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  1. has to be, Bring it On Home that riff is POWERFUL.
  2. Someone already had that as their signature and then it said, "Robert can i get some of that?" or something.
  3. It does sound off to the most of the other bootlegs I have, but this could just be the Amp, Effect, I know he was off his head during 77' but he'd be ashamed to do something so silly as be out of tune, the mans a perfectionist !¬
  4. If it's the one where Jimmy is on the grass and his eyes light up red, then yes it is Bron Yr Aur
  5. It does after I found out that someone from 68' was 27 in 95' it really did hit me, time does fly. Even thinking Led started 43 years ago hits me.
  6. I saw A Zeppelin cover band once *Im so Unlucky* I neeeeeed to meet Jimmy Page
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