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  1. This article is by Dave Lewis and relates to a new collection by Jorgen Angel "Led Zeppelin 1968-70" out 28 May. Irritatingly the article only includes the already seen photos from the book, but I guess it's a typical publisher's tease. Jorgen says thre Engish language edition will have 16 extra pages compared to non English, so presumably that's where any extra / unseen will be. Think I know what'll I be getting for my birthday at the end of the month.
  2. Some have. Whenever there's a book or previous documentary Benji leFevre is there. He's a funny interviewee and can actually remember stuff, so I suspect whoever's writing / filming tend to seek him out for that reason. Despite him being pretty open about rock and roll behaviour I gather him and Plant are still on friendly terms. And Henry "the Horse" Smith, Dave Northover & Dennis Sheehan are extensively quoted in Barney Hoskyns' Zep book. For the others who haven't, it may be as simple as loyalty even after all these years. Or they can't remember anything!
  3. You missed "light and shade", "distance miking" and "inventing backwards echo". HOUSE!!
  4. If it were genuinely nothing new, I doubt Plant or JPJ would get involved.
  5. There's nothing wrong with Page's memory. Like Spinal Tap's appeal, it's just become more selective.
  6. Sounds really promising! I guess they'll be interviewed separately, not together?
  7. Those ladies of Zepworld have just posted some instructional vids on YT, thought you'd all be interested. "Jimmy Page" on guitar "Robert Plant" on vox. and "John Bonham" behind the kit Not sure where Jonesy is but I'm sure more will be added soon!
  8. Seriously? Jim Matzorkis said he only found the strength to escape the trailer when he realised Bindon was going to pull one of his eyes out. Let's not let being fans of the band obscure our view of what was a disgraceful act of violence. And an act of stupidity taking Bindon on tour in the first place. Even Cole thought it was a bad idea.
  9. Bonzo didn't. Grant & Bindon did. Despite the punishment he's given himself down the years, I wouldn't be so sure. His mother lived into her 90s, so Page has good genes. Same as Keef!
  10. I prefered the previous bass player. That said, a Zep reunion with Page on rhythm & Gretchen on lead guitar would be a lot of fun! 😜
  11. Tim Rose on the same bill? Wonder if that's where he saw Bonzo and thought "now, he'd be a good drummer to take out on the road"....
  12. Yeah, Wall is to rock writing what Rob Liefeld is to comic art, or Herman Tilke to designing motor racing circuits. He's terrible, but he keeps getting commissioned.
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