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  1. I'm still a newbie to learning all the cards myself. It's a slow work in progress but a fun one. I started by focusing on The Fool card (the one labeled 0 but typically first in the deck) and looking up all I could about it - the symbolisms etc. Once I get a grasp on that one, I plan on moving to the next card. Some of my favorite cards include the Hermit (Jimmy) , the World card, The Fool, The Lovers, Judgement, and that's just focusing on the Major Arcana cards. I first seen the Steampunk deck by way of a site called "Aeclectic Tarot". They have a link on their homepage that showcases hundreds of different tarot decks.
  2. Ever since learning of Jimmy Page's love for the tarot (the Hermit via the inside gatefold of Led Zeppelin IV and his fantasy sequence in The Song Remains The Same), I've been intrigued by the symbolism and beautiful art found on many tarot decks. I currently own three different Rider-Waite decks as well as a Steampunk deck that is gorgeously illustrated. Anyone else have a fondness for tarot cards?
  3. I'm torn between the fade out / return of Thank You and the cross-fade of Your Time Is Gonna Come into Black Mountain Side. Also love the bittersweet fade out of I'm Gonna Crawl. I guess I'll go with Thank You (for today)
  4. My two favorite Zeppelin songs of all-time (if I had to pick) would be The Song Remains The Same and The Rain Song. So they would get my vote. And The Ocean isn't far behind them!
  5. The ironic thing about the third album is that my favorite song was left off it! (Hey, Hey, What Can I Do). However, I've made my own custom version of III, so no harm done. Since I've Been Loving You would be my favorite off the original running order with Tangerine not far behind.
  6. The two that I most couldn't live without from each album would be: LED ZEPPELIN Your Time Is Gonna Come Babe I'm Gonna Leave You LED ZEPPELIN II Thank You Whole Lotta Love LED ZEPPELIN III Since I've Been Loving You Tangerine LED ZEPPELIN IV Rock And Roll Going To California HOUSES OF THE HOLY The Song Remains The Same The Rain Song PHYSICAL GRAFFITI Ten Years Gone The Rover PRESENCE Achilles Last Stand Candy Store Rock IN THROUGH THE OUT DOOR I'm Gonna Crawl Fool In The Rain CODA I Can't Quit You Baby (Albert Hall) Poor Tom
  7. Ten Years Gone, but only by a hair over The Rover. Both are essentially too close to call.
  8. Definitely "Rock And Roll" for me. "Going To California" is a close second though.
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