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  1. Well from what we know a syringe is the fastest route to get where you need to be for most heroin addicts, however not every smack abuser goes on to use needles. Like lpMAN said, Page didn't exactly have glaring track marks or bruises on his arms, so smoking or snorting would be the next logical guess. I can't say in stone the method he chose, but Page demonstrated in a handful of interviews even well after he quit -- he used his nasal cavity to get high. I listened a few years back to an audio interview he did in '77 I assume from his hotel room, and although you can't visually see him, you definitely hear the effects on his nasal passageway. You can hear him sniffing about and his nose sounds to be dripping. He also sounds like he's nodding out in the middle of the interview. You need earbuds because the sound quality is very poor due to Page talking so softly. I could be wrong so don't use that as clear indicator. There have been many things written about Page's use of drugs and other activity that was done on the road. It's not a far stretch to think the words "syringe, arm, inject, needle, Jimmy" would have been mentioned in the countless amounts of material written about him. From 1977-1983 it took a toll on his personal appearances, e.g teeth, weight loss, yet nothing ever said about Page's arms looking marked up? Cole in one of his books I think would have said something. As for what the song is about? All the above and none of the above. Too bad Plant wouldn't give a clear cut answer.
  2. I see a tweet from @LedZepNews that Francis and the one attorney for Zeppelin were back at it again in San Francisco at the United States court of appeals 9th district. Same ol' Stairway vs Taurus copyright stuff. I thought this whole thing was dead and buried? Francis is still a worm in a suit. I forgot how douche baggy he is.
  3. I wish we could hear from John Paul Jones from time to time. It's all always Page or Plant being asked Led Zeppelin stuff. I know most Zep related things go to Page first for obvious reasons, but it feels like Jones is never included. Over all the interviews these guys have given, I have found Jones the one who just answers easy and simple. "What time is it Jones?" "1:30 pm" Robert speaks in riddles and games with his answer where you can speculate all 24 hours in the day as to the time and Page answers with a vague statement that goes around in a circle unrelated to the question. In other words Jimmy and Plant's answers always turn into a speculation thread of no actual info about anything. I am seeing that now in relation to their 50th anniversary about what could happen. Hahaha and yes I too have contributed to those specs. But anyways just wish somebody in the media would talk to Jones and ask him some stuff about his old band and what might be happening. He'd probably be a bit more straight forward.
  4. A decade that fans will have to wait? Who can't like that Jimmy Page has longevity on the brain now that he's in his happy golden grampy years. Good for him! I want to believe the man is all immortal and wizardly too, but WOW he is foreshadowing Zeppelin stuff to be released ten years from now? Good God I hate that and love that at the same time ha-ha I don't want to be the one who poops at the party, but have to ask: Are these releases more about quantity over quality? You have to wonder when they start scraping the bottom of the barrel. I bet for Page, Plant and Jones 10 years ago some of this stuff would not have been considered. Fast forward to their golden anniversary. They might as well dig down and start releasing the wartiest of the warts. For example Bonham ate a monkey load of bananas before some European gig in '80. There's probably a fan out there who wants to see receipts for that. #ReleaseTheBananaFootage One thing for sure I got from that little Planet Rock excerpt. Page will state he is much too busy putting together these decade long awaited Led Zeppelin goody-bags, if asked about his lack of live playing or solo projects. Fair enough, I'm sure I'll be a very happy camper at the end of the day.
  5. Yes that's the thread!! Thanks babysquid and Xolo1974!! They had Jimmy presenting Jeff Beck with some reward. It was the perfect set up for the two to jam. The promoting of the event was so sketchy though. There were so many pissed off people who felt like they had been taken -- hence the refund they were all given eh! Very poorly done, but at least people could get their money back. Sad though when you attend an event with Page and you leave feeling extremely dissatisfied. Lesson learned though right!
  6. Okay something weird happened Mods please delete these posts
  7. I don't want anyone to think I'm giving a Bronx cheer or popping their balloon, because who hasn't thought of a way for Plant, Page and Jones to collaborate together, without it going against Plant's wishes and turning into full-scale Zeppelin beast mode! Let's say there was an overwhelming demand for an unplugged (acoustic) gig AND Robert agreed to this. One important factor prevents that from getting off the ground. The guitar player. I don't buy for one second that Jimmy is capable of playing a guitar at a level where he'd be satisfied with fans listening. Does he wish he could? Yes of course, but something physically has put that to a dead stop. There is a difference with he can't and he won't. I say he can't. After what happened in Japan ( S A J had a thread explaining) that was more than enough proof his public playing days were finished. It's going on 11 years since the 02 show. We know Page was disgruntled with Plant not wanting to take it on the road, however no way would that continue to prevent Page from playing (other than a few times) I don't buy that. If Jimmy could, he would find ways to be heard in some capacity. Now if there is not a damn thing wrong with him, than holy shiiit talk about stubbornness, but that's not what's happened here. Life happens and Page has had to find other ways to be involved in music. In reality I say there is no scenario where Page will play again - and that includes with the 2 members of Led Zeppelin. Sorry I'm just calling it like I see it.
