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  1. in Toronto with wind chill feeling like -40 c
  2. any in Toronto on another topic I was 15 when john Bonham passed away and friends that are slightly older than me some say they hate zeppelin because they were played to death on radio and other one's love them there is no in between with them people who were around then is this true if this has been posted before sorry and thanks in advance
  3. have tried goggle earth where specifically was the concert looks like a big place
  4. to quote bb king the thrill is gone
  5. is cop's collectibles still around not sure of spelling on queen st west I think
  6. to bad there was not a time machine here we one major hmv
  7. first record I bought was in through the outdoor was 14 seem's all we have are memories
  8. went to the local music store to order my copy of physical graffiti and to my surprise they where closing down it seem's there are just a few music stores around got my copy from a book store sometime's a long for the good old day's were you could buy an album or even read a book sometime's technology take's away the joy
  9. sometimes I wish i was british you have all the best bands
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