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  1. I heard it had to be Jimmy Page as he was the only one in London with a fuzz box at the time and wasn't about to lend it to Keith Richards. Perhaps not true, but I found it a funny anecdote.
  2. I took my sg to my tech the other week. I so wanted 8s on it because I'm getting on with them so well on my ps-2. He strongly recommended 9s though, he was quite sure it simply won't work out with 8s on the sg. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
  3. It is interesting, I think the Anderson's always touched on a lot of these issues and were very open minded. Dark leading characters like Captain Scarlet, interracial relationships were featured in Thunderbirds, they would explore many things. It was only when it was transferred to live actors it ruffled a few feathers. Watch out for the episode where Ed Straker clearly wipes away a white powder from his desk at Shado HQ for example! There is a ton of hidden and not so hidden stuff to be found. I can't think of another TV show in the UK at the time where the main character was not really all that easy to like (though I personally loved Ed Bishop and the way he played the Ed Straker character), he was purposely awkward and at odds with himself. The episode 'A Question of Priorities' where Straker's son dies stayed with me for a lifetime. It might seem tame now, but it was a very hard hitting show for early 1970's kids TV.
  4. Glad you know the series, I don't find many people who remember it other than Gerry Anderson fans. Controversial because of the 'adult content' you can look up the history of how it became a scheduling hot potato. The TV stations thought it would be like another Gerry Anderson puppet series and therefore scheduled it as a kids show. However it touched on many adult issues of the day, mixed raced relationships, etc and ended up shifted to a late night weekday slot. I've taken the time to find a typical write up - I actually clearly remember it disappearing from the kids slot and wondering what the hell had happened with my favourite TV show! Scheduling UFO The show dealt –admittedly often quite clumsily- with racial and gender issues, as well as drug abuse and the emotional effects of death and loss. This made scheduling it a nightmare for the networks, since in many ways it retained a lot of appeal for the same children who had enjoyed Thunderbirds and other Anderson puppet series: superb special effects and model-work from British effects maestro Derek Meddings; very cool alien and future-tech hardware; fights in space, on earth and in the earth’s atmosphere; and tense and well-written dramatic situations. In the mid-1970s in the UK, UFO was shown at 11.00pm weeknights; in the nineties, Bravo showed it at 6pm, as did the BBC (who had leased the show from Carlton) a few years later, though the Beeb also showed it on Saturday mornings! The episode The Long Sleep - which dealt with a hippie girl who cannot tell if the alien abduction of her boyfriend was real or an LSD hallucination - has always been excluded from pre-watershed showings, whereas other episodes have either been edited for violence or scheduled diversely for their own problematic content. http://www.denofgeek.com/tv/19363/underappreciated-tv-ufo
  5. I binge watch every episode of Gerry Anderson's UFO every year. Brilliant and controversial series from my childhood. I spent years wanting to watch it again, now I have the DVD box sets.
  6. Could be plenty from the provided list, but right now for me it is the end of Hots on for Nowhere. It's like 'get some of this riff, rude eh?", Now get some more of it, finished. It's just a brilliant way to end a song.
  7. I'm not a fan of Jeff Beck - seen and heard plenty of him. I actually truly don't get what all the fuss is about, his playing is all so sort of tight like a spring squashed into a box but never allowed to get out, Jimmy is a much more physical player who was always happy to take a risk and that hits the button for me. If the spring got out of the box and smacked you in the face, oh well, all part of the fun.
  8. Well to me as the 'best' guitarist is obviously highly subjective - it was any easy yes vote. I can get bored of just about anything musically and mostly have done, but Jimmy Page, na never, by far the best because the music easily stands the test of time, still sounds fresh and still gets inside me like nothing before or after. No brainer really, all four of them were the best at what they were doing at the time and the fact it all came together in Led Zep, we can only thank the gods for.
  9. I like the ideas about Deckard being a replicant - now I'm with the argument that he was not a replicant but human based on knowing the entire film, but there were some times in the first run through of the film where I wondered if him turning out to be a replicant was going to be a twist in the plot.
  10. I see Scott wants to get away from the xenomorph in Prometheus 2 - I do hate it when marvelously talented people grow to hate their own superb creations and upset their loyal following in the process. (I wonder why Robert Plant came to mind whilst I was typing the line above!?!)
  11. Perhaps it will be better without Ridley Scott - dont' get me wrong, the original movie is iconic and very much at the top of my all time favorite list, but Scott messed up the prequel to Alien to such a huge degree by ignoring the plot of the original film and nature of the alien creature, that I would not trust him now to do the sequel to Blade Runner with any sympathy to the original film.
  12. Sitting here listening to Tangerine on a loop, the key and use of acoustic guitar are resemblances I'm picking up. You start off with the strummed A minor - G - D chords in Tangerine, the same chords all feature in the intro and later strummed parts of Stairway. I don't think in terms of what is played there is much similarity. Stairway has minor and major sevenths etc and starts off with a finger picked arpeggio with the well known chromatic descending bassline, I don't hear anything like that in Tangerine. Mood wise I can see the resemblance, songs in the same key are often like that, there are only so many chords that work together in a given key and some orders of those chords (progressions) sound better than others, so the variations available are not huge really.
  13. I thought the location which looks like woodland favored a daisy cutter deployment as a likely explanation, It looks very similar to footage I have seen of them in use. But then the observers ought to have seen the aircraft that deployed it?
  14. Whatever the outcome l'll remember this article for spelling out the facts.
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