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  1. I also would like to respond to the author of this article. I live in one of the areas devasted by Hurricaine Sandy, and I thank the Rolling Stones, the Who, Roger Waters, Billy Joel and many, many others who performed at the Concert for Sandy Relief. I personally do not care about their ages, or whatever drives their egos, etc. They were there in time of need and that is enough for me. IMO, rock n roll is about being what you are and screaming it as loud as you can. Don t hold back. The younger people loved it in the audience. I was there and blown away!!
  2. Yes....I thank you for agreeing, I guess what I am trying to say is even if Plant 's voice were better (if that were possible) doing another project(s), Zeppelin is so intense that he could never really overcome that reality. He (and the others) will never be able to accomplish this. All this talk about different paths and influences....Zeppelin WAS a different path and he helped create it. It's simply is not over yet. It s like he s trying to run away from it. Back in the day, he was naive and young, I think now that he looks back, he s sort of amazed himself. If he would just do what t
  3. IMO, Mr.Plant is mediocre, at best, without Zeppelin. He is going out of his way to convince everyone that he has moved on since the Zeppelin years. The others, Page, Jones, (and Jason) while working on other projects do not demonstrate the resistance he does when queried. Also, Plant cajoled that he is free in 2014. After making us wait for so long with his nonsense projects (and I saw the Band of Joy at the Beacon, and was disappointed, esp. when he started singing Zep material) does he really think he is the most pivotal and talented member of that group!! Page playing No Quarter on Ce
  4. And I thought it was just me! hmmm,,,,, long, long sexy fingers
  5. Lorraine

    John Carter

    John Carter commercial just ran during the Super Bowl, complete with the Kashmir remake. Still Zeppelin
  6. Hi there, I was curious myself and found this info on allmusic.com; here is the link: http://allmusic.com/...s-friend-r43683. It appears that the LF album was recorded in November, 1970 (released 1973). So Zeppelin III appears to house the original Immigrant Song. "Flee from me Keepers of the Gloom......"
  7. Finally, RP seems to be comfortable with his amazing talent, at any age.
  8. He will not cross the street by himself....
  9. Of course, LZ should perform at the opening ceremony, no questions asked. No one is above professionalism, or giving back to their fans, especially muti-generational fans! And on their home turf, with all the knighting honors, etc., more of a disgrace! Eons ago, they might have been able to get away with this tempermental nonsense, but the fact that they are older makes them look even worse (stubborn and stupid). Be gentlemen and perform one song for the billions of people watching this event for posterity. McCartney is making them look like the aging rock stars they seem to want to be
  10. Did anyone hear the snippet of The One that Got Away on jp.com? I just logged in, and the homepage is dated July 15th (tomorrow's date). Was it there sometime during the day and I might have missed it? whoever knows, thanks
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