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  1. no , i am dont care then don't respond at all oh Im sorry i didn't know the rules to search the topic, again the only one who was helpful was Stevez98 , everyone else has been a dick!
  2. no , you dont have it straight Plant77 , btw cool name for a LZ forum ,very original,lol, its NOT a an old and tired subject to the person who brought it up, just old and tired to some dicks on this forum like you, thanks to SteveZ98 for the thread link!
  3. I was at the Philadelphia shows and it always bothered me he was'nt there.
  4. thanks , so your saying I should not bring this up as a new topic, do the search and add to the existing thread? is that the rules?
  5. So your contribution is that its "nonsense".Thankyou.
  6. I would just like to know your guy's opinions about why this critcism exists? Is it valid? What is the cause? I have my thoughts on it but would love to hear yours.
  7. What is the nature of Pete Townshend's issues with not only LZ?, hes also talked shit about the Beatles, Police. My personal opinion is he's just fucking with us and the media.If you ever watch the video of him talking about not liking one single thing that they have done , hes almost trying to control not laughing.
  8. What did Jimmy think of EVH style? did he admire him?did he talk about him? I know jimmy loved many guitarists.
  9. I know, channel 28 , why does it go? and all these other channels stay?
  10. There are all these other channels like Phish , Tom Petty, Dead, U2, etc.Zep was briefly channel 28. So why would'nt they have a Zep channel with Zep as the focus and mix in Robert Plant solo , The Firm, Yardbirds, Page solo, Honeydrippers, alot of material that Page played on Petula Clark, Kinks, Who, Stones? Mix in the live and rare stuff...............is that not an awsome channel?.............yet it does not exist.
  11. We have all seen TSRTS as they are whisked to MSG in limos to perform.My question is in general, on tour in that era after they were beyond huge, did they ever get there early to do rehearsal and sound checks?or was that done for them?or they played so much they didn't have to rehearse?
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