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  1. Presence hand built that site and took every precaution while updating it the very few times he did. I remember the last time he updated the forum, he was super nervous about it. ..I don't have high hopes.
  2. Not a mastering or production error, at least not one related to the recent reissues. The source tapes sound like they have deteriorated over the years. It may have been a mastering decision to mix them more mono to eliminate excessive dropouts or single channel damage, but that's just my thought. Half of Led Zeppelin II's companion tracks are nearly mono: Whole Lotta Love Thank You Living Loving Maid La La (parts of it)
  3. The Song Remains the Same. A close second would be No Quarter, followed by Jennings Farm Blues. The instrumental TSRTS is just incredible, possibly my favorite of all the companion tracks so far.
  4. You're saying that a live cd or dvd combo culled from the multiple nights at Earls Court, Led Zeppelin at the pinnacle of their popularity, firing on most ( ) cylinders wouldn't sell? Sure, How the West Was Won didn't move a ton of copies, it was also marketed horribly and released at the same time as DVD (which confused people because it was also released as a DVD-A). It's sales in no way represent the current state of Led Zeppelin marketability. The current remasters sales might be a better indicator, but there's not a lot of reporting on sales numbers.
  5. They operate out of Nashville. This has surely been beaten to death, as it is the only real clue we have regarding Pontiac video.
  6. Yeah, kinda took all the fun of anticipation out of that one
  7. I've noticed the rim on some of the vinyl is a bit steep and if I set the needle too close to it, it'll run down and skip into the song. Some of the discs also have a slight bit of a warp to them, but not so bad that it effects playing. I haven't bought an 8-track in a year or two, actually. My player died and I haven't picked up a new one yet. I'm now collecting Zep fanzines...those are accumulating quite quickly
  8. I've only received IV so far (will have Houses tomorrow) and I've got 29,753
  9. It is entirely ripped from the official LZ youtube page.
  10. I might. Dont think I've ever played a SNES.
  11. I only ever had the Sega growing up, until I saved enough for the PS1. Bought a NES a year ago, bought all the Mario and Zelda games too. Fun....but the nostalgia just isn't there
  12. Someone gave me a box full of Pogs, must have been towards the end of their popularity as I never knew anyone that had any
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