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  1. Presence hand built that site and took every precaution while updating it the very few times he did. I remember the last time he updated the forum, he was super nervous about it. ..I don't have high hopes.
  2. Not a mastering or production error, at least not one related to the recent reissues. The source tapes sound like they have deteriorated over the years. It may have been a mastering decision to mix them more mono to eliminate excessive dropouts or single channel damage, but that's just my thought. Half of Led Zeppelin II's companion tracks are nearly mono: Whole Lotta Love Thank You Living Loving Maid La La (parts of it)
  3. Not definitive, but another option Do the eyes not sparkle, senses growing keen Taste the love along the way, see your feathers preen
  4. The Godfather set is the most complete collection of studio bootlegs. There are no studio outtakes from the Houses sessions. The Smithereens 3 is filled with fake/manipulated tracks from the album, not actual outtakes.
  5. I have the audio archived from the RR Auction video: https://soundcloud.com/glyn-roy/rr-auction Of course this one sounds better as it is from the master tape rather than a Nth gen cassette, but I am confident it's the same. One of the reels is well known as the "Oh My God" tape, the second remains unbooted.
  6. I ended up paying $308 for all three at Importcds. I've ordered all but one of the boxes from them.
  7. I got them from this site: http://ledzeppelin-database.com/geekbaseweb/photopage.aspx?showid=495
  8. There's probably better quality pictures out there, but here's a few...
  9. Yes, In the Evening Counts but it isn't "official" yet. We'll also apparently get "If It Keeps On Raining"
  10. Here's the whole Tempe, it's a hour and a half I dont have the 75 NC show, I'm going to look for it now.
  11. ^It's the same with Kashmir. Once you get lost in that it's incredibly difficult to get back. It didn't help that JPJ couldn't remember the song...
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