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  1. This. As well as something like Kashmir, I'd love to hear him talk about, say, a particular track he arranged in the pre-Zeppelin days. Why was the arrangement done that way etc.
  2. I'd heard of the other two, but had no idea Hagar was involved.
  3. Of all the rock musicians doing books nowadays, I sometimes think "why does someone like Steve Tyler write a book that reads like it was puked onto the page, yet JPJ / Page / Plant hasn't done one?". If ever there's someone in music where I'd love to read their memoirs, Jones is the one. Plant said recently he'd never do one.
  4. Can't they get him declared a vexatious litigant or something?! Or does US law not work like that?
  5. Not supporting Ocheltree unquestioningly for a second, but he is interviewed ref: the '77 tour in Barney Hoskyns' "Trampled Underfoot: Oral History of Led Zeppelin". Barney is not a hack like certain Zep biographers, and to put quotes from Ocheltree in the book, there must have been some connection between him and the band surely? The question is, what? FWIW, he's credited on the "cast of characters" intro page as "drum tech who advised & assisted Bonham on 1977 tour". Not stirring, just saying that's how he's described. Maybe the auctioneers ought to contact Barney for clarification!
  6. Not to mention Mick Jagger's awful solo albums, Roger Daltrey's solo career, etc. Plant is one of the very few who's been a frontman of a huge rock band and had a succesful solo career. Ozzy is another, but he did it by doing virtually nothing different solo to what he'd done in Sabbath. Plant by contrast has taken chances and good for him.
  7. As Jimmy lacks a lyric writer, maybe he could get a machine to do it. Don't believe me? This appeared on YouTube a couple of days ago Let's face it, it's better than Hot Dog. A bit better....
  8. In other news, McCartney says prospect of a Beatles reunion "looking dicey"
  9. It does make you wonder why Jones said they were "almost in a rebirth situation". Did he really believe it, or was it the relief of helping get the band functioning again that made him say that? Europe 1980 isn't a disaster by any means, but they just seem underpowered. Yet Copenhagen a year earlier had been brilliant. The difference between a one off show and being on tour? Would it have been different if Page had been energised by being back in America? I guess we'll never know.
  10. I think it is Page. The Yardbirds went thru a phase that year where they all wore "Lennon shades". Those plastic seats make me wonder if the pic was taken at an airport, pity it's not wider angle to see more detail.
  11. Phil Carlo said the techs actually turned Collins' mics off for Stairway. Awkward. Edit...that look at 12.35 is pretty enigmatic. People commenting on YouTube seemed to think it was Plant laughing cos he realises Jimmy's not 100% sober. I wonder if it's actually the moment when Plant realises that, whatever he thinks of it, he'll never ever escape this song!
  12. Not to mention virtually inventing the "rock star stage presence" archetype. How many rock singers since Plant have dyed their hair blond and copied his stage moves? Most of the bands that came out of LA in the 80s for a start. Really "put it all out there" applied to all of them. Zeppelin might have occasionally had a train wreck live, but there's one thing they never did, they never phoned it in.
  13. Re: the Gerrard St rehearsal, even if that wasnt recorded and Plant is misremembering, I bet Page did record the rehearsals at the Pangbourne boathouse that took place in the week between coming back from Sweden and going into the studio on the 25th Sept 68. They were used, I'm sure, for fine tuning before recording and Page must have wanted to do the record quickly (doubtless to save cash!). It doesn't make sense they wouldn't be recorded, the tapes could be listened to to make final decisions on arrangements, work out vocal stylings etc. By contrast, Gerrard St a month earlier was much more of a "let's see if we can stand each other / play well with each other" kind of deal, and I bet Page wouldn't want to pay to record that.
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