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  1. Been MIA for awhile. Hope everyone is doing well. Just thought I would say hello
  2. Thank you Strider! No, I did not have to work. I chanced it & got my birthday off. Talk about lucky! Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.
  3. Thank you guys! I had a really great day.
  4. I went to the races today & finally got to meet a guy I've been talking too!!! He's super sweet & we plan to get together more in the future. I'm a happy girl. And yes, he does race.
  5. 2 days ago, I updated my iPhone to iOS 7. I plug my iPhone into my computer today & updated it to iOS 7.2. TOOK 4 HOURS ALTOGETHER!!!! ERRGGHHHHH!!!!
  6. LOL CHEEKBONES!!!! Yes, I do have those! But I also have full lips.Don't know many natives who have those....might be the reason people can't correctly guess my ethnicity...
  7. Half Native American (Cherokee) & half white. Even my Filipino friend thought I was Hispanic! But I let her know what I was!
  8. Sometimes people can't figure out what ethnicity I am. I've been getting that a lot here lately..
  9. I love how we can combine fashion & good music all in one thread/topic.
  10. Couldn't help but laugh. Speaking of Chanel, I could totally see Karl Lagerfeld jammin' to 'WLL'!
  11. I love Dior. I use their products on a daily basis. And for Zep to be involved in a Dior ad...is a win win for me.
  12. Thank you. That's very sweet. I'm also sorry for what you are going through as well. WE deserve better..
  13. Funny how you put so much time & emotions in a person you thought you loved, just so they can throw it away! Now I know why I've been single so long..
  14. Updated - UPDATED picture of me. I have a problem with taking too many pics
  15. Don't laugh but, I'm watching 'The Golden Girls'.
  16. Wow, I thought that was John Fogerty! Great picture! I like it!
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