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  1. +2 Totally agree, but give nothing to the Bruins...lol
  2. Dallas might be a hub city. I can't get really excited about the start until they have a date. If they do get the post season in, I wonder how this year's cup winner will be thought of years from now.
  3. zepscoda


    Cheers 🍻 Currently enjoying a local stout while dig'n the sunset. Get The Let Out will roll around at 9 o'clock on the 92.5 fm through my 2" clock radio speaker in my garage. 🤘 ✌
  4. I really liked Touch of Evil. I was thinking the same thing about Janet Leigh...lol. it's pretty amazing when you think of the directors she has worked with.. Wells , Hitchcock and John Carpenter during her role in The Fog.
  5. A few movies I watched for the first time this week.
  6. Nice.... I watched a little of it, but was in the middle of a few things at home, so couldn't pay as much attention as I would have liked. He sounded very subdued. Thanks for the heads up Sean!
  7. I just recorded this last week. Watched the first 15 min , then the kids came in. I'll probably finish up tonight. I can't believe I haven't seen this in its entirety. I could tell right off the top it's a classic John Carpenter score!
  8. Mooooovies? Huh

  9. Nice, love the colors!
  10. My 4th time watching Midsommar last night. I'm pretty sure it bummed Hereditary as my fav A24 film. It certainly has cemented itself in my top 10 films to watch high as fuck...lol
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