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  1. I'm very much looking forward to this. Very skeptical if they'll be any footage we haven't seen before, but hope I'm surprised! If profitable , this could open the door to several other docs. 70-75 in their own words would be fascinating and visually stunning on the large screen, even if they only used restored footage we've seen on boots forever. 79-80 , as stated in prior comments would be a long shot to be done in their own words. I would think that would have to be spun into another direction. ..and getting them to sign off on using footage of that time period may be a long process. Either way, this is beyond cool ! @gibsonfan159 I like that thought of live audio or maybe even a series of live shows being released from that time period to coincide with the film's release. ... but we are in "Led Zeppelin time" here, so we may not see this for another 5 years....lol
  2. iconic UFO researcher Stanton T. Friedman has passed away at the age of 84 👽 https://www.coasttocoastam.com/article/rip-stanton-friedman/
  3. Bundle of nerves tonight...game 7 baby!!! Congrats on Boston advancing Hummingbird! I jinxed them by going to game 6...here's some pics...
  4. I got my tix this afternoon!
  5. Just announced this morning, tix went on sale at noon today. Co headline tour!!!!!
  6. Yes, Rangers first, then Stars. Yeah, despite the final outcome in game 3.. it was a hell of a game! Stars off to a good start tonight. Islanders might get swept in their series. Going back to Brooklyn was just a horrible move, I don't know why they have to go back there? They should have kept all the postseason games on the island!
  7. Classic game last night, wish I could have gone!
  8. Game 3 starting up... let's go Stars!
  9. Black Label Society tonight ! Canton Hall.... Deep Ellum Texas!
  10. Great game today! Hockey rules! Game 3 Monday night.
  11. Should be a interesting series. I'll be pulling for the Blue Jackets, to many ex Rangers for me not to. ...as cool as it is to see hockey relevant again on the island, now that the Pens are out of the way, someone needs to take the Islanders out of it. I'm pulling for the caps tonight. That was a cheap shot on Oshie in game 5
  12. I have never seen anything like that before! Caps just went up by 2 in the first.
  13. Great game last night, Stars are on to St Louis.
  14. Stars and Caps can take care of business tonight!
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