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  1. The drums on this are The Crunge, with half a bar taken out The shortened Crunge beat also appears on this
  2. Jimmy doesn't want "everything" to be covered. I doubt he'd ever endorse a warts and all doco.
  3. Suspect Plant will be carried offstage when it gets to his last gig. He lives to and loves to perform I think.
  4. Given how grouchy he sometimes gets in interviews, the prospect of Page being the interviewer for once will be interesting.
  5. There'll be a bloke banging a trash can except it'll be the beat to When the Levee Breaks.
  6. The roadie behind the drum riser looks a bit like Jeff Beck
  7. Given Page's extensive collecting habit, I'd hazard he owned a copy of this book (maybe a reprint) and thought it'd look cool & mysterious on the sleeve. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Merchant's_Tale The tale of the merchant has a main character called Januarie (month of Page's birth!). The merchant's tale is part of "fragment 4" of the overall story.
  8. Good example of this is the isolated bass tracks available on YouTube. Duran Duran's Rio (great bassline whatever you think of the band) has several small mistakes, including one where John Taylor hits the open (low) E string too hard and it goes sharp. Can you hear it if you really listen closely? Yes. Does it detract from a casual listen of great pop song? Absolutely not. Jimmy's sloppiness is similar. It does happen surprisingly often. He even muffs the opening of the Whole Lotta Love riff when he plays it for the Edge & Jack White on It Might Get Loud. But he's still Jimmy Page, playing one of the all time great riffs.
  9. Presumably they come with a mini plastic posable roadie? And maybe a Richard Cole doll with a bag of illicit substances.
  10. George, enjoyed your cover of Rock n Roll / Sick Again from Seattle '75 you uploaded. Some of the fills in that are unreal!
  11. This is particularly relevant, as I have a magazine interview with Page before the gig where he says something like "as far as I know, it's one show". My theory is, everyone accepted that, when there was the possibility it might be a horror show a la Live Aid. But when it turned out so good, people changed their attitude to, "hell why not go on tour?".
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wiltshire-50450945 All of Plant, Page & Jones' sigs are on this, to be auctioned to raise money to support Jerry Donahue (ex-Fotheringay & Fairports). Nice to see them supporting a worthy cause.
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