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  1. Presumably they come with a mini plastic posable roadie? And maybe a Richard Cole doll with a bag of illicit substances.
  2. George, enjoyed your cover of Rock n Roll / Sick Again from Seattle '75 you uploaded. Some of the fills in that are unreal!
  3. This is particularly relevant, as I have a magazine interview with Page before the gig where he says something like "as far as I know, it's one show". My theory is, everyone accepted that, when there was the possibility it might be a horror show a la Live Aid. But when it turned out so good, people changed their attitude to, "hell why not go on tour?".
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wiltshire-50450945 All of Plant, Page & Jones' sigs are on this, to be auctioned to raise money to support Jerry Donahue (ex-Fotheringay & Fairports). Nice to see them supporting a worthy cause.
  5. It'd be even funnier if it was Spinal Tap
  6. Is that the only known pic of Barrington Coleby? I recall a thread on here where someone turned up a street exhibition of his artwork in Switzerland, but I don't recall a photo of the man.
  7. 28th July 1969, Seattle: "apparently one of the girls had an encounter with a fish last night. Nothing to do with me, I was in bed early with a glass of milk and an improving book." 12th July 1985: "must get good night's sleep before the show tomorrow. Can't find guitar tuner anywhere. Robert sounds a bit croaky but I'm sure it'll be alright on the night!"
  8. Can you give us more details? Paper published or e-published? "Name" writer or enthusiastic amateur?
  9. 1st July 1972: "US tour grossed $30 million. Really p****** off though as Robert borrowed 50 cents from me for a packet of fags from the vending machine AND STILL HASN'T PAID ME BACK. Make mental note to phone him about it (remember to reverse charge)."
  10. Interesting that, when it's not a conventional interview with a mainstream music mag, Page seems to open up and talk more freely.
  11. 76229


    Congratulations to Percy's beloved Wolves who've just clinched their first away win in Europe (excepting qualifying rounds) since 1973! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49874366
  12. Just reading this Uncut interview and the sitar story seems to have changed. I'm sure originally he said he was in his session career circa '64, when he bought a sitar off some Indian musicians who were playing in the studio next door, or something? And that that was the first time he'd owned one. Now the story is that the place where his old man worked had some Asian workers and one of them knew someone who had a sitar, which he bought off them. Plus this took place in 1961. There's a pic of him playing it in the back garden.
  13. An acoustic collaboration with someone like Laura Marling would be interesting too. Key phrase is "if he really wanted to" and if we're honest with ourselves, he doesn't. Incidentally, laura did a terrific cover of Bron Yr Aur, which ended up on a CD, released free with one of our music mags last year
  14. I wonder if the part about "you were practising this morning" was something he told the journo. Edit: surely the "project to be announced later this year" can't be the guitar anthology book as it's already been announced?
  15. There will be something next year. Groan. "Not necessarily musical"? That had me intrigued though. The streaming service maybe. (my guess is Page probably thinks of it as "not being musical" in the sense that a download isn't something you can hold in your hand)... ......or could it be something video? Or maybe just one of his many teases. Still.....
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