  8. Maybe critique the '77 Tempe AZ show
  9. Were they really thinking of a South American tour in the mid -late 70s? Ha-ha that would have made for some interesting stories -- considering what was going on with the band and their entourage at that time. Led Zeppelin + South America + late 70s + plenty of narcotics + John Bindon and his lovely psychopath personality introducing everyone to your friendly South American neighborhood drug cartel + Page trying to take some 15 year old Colombian girl back into the States?!? Yeah nothing to go wrong there. Nope no chance of anything illegal going down. We probably would have dubbed it The Boy Scouts 'N' Bibles Tour. Donny Osmond and his brothers could have joined them. Sorry back on topic. Agreed Zeppelin definitely struck gold here in the USA. I know this doesn't count for all of Zep's fans in America, but something else to consider was the social significance of the US draft closing out and the Vietnam War ending. It was a different time in the US. There was no more need to picket on a college campus at anti-war demonstrations. Teens or collage aged students could sit back and just get locked into the music, and Zep provided that at a time when it was badly needed. I'm not saying their music was not big here prior to 73, but everything from there on out for Zep in the U S A became a HUGE production. Their fan base here grew and grew enormously. Of course this is just an opinion. That was all before my time.
  10. Speaking of Ronnie. Maybe it's only me who thinks this, but in the handful of interviews I have heard with Ronnie, he always has this tone that's he's not an official Stones member. I can't pin point it exactly, because it's not a bold statement, rather his attitude. Whenever he's asked about playing with the Mick and Keith, he acts like he's still a newbie or a rookie that should be in awe that he's been asked play with the cool kids. The word inferior comes to mind. He speaks the way Jason Bonham would about Led Zeppelin; how it's a great honor and privilege to have been invited to play with a legendary band and musicians - which is rather over the top in Ronnie's case since he's been in the band for over 43 years. Do Mick and Keith contribute to this? I'm under that impression in a way. Those above who mention Keith's ego - Yes agreed too!
  11. Keith is talking out of both sides of his mouth, or at least I felt that way at first. He says Jimmy Page is one of the most brilliant guitarist he's ever known, yet he's not impressed with Led Zeppelin. Whaaattt!?!? Page's guitar work IS Led Zeppelin. That brilliancy was demonstrated in Zep's music. How can you give such a compliment only to yank it away Keith?!? Well for me I have to compare his comments to how I view Adele. I think she has a gifted and beautiful voice, but I have ZERO desire to listen to her songs. Her music does nothing for me. I know she's extremely popular, and her voice is very powerful, but nope nada no enjoyment from her albums. It is possible to find a guitarist or singer very talented, yet get nothing in return from their music. Strange as that sounds. Now here comes the tomatoes ready to be thrown at my head if your more pro Keith than Jimmy. I do think there is a form of jealousy. Keith has made his name in music, so you could say he has no reason to be. Sadly for the these guys their egos rear their ugly heads for whatever reason. Maybe as an artist Keith hasn't been as influential on the guitar as Page has been to those guitarist that followed afterwards? How many people picked up a guitar because of Jimmy Page verses Keith Richards? This comparison between The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. Why? How do you compare these two bands fairly? The Stones have 55 years under their belt with writing, recording and touring across the world. Over half of a century!!! Zeppelin had 12. The Stones have been able maximize their exposure because of the longevity of the band. People in the 80s 90s 20s at some time have been exposed to the Stones purposely or not. Each decade granted them a new way to connect with fans. 80s/90s MTV music video era, American award shows, and hellooo the internet! I can't face these two groups off. There are too many factors that make the playing field uneven. The window of comparison imo is small. British guys all kind of influenced by black American musicians, 40s decade born, frontmen who pranced and sashayed about wearing really really tight stuff around their genitals and smack addicted guitarists. The rest is off the table for me.
  12. ^^ Very true! Well then I have no clue what events could take place. Page has retired from playing in public and Robert declines all ideas of working with the other two. All of that is fine, but it does not leave much in the way of big events. 2012 brought them over here to accept the Kennedy award and also Celebration promoting correct? Wait and see eh!
  13. What are these high profile events Page is talking about? Where would these events take place? I'm guessing home for them in the UK. Is there a UK version of America's Kennedy Center Honors? Celebs and people with money hanging out in a venue talking about what Led Zeppelin brought to the music scene over the past 50 years. We know they are not playing together!
  14. Is this going to be basically Jimmy on his own plugging whatever they have planned for the 50th or will Plant and Jones also be promoting? It's been what 2012 since all 3 sat down and did a joint project together. That was for the Celebration release right? Looks like nothing 'official' will start until Sept 2018 according to @LedZepNews on Twitter.
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