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  1. You're the crybaby; it was a JOKE; anyone remember laughter?; I feel sorry for malicious people like you
  2. I heard he's rehearsing with Spirit for their reunion tour; he's got some Randy California licks down well.
  3. After 45 years of being a major fan, I finally said "Goodbye" 2 years ago; gave up the old hope and also haven't bought anything Page-related since; but think my decision was a good one. While I am grateful for the majority of the time I was a Page "fan", I wish I stopped paying attention around 1998, since really 'Nothing of note' has happened since. Good luck to everyone who still holds some kind of candle for something new and of SUBSTANCE from JPP!
  4. But really, would anyone REALLY have wanted to see another tired "all-star jam" version of "Train" for the millionth time...with all the comments of Beck blowing a rusty Page off the stage...its over and has been for Jimmy since 1998.
  5. Actually, I'm sure Dave Lewis is a really great guy; (we are about same age); I was just trying to be funny. But after being a "fan" of Jimmy's for 37 years, I've finally lost a lot of interest in the past few years, because he's become so predictable (which he never was for so many great years...) Rather follow Steve Howe now, or Jeff Beck...cheers
  6. The Interview: Question One: JH: "Jimmy , tell me about the BBC Sessions" JP: blah, blah (fidgits) blah, blah , blah (looks evasive), blah, blah ; "same picture, new frame", blah , blah . Question Two: JH: "Will you be releasing/playing new music?" JP: blah, blah (looks evasive) ; "will be a real surprise to people"; blah, blah , ; "by the end of next year" , blah (touches nose). Interview Over. Yawn. TBL reaction: "Jimmy's THE BEST; Fashion note: "jimmy was dressed all in BLACK; how cool is that?"; "Jimmy once again proved why he is THE BEST; wait till everyone hears the new band/album, it will well be worth the wait" blah, blah
  7. 9/29/71 is not only my favorite of this song, but in my "Top Five" Page live solos of all time.
  8. (yawn); please not again. The old "add" another "new" track to a re-issued set, and sell it again trick. Sorry Jimmy, but you're not getting any more of my business until u put out something of value (after 46 years of buying just about everything. Put out some of the Page/Plant video from 1998 and I'll be in; or Earls' Court '75. Or a new album. Otherwise.....
  9. WOW, this Denny Somach writes a book about ZEP and makes $ from it; then turns around and testifies against ZEP! Wow-such class and ethics. I actually paid my own dough and bought his book when it came out a few years ago; I think I'm gonna throw it out, if I don't throw -up 1st. WTF
  10. They should have done everything they could to settle this as quietly as possible out of court. Nope. And Now begins all the far worse collateral damage: Already huge and growing Main street media coverage of Zep's history of "stealing songs" , backed with out of context quotes/ misguided examples/ experts opinions / etc./ etc. All the Zep haters and envy having a field day. And damage to their reputation and legacy (that Page has tried to preserve and protect for the last 35 years)is at issue: it's now spiraling out of control ...
  11. Page claimed in the interview, as I stated above, that" Spirit was one of the best bands" he ever saw "in the States". This interview was done shortly after TSRTS, because a lot of the questions during the broadcast interview pertained to the movie. However, the point is that a full 7+ years after playing shows with Spirit/ and or seeing Spirit live (i.e. 1969)-he still said this years later. Over the years, Page must have seen dozens of bands in the States from the 60's right thru to the time of this interview. And he still chose to point out Spirit as a favorite. So , yes he clearly remembered Spirit. No one would state a band as one of the best if they didn't remember them, yes? ( I won't even go into the fact that Zep put part of Spirit's "Fresh Garbage" tune into their live cover of "As long as I have you" medley, as documented via bootleg in the famous San Francisco 04/27/69 concert.)
  12. I've discounted a Lot of Page's "borrowing" over the years; but now : to say in court that he "never heard Taurus"; didn't own any Spirit records; nor ever hear Spirit play live-is just a lie. I have a cassette interview of Page that was recorded off the radio in 1976 or 77, and he clearly states that Spirit and Kaleidoscope were 2 of the "best bands" he ever saw in the States. Now he denies all this. He lost me this time.
  13. Heartbreaker at 1988 reunion: I've said this before, but talk about poor judgement. The whole world is watching the '88 reunion, so why even attempt to play the solo in HB? it's arguably the most technical of all Page's solos. So why try it in front of millions of people who are judging your performance (which will be captured forever on video). It clearly wasn't practiced; He was probably drunk too. And it was pathetic. Meanwhile, since it was 1st performed in 1969, the entire bar for "rock guitarists" had risen dramatically from 1969-1988. Even the original pieced together studio version is nowadays often cited as an example of Page's sloppiness. So why even attempt to play it live in 1988 , when you have 50+ other less demanding songs to pick from? Even JPJ could have played a better solo in HB that day!
  14. He's re=writing history; Page did not consider Plant a "master musician/ virtuoso" in 1968 when he put Zep together; all accounts from other reliable sources show that Plant's initial tenure was tentative. The Page spin. Masterful at it.
  15. Unfortunately, it was one big "yawn"; it was the 3rd time (!) he has remastered the Zep catalogue; and notice the very telling absence of any Plant or JPJ involvement in the whole dragged out release process. I have been a fan for 45 years, and this was the 1st time I did not "buy into anything". The boring and repetitive interviews were dreadful, with little insight into anything that wasn't said during the 1st reissues. It was always exciting in the past to be a Zep/Page fan, but not this time out. At least Dave Lewis is happy. As for me , I will continue to watch the P&P 1998 bootleg videos, as they are the last great playing of Page (to me). Why they don't release an official version of one of those shows is beyond understanding, as they are playing as a 4 piece, and the best in years. A compilation of the best shows from 1998 would blow people away: and they are just sitting on the tapes which are now 17 years old.
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