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    Led Zeppelin. Well, mainly Jimmy Page.

    I am probably one of millions out there who play guitar. Whether it be electric, acoustic, whatever. I am so proud to join the force.

    I am a Capricorn. Just like Jimmy Page & John Paul Jones. Great minds think alike.

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  1. Been MIA for awhile. Hope everyone is doing well. Just thought I would say hello
  2. Thank you Strider! No, I did not have to work. I chanced it & got my birthday off. Talk about lucky! Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.
  3. Thank you guys! I had a really great day.
  4. I went to the races today & finally got to meet a guy I've been talking too!!! He's super sweet & we plan to get together more in the future. I'm a happy girl. And yes, he does race.
  5. 2 days ago, I updated my iPhone to iOS 7. I plug my iPhone into my computer today & updated it to iOS 7.2. TOOK 4 HOURS ALTOGETHER!!!! ERRGGHHHHH!!!!
  6. LOL CHEEKBONES!!!! Yes, I do have those! But I also have full lips.Don't know many natives who have those....might be the reason people can't correctly guess my ethnicity...
  7. Half Native American (Cherokee) & half white. Even my Filipino friend thought I was Hispanic! But I let her know what I was!
  8. Sometimes people can't figure out what ethnicity I am. I've been getting that a lot here lately..
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