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  1. Unless something has changed, it can be difficult to listen to music from the 20's to the 40's. Main reason being you have one track mostly and burning the vinyl there would be subtle but very irritating changes in pitch overall and also between instruments. Think Charlie Parker with Strings....great playing, but the voices, horns, and strings are not in tune. Some of this stuff can be fixed a bit with Pro Tools and other music production software. When you hit the mid 40's and early 50's, there is a marked rise in listenability. I am not an expert but listen to Little Rascals' Music.... But I agree, there are amazing jazz players/bands starting back in the 20's who were recorded.
  2. Of course many music fans in general may think that if you look enough, you'll find great music in any time period. Partially true, but for Rock'n'Roll, the 60's and 70's are the bomb. Many bands had record company heads and higher ups who actually worshipped the bands themselves. And, for people who weren't around then, the stadiums and coliseums literally were "The Houses of The Holy", just like Robert Plant said. Punks and New-Wavers may complain about the huge venues, but IMO The Who, Zep, Yes, Queen and others fit perfectly into these huge showcases. Rock'n'Roll was a religion back then, not really having competitors like the internet or video games now. Also many of the greats of the 60's and 70's released 3 or 4 great albums in a row, almost unheard of now. Well you could say the "Golden period" of Rap was from the late 80's to the early 2000's roughly. And that genre just like Rock has passed the "torch" elsewhere, although now there are so many clone bands and I'm not sure what's prime now, Auto-Tune ? Electronics taking over real instruments ?
  3. What Mock said, 60's and 70's very favorable to visionary artists, absolutely. I mean Yes used to release ( along with KC, bravo !!) some of the most adventurous and far-fetched music of any time, and Yes and Zep had champions in their corner at Atlantic. Anyway, it was known even 10-15 yrs ago that Robert and JPJ had little interest in trying to keep the Zep bandwagon rolling. I feel sorry for those who first waited in 2018, and now even in 2019. I love Jimmy but in my view he has blown some turds in the last 10-11 yrs and he has cheapened the Zep "Gold Standard". All this compared with the Crimson rollout, fantastic for their fans, I couldn't imagine this feeble release output going back even to the 07' gig, I'm sure many fans thought some great stuff would be coming. Page and Plant going separately to Abbey Rd. for some probably disappointing traveling "whatever", pretty much sums up the entire situation concerning future releases.
  4. Mithril46

    Original Celebration Day on TSRTS Cassette

    Yeah, the best way to put the original cassette version of the live CD solo is a lot of "call and response ", but hardly the typical Bues way. The thing is, even if Jimmy was just playing average with Zep, he knew so many techniques and different approaches to guitar playing that his playing was interesting no matter what. Although 77'-80' live Jimmy's declining playing skills were not conducive to certain things he may have played earlier.
  5. Mithril46

    Original Celebration Day on TSRTS Cassette

    The original version is amazing as It has some minor A scales inserted here and there, and because of other factors the solo doesn't sound like any other usual "classic rock" blowout in the key of A major..Despite all the possible cutting and pasting, there are many live shows from 73' that have Jimmy playing amazing solos on CD. I like many others wonder, what the f..k happend here ? And NQ as well. There are many fans out there who consider the originally released NQ as having possibly Jimmy's best solo ever. And the 2nd solo to CD as one of Jimmy's most ass-kicking solos ever.
  6. Actually Jimmy will be releasing something new-a 1 1/2 hr tour on DVD of the Tower House. Page has unfortunately lost some credibility, but the other members of Zep I really doubt care about any anniversary or even the last ten years of this mostly substandard slew of underwhelming releases.
  7. Mithril46

    Guitar TAB books

    Pretty cool, some mistakes but lots of "inside" info. I hold the view that figuring out his solos and rhythm parts is the best route to get his style. Gearwise, just get a electric with humbuckers and a decent fret work, you will lose your mind if you're constantly getting to fight the guitar because of bad fretwork. And don't be fooled by Jimmy's studio style as opposed to liv. Live Jimmy is a lot more complex and even if sometimes he is following some scale, he's juggling the notes up in unusual ways.
  8. Mithril46

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    That solo was surely meant to be much a sound poem, not a "regular classic rock" guitar solo. The rehearsal version(s) gel a bit more.to the point. Above all, Jimmy is a sound sculptor, he is not to be roped in with other very competent but boxed in players in the 70's. I myself when I heard that "weird" solo, it sounded like Page suddenly fell of a 10,000 foot cliff. Which I'm sure he intended.
  9. Mithril46

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    Actually the Tyler situation was in the Zep biography books by Barney Hoskins and Mick Wall. Don't think any of them hold a candle to previous Zep writers for falsehoods, the Tyler story is likely true. Remember, Aerosmith was cracking at the seams by then, forget even now.
  10. Mithril46

