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  1. I'm of the belief that "Mothership" is good but not perfect. I'm sure it works well for casual Zeppelin fans, but mine would look a little different. Here is what I have compiled over the course of eight album sides. Feel free to join in on the fun! LED ZEPPELIN - MOTHERSHIP SIDE ONE Good Times, Bad Times We're Gonna Groove Babe I'm Gonna Leave You Your Time Is Gonna Come I Can't Quit You Baby (Royal Albert Hall) SIDE TWO Whole Lotta Love Thank You What Is And What Should Never Be Ramble On SIDE THREE Immigrant Song Hey Hey What Can I Do Since I've Been Loving You That's The Way SIDE FOUR
  2. It dawns on me I could have made this a triple! I had to leave out the likes of "Two Ones Are Won", "Bring It On Home (Rough Mix)", "La La", etc.
  3. Assume that Page emptied the vaults not in 1990 and 2014 but sometime after the original Coda was released. Taking outtakes of studio songs into account, there surely would have been enough quality material for a double (or more). What would your "Coda II" double album have looked like? This is what I came up with... CODA II The Song Remains The Same (Guitar Reference Mix) Ramble On (Rough Mix) Thank You (Backing Track) Southbound Piano (Rough Mix) Travelling Riverside Blues (BBC) Hot Dog (Rough Mix) Sick Again (Early Version) Since I've Been Loving You (Rough Mix Of First Recording) H
  4. Here’s your chance to compile a companion disc for each album tailored to your preferred tastes. The only rules are 1) You must use officially released tracks/companion tracks from the remasters (no bootleg versions), 2) Coda will not be used since we will use the album’s tracks/companion tracks for the actual studio albums, 3) You are not obligated to keep the companion tracks with the album’s session (the idea is to put the companion tracks on the album where they sound most “at home”). You can also “fill out” the companion discs with actual remastered versions of the album’s songs, if you
  5. Thanks! No, I wasn't offended at all. I'll try and gather up the original notes I made when I was making the edits and post them sometime.
  6. Good point on Going To California. I, too, love the new companion disc where you can really hear the beauty of the song's melody. I suppose Bonzo does get credit for Kashmir but, myself, I still think of it as a "Plant song" first. The lyrics are just so memorable and really describe the setting. Then there's Jones as well, who might contribute most to the actual atmosphere of the song. I guess it's one of those songs where each member can truly lay claim to playing an integral role.
  7. The band's very name represents both - Led (Hard) Zeppelin (Soft). Many of Zeppelin's songs exhibit both within the same tune! Still, sequence a double album where the first record is made up of your favorite hard songs and the second record your favorite softer tracks. Mine would look like... SIDE ONE Black Dog The Song Remains The Same Achilles Last Stand SIDE TWO The Rover Celebration Day Rock And Roll When The Levee Breaks SIDE THREE Thank You The Rain Song White Summer / Black Mountain Side SIDE FOUR Hey Hey What Can I Do Ten Years Gone Going To Ca
  8. I wasn't really looking to do away with Jimmy's official versions of these classic live albums. Just curious if anyone else has fun making their own. I could give the precise details of where the cuts and changes occur on my "Orange Sunset Mixes" but, then again, I just did the edits for my own personal enjoyment. I don't know if anyone else would enjoy it.
  9. I'll never understand how this album can be thought of as anything short of great if one understands what made Zeppelin so special. I've always felt it was their crowning achievement stylistically. There is so much wonderful variety on the album. It is often said that Page is absent on this record, for reasons I don't understand, for some of his finest moments are on this record. The explosive solo that launches the mid section of "In The Evening". The gorgeous tone of his melodic solo on "South Bound Suarez". "Hot Dog" is amazing due to his guitar licks and "I'm Gonna Crawl" features his fine
  10. I'm actually one of the few, apparently, that doesn't find Graffiti to be a perfect album. Sure, it's a four star effort and I love it, but I always felt some of the songs sounded a bit out of place sequencing-wise. I would have showcased Kashmir more by using it as a side OPENER rather than a closer. Page did this to open disc three on the 1990 box set and I always felt it worked much better. The opening lyric benefits from being the first thing you hear lyrically and the atmosphere of the song really sweeps away the listener and announces to them that this album/side is going to take you on
  11. Oh yes, you're right. My mistake. I need to do a better job of checking the liner notes!
  12. Now having unreleased songs at our disposal via the 2007 The Song Remains The Same remaster, and using tracks from "How The West Was Won", make a double lp that highlights your favorites from Zeppelin's officially released 1973 live shows. I purposely decided to narrow it down to just a double because it forces you to truly pick the elite of the elite. For my double, I wanted to see if I could come up with a live album that, for a change of pace, doesn't include Stairway To Heaven or Dazed And Confused. Here is what I came up with... THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME - The Orange Sunset Mi
  13. Since Physical Graffiti already used unused songs from prior sessions, I thought it might be fun to re-do the double album making available ALL unreleased songs that have been officially released. In other words, create a double album that includes your favorite tracks from the actual album and/or tracks from Coda and the 1990 box set. Unreleased tracks from the recent companion discs are also eligible for use. For example, mine would look like... PHYSICAL GRAFFITI - RE-MODELED SIDE ONE Kashmir The Rover White Summer / Black Mountain Side SIDE TWO Travelling Riverside Blues
  14. I love The Lemon Song but between the likes of The Rain Song and In The Light, there just wasn't enough room.
  15. Good mention of Kashmir for Robert! I went back and forth on whether to include that one or Stairway. You're right that the opening lyrics are especially memorable. "Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dreams..." might be my favorite individual lyric in a Zeppelin song.
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