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  1. kashmir75

    What's the weather like where you are?

    in Toronto with wind chill feeling like -40 c
  2. kashmir75

    2014-15 NHL Season

    here comes la 6 in a row being in Toronto what exactly is hockey with this being the deepest draft top picks into the second round the leafs might get the 3rd overall pick the leafs being the leafs they will go on a winning streak,and yet again screw it up remember the islander run the first 3-4 months sleep walk and when February came the woke up
  3. kashmir75

    whole lotta money

    so Robert's publicist say's he never has spoken to Richard branson but branson say's he spoke to Robert glad they finally got there story straight
  4. kashmir75


    just got a 3 million signing bonus and he did not play one game
  5. kashmir75


    the human scum bag that is alex rodriguez got a 3 million dollar signing bonus despite not playing on a game and for the next three years will get 21,20,20 million despite putting banned substances in his body lying and throwing everybody under the boss even his own cousin and not one yankee can stand the guy sometimes I wonder where the justice is
  6. kashmir75

    record stores

    any in Toronto on another topic I was 15 when john Bonham passed away and friends that are slightly older than me some say they hate zeppelin because they were played to death on radio and other one's love them there is no in between with them people who were around then is this true if this has been posted before sorry and thanks in advance
  7. kashmir75

    1979: Copenhagen v Knebworth

    have tried goggle earth where specifically was the concert looks like a big place
  8. kashmir75

    record stores

    to quote bb king the thrill is gone
  9. kashmir75

    record stores

    is cop's collectibles still around not sure of spelling on queen st west I think
  10. kashmir75

    record stores

    to bad there was not a time machine here we one major hmv
  11. kashmir75

    record stores

    first record I bought was in through the outdoor was 14 seem's all we have are memories
  12. kashmir75

    record stores

    went to the local music store to order my copy of physical graffiti and to my surprise they where closing down it seem's there are just a few music stores around got my copy from a book store sometime's a long for the good old day's were you could buy an album or even read a book sometime's technology take's away the joy
  13. kashmir75

    2014-15 NHL Season

    don't count out the kings they were in the same position last year playoffs in Toronto a pipe dream
  14. kashmir75

    New book on Earls Court concerts 'Five Glorious Nights'

    sometimes I wish i was british you have all the best bands
  15. kashmir75

    New book on Earls Court concerts 'Five Glorious Nights'

    limited edition any chance release in canada