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  1. There's so much more out there, I'm positive theres hundreds of guys who've got tapes that they video recorded of led concerts they went to back in the 70's and just haven't set it out..
  2. I'm under the impression you know Jimmy personally, am I correct?

  3. I don't know if anyone has noticed this, but the man in the top right corner that looks like Jimmy is standing beside people that like Robert, JPJ, and Bonzo. What in the world was this ?!
  4. Whole Lotta Love Classic Rock Boots Radio
  5. I don't like the album that much, but We're Gonna Groove, has so much of that raw Early pre-flight Led energy it has to be the best opener!
  6. Thank you for the add, i am doing very well how about you friend?

  7. I challenge anyone to find a more beautiful and moving live Led Zeppelin song then this one..
  8. I have to say I've never seen that bassist before, he's awesome though and that cover of Train is awesome aswell. !!!
  9. Something I shouldn't be thank god for Late night TV !
  10. God i can never answer these but i'll give it a go 1. Ramble On 2. Bring it On Home 3. How Many More Times 4. Houses of The Holy 5. The Ocean 6. Nobodys Fault But Mine 7. Over The Hills and Far Away 8. Kashmir 9. Travelling Riverside Blues 10. Whole Lotta Love ++ SO MANY MANY MORE A BETTER AND SHORTER LIST WOULD BE WHAT LED ZEPPELIN SONGS I DONT LIKE
  11. Im trying to get some sort of Zeppelin/Hendrix cross tattoo, working on ideas, any help?
  12. Jimmy Page said at the time: "For my money, Eddie Van Halen was the first significant new kid on the block. Very dazzling"
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