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  1. +2 Totally agree, but give nothing to the Bruins...lol
  2. Dallas might be a hub city. I can't get really excited about the start until they have a date. If they do get the post season in, I wonder how this year's cup winner will be thought of years from now.
  3. zepscoda


    Cheers 🍻 Currently enjoying a local stout while dig'n the sunset. Get The Let Out will roll around at 9 o'clock on the 92.5 fm through my 2" clock radio speaker in my garage. 🤘 ✌
  4. I really liked Touch of Evil. I was thinking the same thing about Janet Leigh...lol. it's pretty amazing when you think of the directors she has worked with.. Wells , Hitchcock and John Carpenter during her role in The Fog.
  5. A few movies I watched for the first time this week.
  6. Nice.... I watched a little of it, but was in the middle of a few things at home, so couldn't pay as much attention as I would have liked. He sounded very subdued. Thanks for the heads up Sean!
  7. I just recorded this last week. Watched the first 15 min , then the kids came in. I'll probably finish up tonight. I can't believe I haven't seen this in its entirety. I could tell right off the top it's a classic John Carpenter score!
  8. Mooooovies? Huh

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