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  1. Happy Birthday Jimmy, have an excellent birthday!
  2. Happy birthday! :)

  3. Happy birthday John! May you R.I.P.
  4. Well, I've been studying this concert for a while now and know that it was pretty well documented. This particular source one was shot by road manager Clive Coulson, who shot film clips on both precedent and subsequent occasions for the bands personal archive. There is photo/video evidence of three other roadies/friends and Peter Grant filming on 8mm equipment, I believe the rest all shot this for their own personal archive.
  5. This is off topic but related to Zep according to the guidelines: Does anyone know of these two roadies/friends names? Center (filming Robert):
  6. Two more roadies, I'm trying to identify names? Center (filming Robert):
  7. So I guess it was Clive Coulson after all who shot film on subsequent occasions for the band's archive.
  8. I'm trying to identify this roadie's name, I think it may be Clive Coulson but would like confirmation? center: center: left:
  9. Woops now I see how this worked, it was a pilot for an arts discussion program directed by Tony Palmer and the show was hosted by Michael Wale, as a last minute replacement for the Flying Burrito Brother.
  10. Well, I now know a bit more about this date. So the show being hosted by Michael Wale, as a last minute replacement for the Flying Burrito Brothers is false. Anyway, I've seen one of Tony's films from this time period before 'All My Loving' (which is a good representation of what the music industry was like at the time). Too bad the episode of Led Zeppelin no longer exists, according to this site Communication Breakdown aired the same day they performed, which is unusual: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2087217/ The show probably wasn't successful as a result of this, after all it was a pilot p
  11. The front looks like a lens and a camera (connected to a wire) and the back looks like perhaps a vent?
  12. The lens is too small and there isn't a wheel-like feature.
  13. Ledzepfilm, a lens can clearly be seen; you have no evidence whatsoever to support this.
  14. I noticed in this photo from June 29, 1969 (first show) an object that had features of the same as a camera, I know some shows were filmed at the RAH throughout this time period. I was wondering if anyone here could confirm what this object is (boxed in red)?
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