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  1. Hi Lorraine! Nice to see you on the board. Had any fun lately?

    .......:) missy

  2. Does anyone know the identity of the woman with John Bonham? It looks like Charlotte M. to me, circa 1977 (the date on Bonzo's t shirt).
  3. Hi Lorraine,

    How are you? Just wanted to say Hello, one newbie to another.

    By the way, I enjoyed the astrology thread you started. I was afraid to check my status as I am typical Virgo and I prefer to keep it, lol.

    Hope to see you around the boards sometime! your friend missy

  4. Whatever happened to the Show of Peace concert in Beijing, China re-scheduled to Oct. 10th, 2010? Jimmy was on the lineup. The show never took off, and no announcements were made. http://showofpeace.com/
  5. HI lorraine, thx for the add..you my first...

  6. In "It might get loud", Jimmy stated that when he was younger he had a strong desire to paint, or be an artist. Did he ever compose any visual works of art?
  7. Happy Birthday!!!

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