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  1. has to be, Bring it On Home that riff is POWERFUL.
  2. Someone already had that as their signature and then it said, "Robert can i get some of that?" or something.
  3. It does sound off to the most of the other bootlegs I have, but this could just be the Amp, Effect, I know he was off his head during 77' but he'd be ashamed to do something so silly as be out of tune, the mans a perfectionist !¬
  4. If it's the one where Jimmy is on the grass and his eyes light up red, then yes it is Bron Yr Aur
  5. It does after I found out that someone from 68' was 27 in 95' it really did hit me, time does fly. Even thinking Led started 43 years ago hits me.
  6. I saw A Zeppelin cover band once *Im so Unlucky* I neeeeeed to meet Jimmy Page
  7. There's so much more out there, I'm positive theres hundreds of guys who've got tapes that they video recorded of led concerts they went to back in the 70's and just haven't set it out..
  8. e:-------------------------------------------------10b12~--10-8------| B:---------------6b8-6-5----------10b12-10b12-10-8-------------------| G:--7b9~r7p5-------------7------9------------------------------------| D:-------------------------7~~---------------------------------------| A:-------------------------------------------------------------------| E:-------------------------------------------------------------------| e:-10b12--10-8-------------------------------------------------------| B:--------------8b10~~~r8----------------------------------8-10b12---| G:------------------------7b9r7p5---5~~--7b8~~~r7-5-5-5~~------------| D:--------------------------------7----------------------------------| A:-------------------------------------------------------------------| E:-------------------------------------------------------------------| e:--------------10b12~~----------------------------------------------| B:--10b12-10-8-------------------------------------------------------| G:-------------------------------------------------------------------| D:-------------------------------------------------------------------| A:-------------------------------------------------------------------| E:-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  9. This was a very good idea for a video come to think of it! Well done to you
  10. "The song Remains the Saaaaa-aaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaa-me" - around 3:20
  11. I put in a vote for the scream in The Rain Song around 5:37, beautiful harmony..
  12. I already have all that and I've certainly paid well under 500 for it all except the belt buckle of course
  13. "Hang abou.. *Inaudilble response from crowd* we'd very much like to do that but somebodys knicked the Mandolins" Now this is just from memory, anybody else know what I'm talking about? ..
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