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    Well O2 was very good, but the video-audio boot I got way before the Celebration Day release, they are different things. Plants voice got auto-tune in spots on Celebration Day, and the video and sonic engineering done to enhance the show isn't really what was experienced if you were at the show.. But then for quite a time many thought Practically every amazing Page solo on the TSRTS soundtrack was off the cuff, live without a net. Well, THE GARDEN TAPES will re-educate you. And considering Post O2, Robert had very good reasons not to launch a Zep tour. But at the same time, I have felt except for a guitarist or two(Steve A. mentioned Buddy Miller, maybe Justin Adams as well) 75% of the time since FON Robert has employed guitarists way below his talent level. Well, Rod Stewar did the same, as did many other vocalists once untethered of their prime band. And post O2, is it really true that Steven Tyler asked Page if he could bring in his" house" hitmaking team since Tyler heard no hooks in Page's material ? Page probably felt as if the carpet was pulledfrom under his feet, but I wouldn't be surprised if just a little later Page was rolling around laughing his head off at this hysterical and preposterous motion by Tyler. Jimmy is human too,a misstep here or there, but he is a artist with a capital A.
  11. Mithril46

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    Well, absolutely , a one off. He never said anything about a tour. Of course he can do what he wants, and he does. Pretty much since FON Robert in most cases insists upon working with guitarists who are rather mediocre Yes men. And Jimmy insists upon insisting that a solo career will be forthcoming. I just pointed out that the rehearsals for the 07' show themselves struck a match. But, I must admit, Robert got very unfairly hammered because of the whole de-tuning thing, and lost in this insult was that Robert still blows away the vast majority of rock vocalists. Robert had to change his style/approach even during Zeppelin after the surgery, and I even can appreciate that "period" of downtime. I mean, after 07' some famous musicians chimed in rather brutally about Robert. Also open for discussion, had Jimmy played the show like the 88' Atlantic Records debacle, he would have been savaged and NOT have been into a tour just for the money. But that's of course why he really stepped up to the plate and did almost whatever necessary to ensure at least a decent outcome.
  12. Mithril46

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    Huge thing missing.... IMO the rehearsal(s)were more interesting and creative than the main show. Page actually rattled off some amazing pitch shifted/oddly echoed solos. Someone did say Robert was half speaking the words, but even so that made it more interesting when he got hot and bothered. And, , as mentioned, Jones has lost nothing. Not a ironclad scenario for more shows, but Robert really seemed to have more excuses than good explanations for no more shows. I don't really buy the comparisons with the other older bands because although they may only have half the original members, I have seen shows, they play a lot, are well rehearsed( sometimes better than in their heyday !!), often play songs never played when they were much younger, and don't always use auto-tune, etc. But, Zep's music, it's true, on stage the players need laser focus.
  13. Mithril46

    I just finished reading Hammer Of The Gods...

    Not mentioned much is how , before HOTG, so many secrets or half-true secrets about Jimmy were somehow not suspected or hidden, or what. Even when the ARMS shows were taking place in the US and covered by Rolling Stone, tiny hints were given at some "possible" addiction Page might have, but this is 1983 and Page was at least a "75%" addict since 77', does RS have something to be afraid of ?? So to me an enormous problem with a lot of the books is Jimmy was a legendary recluse at times, causing endless speculation on his activities, and it also seemed like up to HOTG , someone( Grant, Cole, Bindon ?) may have been in charge of threatening anyone revealing damaging info about Jimmy. I was and am a huge Zep fan since I was a kid in 77', and of course everybody thought the band partied, got girls every night, but HOTG was an unexpected tidal wave, the gangsterism and Jimmy's Heroin addiction huge disappointments. But also left out of almost all books is that Jimmy was a lot more athletic and concerned with such matters than many think. He actually told one of his neighbors in 80' or 81' to keep quiet about him running laps around his property, it would "ruin his image".
  14. Mithril46

    Eddie Van Halen slamming Page

    Well this just shows how chaotic the "bootleg world" can be, interesting stuff I and many others had probably not known. Also even Zep had to use audience shot footage in the HTWWW at points. Without boots and all these smoke and mirrors scenarios, you'd lose a lot of fun and adventure, and probably some cash on unscrupulous operators.
  15. Mithril46

    Eddie Van Halen slamming Page

    Page was known to be a bit inconsistent even at excellent/great shows. First Eddie said Jimmy played like he had broken fingers. Although around the same time EVH did mention Zep l and Zep ll were great albums. Later on as I said Eddie did praise Page as a visionary if a bit erratic technically. Also, it's rock solid that no one except Millard ever heard the 6/21/77 show before the "official release" in 83'-84' ? Of course Millard is the man, but you're talking underground and bootleg stuff. I'm sure some bootleg fans don't even realize that in Zep's time the original sources for shows were small tape recorders, ?? small reel to reels ??, a few boards, and taping a vinyl boot !!!( possible EQ tweaks, fake stereo, noise reduction, blah, blah.). So when was "Destroyer"(the 27th, a weak show) officially released ? I saw it in a few record stores and flea markets, 4-disc vinyl set. Strider by the way made some excellent points, some of these shows were circulating not that much later than the shows themselves.