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    What no bids yet?!

    I´ve always thought Jimmy used the Orange solely for his theremin. If so....30 k for a Jimmy Page theremin amp...it´s like buying the guitar amp owned by Billy Joel
  2. Good point, Dirigible! However, what about the shows that sounded right to the audience AND sounded good on "thin tape"? There are tons of them...pre 77 that is...;-)
  3. Does it really matter if they played or not? Reading about enthusiastic Zep heads hollering, experts who don´t remember but don´t rule it out, women pointing out where in an anonymous gym Jimmy Page performed his magic 40 years ago...fantastic! So yes, they played...no matter where they were this very night. Somebody please make a movie about it!
  4. I think Robert is at his best right now! Check out youtube for the clips with Mrs. Krauss. Of course he´s not screaming and moaning like he used to do. He´s using his voice in a very sweet, mature way. Not like all those Metal granddads trying to be 25 again. Urgh. Robert seems very comfortable and THAT is singing. Very cool! I wish the others would come up with something new and inspired like that. BTW I am not into country at all, I just appreciate good musicianship.
  5. So I try to be positive: It´s not good. Robert seems exhausted, uncomfortable. Jimmy´s guitar is in tune. his fingers aren´t. He is using his 3-finger-technique (avoids ringfinger due to accident earlier). No surprise his playing is not good. Especially with this very clean tone. This is not the best band in the world. These are tired lads. Just listen to the ´73 versions - Bang!!!!
  6. Jiri


    They used a synthesizer for the basic sound. I am not sure which one, I think it was an ARP. They sent it through an echo unit which was responsible for the boogie pattern.
  7. Yes, they are: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KH-DO3FgROI...feature=related
  8. Good to see Spinal Tap back again....
  9. Please, do keep on celebrating, but this boot has been around for a while now. If I´m not completely wrong it´s "Danke Vienna!".
  10. I think this answers many questions: http://www.petecornish.co.uk/client.html For years Jimmy has used Pete Cornish´s very advanced, high-end technology. The wiring, the parts - everything in a class of it´s own! And you can hear it. The sound of Black Dog almost blew my head off!!! With Jimmy´s (studio) guitar sound it´s not that simple. So he used simple technology, but he did it in a very clever manner. Don´t forget he also had microphones, the tape machine and the mixing desk as tools for shaping his special sound. And he had the money to buy all the amps and gadgets out there.
  11. Of course I enjoy the playing and the genius of LZ. No matter what sound. And there always are a few songs that sound quite good compared to others of the same night. It depends how dynamic the numbers are: I´ve never heard a good sounding (unauthorised) version of Immigrant Song, because every instrument is playing full power at the same time. Same with R`n´R. SIBLY is a very dramatic piece, sometimes only drums, a bit of organ and a little bit of filling by Jimmy. So it´s better balanced soundwise. Same with NQ. I think listening to LZ thru a "telephone" isn´t that enjoyable a
  12. Interesting! That explains a lot (no vocals most of the time )! But lots of bass, which i find quite rare. Anyway, thanks for the replies, gang! Yes, if my ears get too nervous I put on my Wiggles CDs and rock away....
  13. Hey guys! Since my ears get a little nervous after listening to the mid frequency madness of some live recordings (especially audience) I wonder: What are the best sounding pre-1975 recordings out there? I´ve listened to some SB which IMHO were quite average (Vienna ´73, Osaka ´71) and some legendary audience tapes (Blueberry Hill) which didn´t convince me either. I am NOT talking aboout the quality of playing!!! Sound quality! Do you have any tips? I would really appreciate it. Cheers!
  14. Really great sound! Have you noticed Jimmy´s strange guitar sound? It almost sounds as "clean" and harmless as on the BBC-session! Not a bit like standard 1973.
  15. SIBLY - there are a few recordings from ´80 that sound reasonable (to put it nicely). But IMHO most of the ´77 versions just suck. Best, almost magical ones: ´70-´73. NQ - you are right, actually. OTHAFA - listen to the EC-versions - just uninspired rubbish compared to Page being on fire in Offenburg or MSG in ´73. D&C - Just no. Sometimes off, sometimes on. BD - Bonzo ruled and kept it together, so yes. RS - yes. KSR - besides some false starts - yes. But you can´t really screw up this number, can you? STH - Too many crap versions out there. Jimmy´s guitar playi
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