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  1. Second. Not off topic: But John Paul Jones also jammed with some band in 1974 (the name escapes me). Not to mention the countless jams Jimmy did with Roy Harper.
  2. Good, can't wait til my school's talent show. :)

  3. Seeing Jason Bonham and the Doors within a 30 day period. My Led Zeppelin book came in the mail. Got paid.
  4. Any updates? It's mid October.

  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes:-) How's the music coming along?

  6. That must have set you back a pretty penny.
  7. *grammar I was implying as talking to Jimmy. So re-read that please.
  8. I didn't say they were best friends ever. But I'd imagine the drummer in your most famous band would be one of your best friends. I would imagine he would at least do it in the honor of him.
  9. To be reminded of? If he did it for Les Paul he should do it for one of his best friends ever. The reason where he is today. So give some respect and shut the hell up.
  10. Hey man. Just checkin' in on the tape update. No rush, I do understand you have family matters and I understand that, just wanna know around when it should be ready. Thanks in advance

  11. Really like this one. What lens is that?
  12. the tape update - I did not have time to make the copy due to family matters. I will be back to my house later this month. At that time, all is lined up to make the copy. Be patient. Do not read anything into what happened other than life took over.

  13. Thanks alot, captian obvious.



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