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  1. It originated in East London and Essex. But not rhyming slang. Thought to be of Yiddish origin 'shlepper' meaning slovenly or immoral woman. Having lived in both the East End and now Essex, it is not about women being 'slapped around'. I have never heard the term linked to that. I'm guessing the groupie never came forward, either because, well you wouldn't would you? Or it never happened and it is just a story.
  2. Been following this thread for a while, and that is it all that needs to be said. Plenty of people are just plain rude and we notice them more, I think that is what it is about. Some selfish moron boxed my car in the other week. A total stranger spent 10 minutes of their time guiding me out inch by inch, I had to do like a 50 point turn to get the car out, they didn't have to help but they saw I was struggling. That's what it is about, if we choose to be polite, helpful and normal to people, we can get by without the selfish idiots who can live in their own lonely existence.
  3. That is fair comment about the Pistols, I've given a very UK perspective. Some of the proto-goth bands were heavily 'inspired' if not 'influenced' by the Pistols, with individual band members seeing them play live (which few can claim to have done) and also with being around the 'scene' at the time. Having said that somebody else would have taken the torch in the UK without them, so it is a good point to make. I don't think musically many bands were influenced by the pistols, more a case that a lot of people picked up instruments and formed bands that might not of done otherwise here in the UK because they figured if the Pistols could do it, so could they. Some of them even turned out to be OK too! The whole thing in the UK with the Pistols was at the end of the day mostly a media circus that did nothing but increase their popularity.
  4. Strider put it into perspective well, I'm not looking for a specific answer, but the argument put for Kraftwerk certainly propels them up close to the number 2 spot if not straight into it. I thought a lot about Queen and Sabbath over the Pistols, so I think we are getting into a ball park with not only defining 'important' but who the 2 most important bands of the 70's may have been. I swung to the Pistols mainly because I'm a fan of punk, proto-goth and goth. There could have been no post-punk without punk, but LZ were still a strong influence within the goth movement of the 80'/90's. So certainly subjective rather than objective as I chose bands that were important to the music I followed most closely in the decades that followed the 70's.
  5. I heard it had to be Jimmy Page as he was the only one in London with a fuzz box at the time and wasn't about to lend it to Keith Richards. Perhaps not true, but I found it a funny anecdote.
  6. Or even us in the future, which is one theory to explain why they look kind of similar to us.
  7. I guess I struggle with the whole concept of travelling such vast distances - but then I had a formal education in 'rational' thought. Always been at odds with the 'other' stuff in my life! It was not all that long ago though that the scientists and engineers pronounced that power flight was an impossible dream. They got that totally wrong. It could be that it is from earlier interactions. The more I looked into, the more I realised all this stuff goes way back to the beginning of human existence. It crops up over and over in different guises in apparently isolated civilisations throughout time.
  8. Nice post Strider, you have put the concept I had originally for the thread into words in a way I never could have.
  9. I agree, I don't believe in aliens visiting this planet from the abduction descriptions. I mean why would aliens even look remotely like people? Our whole body plan comes from us evolving from fish. What is to say an alien should have done so too? I do believe though people have the experiences, many descriptions seem to have common factors. One thing that has been part of it all for me is people I meet through the most mundane and ordinary social interactions seem to open up to me and discuss some very strange things. Some of it seems like it must be fantasy, much of it I struggle to believe or relate to. Some of it frankly scares me. But then I think back to my childhood experiences and think the stuff they say is not any more unbelievable, so perhaps the people that talk to me are totally sincere. I think myself the aliens belong in a different realm of reality-rather than distant planets.
  10. Toxic would certainly describe one of my sisters. Evil would be another way to put it. We all went our own ways really when my Mum died. My own family (Husband and son) have encouraged me to make contact again, which I have in the past but it always ended up in disaster and bad feeling. Over the years I've felt more that I was the one in control, like subconsciously I chose when these things happened. I've never worried about it too much. I came to the conclusion with growing older and reading that reality as we perceive it is a very thin veil indeed. I related the experiences to the Theosphists/Wiccan Summerland and feel quite comfortable with that! My mind is open to the fact that it may not be the only one we can experience. So when I hear about alien abductions I can easily believe that people do have such experiences as they are in many ways similar to mine. I do not remember Dad going into the same sort of conversation with my siblings or discussing such things so much with them, though I guess they were all a bit 'out there'. But they were older than me (nearest 5 years older) so I may not have been aware of what they talked to Dad about. He was very obsessed with UFOs, mysticism and astronomy. It was quite at odds really because though he was a very intelligent man, he always stayed in the lowest rank of PC his whole life. His mind was certainly far away at times, but some of the conversations did involve odd stories of his experiences during his time as a police officer. Such as things that would mysteriously disappear and reappear, UFO events, many things that just sound unbelievable, but he would talk about them in a very rational and convincing way. I do know he was a member of a secret society. I remember him going to meetings and him have cases that he took that we were told never to touch. He never uttered a word about that side of his life to me, though my Grandfather was a Free Mason. I found this out through old documents in the attic. On the disappearing and reappearing notion, I have lost several items that were important to me. Having moved house, almost forgotten about them, years later they turned up again out of the blue. Again not something that most people would believe could happen. I certainly can't explain it, found it hard to believe myself, but I do know that it did happen and I've never had any form of mental health issue other the teenage depression. This became something I could control to a degree, where if I lost something I could just decide where it would be and it would be there. Though I haven't done that for a long time. I would have to say Mum was kind of angry and bitter about a lot of things. Again strange goings on and she would often talk cryptically about the 'family secret'. Much of this had to do with my Grandfather on my Dad's side (or so I thought), a man I never met as he had died before I was born. There seems to me an even bigger can of worms there than in my own life. My brother has been obsessed with trying to find out more information about my Grandfather all his life, or certainly was still obsessed with it last time I spoke to him over a decade ago. All odd stuff, I guess reading it nobody would think I'm really the most down to earth and practical person. (most of the time!)
  11. I do not believe so much in the Sex Pistols being manufactured. There was the reality, then came the Malcolm McLaren story of the 'chaos' he created. Truth be told he had minimal input and the Pistols wrote much of their own material. McLaren did not have the first clue how to manage the band. I think he was quite shocked that they got better over time and had enough material for an album.
  12. I took my sg to my tech the other week. I so wanted 8s on it because I'm getting on with them so well on my ps-2. He strongly recommended 9s though, he was quite sure it simply won't work out with 8s on the sg. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
  13. My trouble is when they go back in the Autumn. It messes up my body clock and end up by January having totally reversed sleep, up all night, sleep all day. This is has been the first year in several decades I managed to keep it under reasonable control, Though I'm finding it hard to get to sleep before 3.00 AM most nights. Thank god for smart phones, ear plugs and Led Zeppelin, I just plug in and lay there for several hours. When the clocks go forward again, it is like a miracle and I will go back into normal sleep pattern within a week.
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