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  1. Fear Inoculum is a masterpiece. Ever since the Tulsa show I've been listening to this album every day, sometimes up to 3 times a day. Epic compositions to behold, a stoners delight for sure!
  2. Just scored tix to Black Pumas Jan 9th at Canton Hall . Gotta wear my Zoso shirt on that night 🎂 Also scored tix to Blockhead at the Deep Ellum Art Company in early March.
  3. . Tool does the no phone policy also, they dont go as far as the locked bags like Jack White does. They have enough staff to kick people out for filming. Maynard does allow the crowd to use their phones for the very last tune , Stinkfist. In general, it's so liberating to be doing something, anything, without that damn phone. ...and the crowd really gets into the show without the distractions of social media. Better to get your dopamine fix from the music not that the phone.
  4. No 😡....I blew my November concert budget , that week I caught Tool up at Tulsa that was a hit to the wallet ...than last week I hit the Black Keys show. Between the 2 shows I couldn't spend more money a 3rd or the wife would be on my ass. I will see Uncle Acid next time there're in town no doubt....lol...🤔, think I've said that before However I am catching Graveyard and Oteph in February. 🤘
  5. Dude what did you think? I caught the show here in Dallas at the South Side Ballroom. So fucking awesome!! I love the no cell phone policy
  6. zepscoda

    2019 NFL Thread

    I like our QB, but he needs protection and it's way to early to give him a nickname...Danny Dimes...WTF...I knew this season was doomed once that name was dropped in his lap...we have no pass protection , a good high school team could probably throw all day on the Giants D. ...need to work on both lines in this upcoming draft. ...these are dark days for Big Blue. I certainly didn't waste money this year going to opening day when they were in town.
  7. zepscoda

    2019 NFL Thread

    My Giants suck. It's not easy to get out coached by Jason Garrett, but sure enough big blue had some of the worst play calling I've ever seen.
  8. Thought I'd answer your question from the Halloween Candy thread here....yes Stars & NYR fan. ..Rangers are young and for some reason have played like 6 less games than most of the teams in their division, but those points will be there later in the season when we need them. ...Stars got off to a crappy start, but have won 7 out of their last 8 to get back to .500. This is the first year since 1999 that I canceled NHL Center Ice. My goal is to cut Direct TV out of my expenses and just stream. At some point before the allstar break, I'll pay for the NHL.TV app and watch my Blue Shirts that way. How are the Sabers doing so far?
  9. Light House is on the top of my list to see. A24 has some fantastic films! BTW, I LOVED Joker ! Just deliver that Oscar to Joaquin Phoenix now IMHO
  10. Hey man thanks for touching base last week.... that F3 just missed my office by 2 blocks. We got lucky...it was like a war zone the next morning, and several days after. Horrible damage to alot of homes. Mother nature has no class bias. That thing took out low rent neighborhoods and billionaire mansions alike. Took out the entire home depot that is right down the street from the office. ...I took this vid , the damage is indicative of at least two-thirds of the tornadoes 16-mile path...
  11. Nah, they didn't have any Guinness or Stouts that I liked there. It was a Tulsa area lager. Took that shot in a bar up there , a few beers before the Tool concert at the BOK. Turned out to be the perfect Halloween pic. I did up the house this year again with spiders....
  12. Hey all...been away for a while, wanted to check in and wish everyone a Happy Halloween ! Cheers🍻
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