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  1. ok i see what you mean, I dont define those as gimmicks.Gimmicks to me are more like The Who's destroying of their instruments, non music based stuff like explosions , lazers and fire.Hendrix lighter fluiding his guitar.Page's use of the bow was expanding his sound on basically one song, the wah pedal was standard in the mid 70,s, Ill give you the theremin.
  2. endless gimmicks and effects?can you please list them
  3. agreed, great classic songs and riffs, I like the Stones, he has a right to an opinion, my opinion is he's a dbag
  4. Keith is a real d-bag.He seems a bit insecure as well.
  5. This is a quote from Rolling Stone, Keith Richards bad mouthing Led Zepplin: I was never a big Zeppelin guy.(from the reporter) "Me neither. I love Jimmy Page, but as a band, no, with John Bonham thundering down the highway in an uncontrolled 18-wheeler. He had cornered the market there. Jimmy is a brilliant player. But I always felt there was something a little hollow about it, you know?" I don't get why they are bad mouthed by some of the top musicians of all time such as Keith Richards and Pete Townshend?To not like LZ musically is one thing(which I cant even comprehend that, most great bands love and praise them), but to take shots by calling them "hollow" sounds like sour grapes.There is also a video of Keith Richards saying "that musically they never really took off for me ".Seriously are these guys for real or is it pure jealously?
  6. you don't see any comparison to LZ? then your not listening
  7. Just kidding of course, but this band is getting many comparisons to LZ, you can hear the obvious influence and they are very good.
  8. I didn't know you had direct access to Robert, yes please tell him.And please tell him his new versions of LZ songs with the Shapeshifters or whoever are awful and an embarrassment to LZ legacy.
  9. First of all, let me explain, I've loved LZ since 1980 when John Bohnam's death prompted a friend to let me borrow LZ 2 for a listen.At the time I was into the Beatles and thought nothing could be better than them.After my first listen to LZ 2 I returned the cassette to him and said "Thanks, but I don't really like it, I cant understand the lead singer and just wasn't into it".Maybe a week later I heard "How many more Times on the Radio", but didn't realize it was LZ, but I knew I loved the song.Once I found out it was LZ it made me re-think my musical tatstes and get out of "the Beatles zone".So I bought LZ 1 and was hooked.I loved it so much that the song "I Cant quit you Baby" made me go out and buy a guitar so I could try to possibly play and make sounds like that.Fast forward 37 years to present I still play guitar, I have JP signature Les Paul looking guitar and cant believe its been 10 years since their O2 reunion. Anyway way, why does the present day RP frustrate me? Simple, he has no problem re-hashing or re-performing LZ songs or versions of them(very bad versions in my opinion)on his many different tours of his many different bands, but claims he does not want to re-live or re-hash the past.Then don't play those songs at all.Stick to your original material and don't touch the LZ stuff at all.So I think he's being quite hypocritical.Also, Robert , if you read this,without the fans of LZ and yourself you would have nothing.So for many years the "fans of LZ" have very badly wanted the 3 to re-unite and tour.But you wont give the fans what they want eventhough they gave you everything. Just my opinion, please feel free to criticize or discuss.
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