. tmtomh

    EV Tutankhamun Box" Just Spotted!

    Not soundboards - it would have said if there were.
  11. Very interesting, but I really don't think there's any way in the world a Zep reissue gets impacted because of a Yardbirds release. The release itself looks interesting, although it's a shame it's Repertoire as their mastering of their Yardbirds titles (along with many other titles) has been atrocious.
  12. tmtomh

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    Could be months, could be never. What we have so far isn't even a rumor or a leak - it's just a trademark application. Trademark applications sometimes don't manifest as actual products for months or years, or ever.
  13. tmtomh

    Best 14 Led Zeppelin Love Songs

    Some of those are not love songs, by any stretch. Removing the ones that are lust/blues songs, I'd say the remaining ones are ranked sensibly, except that Ten Years Gone is ranked way too low. IMHO clearly in the top 3 or 4 Zep love songs, easy.
  14. tmtomh

    A George Lucas amount of Edits...

    Most hardcore Zep fans prefer the original 1976 mix and edits. However, I'd say the truth is more complicated than that. The current/2007 version has inferior versions of Celebration Day (different guitar solo), No Quarter (2 minutes of amazing soloing cut out), and Whole Lotta Love (Crunge section cut out via a horrid, jarring edit). For the rest of the tracks, though, it's really a matter of taste whether one prefers the 1976 or 2007/2018 versions.