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  1. Happy holidays to you and your family. Be well, be safe.

  2. A Quick One - the Who http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUu0B63qnAI
  3. Last Train to Clarksville - the Monkees
  4. I resent the remark about the Monkees thread...mostly because I started it. But I love both bands and think both have their place in music. I just love The Who more. When I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday, I (accidently) saw a naked picture of Keith. Don't ask how. It scarred me.
  5. Interesting question. That WAS a cool car! I once saw a drawing of it tricked out with hydraulics...hilarious!
  6. Yeah, it's weird. No channels show the Monkees anymore, and On Demand has suddenly stopped letting me watch the episodes! *sad sigh* So when my mom gets home tonight, she's going to look and see if any place has the box set. I didn't think it was out on DVD actually.
  7. In what? The Princess Gwen clip? Or in general?
  8. There's also a song called "I Hate Jimmy Page." Forget who did it though.
  9. Really? How were they, ninelives? I've heard Monkees shows are a lot of fun! And I watched the Princess Gwen clip-HILARIOUS. Mike's a better woman than I thought he'd be!
  10. I voted for "NQ" as well. No other Zep song I've heard has such drama or darkness.
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