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  1. Hey Steve, be interested if you could shed any light on this. Years ago I commented on a thread on a Detective video on YouTube. Someone else responded last week claiming to be the bass player from Detective and that they had sorted out contractual probs with Swan Song on January 1st this year. So is Swan Song still a legal entity?! I'd assumed it had been wound up years ago. His exact words are as follows Jon Hyde and I are opening a new version of Detective. We, Detective, were given our full rights by Swan Song on Jan 1st. This year.
  2. 76229

    Early Bonham Picture

    Mook, I have to ask, where did you find this??!
  3. Quite the alumni The Gods had in that era, Ken Hensley, Mick Taylor & Greg Lake.
  4. I suspect Jimmy had a big bag of riffs he'd been developing for a second solo record, and he fit them to various vocal melodies then Coverdale wrote the lyrics. I genuinely believe it was 50/50 rather than Coverdale driving it. Interesting that they're talking though, and recently. Come on Jimmy, here's your project for lockdown 2!
  5. This is a different interview. Doing phone interviews rather than face to face seems to have made Jimmy open up more, unless it's my imagination.
  6. Definitely buying this. Shindig has to be one of the most underrated / overlooked music mags out there. Lots of interesting psych bands and decent writing. Wonder if it's just a late career overview or if Jim McCarty has been interviewed?
  7. If someone showed you that recording anonymously and asked you to guess, I'd say 99% would guess Bonham. If that isn't him I'm a Dutchman.
  8. There was a gap between Bonzo's official last gig with Tim Rose (31st July) and the date at which he joined up. Although this isn't certain (SAJ may have a date?) given the stalling over matching Rose's pay offer, the number of other drummers that were sounded out and Page & Grant's trip up to Dudley to persuade him to join, I'd guess it was about 6th/7th Aug. So I wonder if in that week he played another date with Tim Rose post 31/7/68 and that's what's on the recording? He was committed to do the Isle of Wight festival at the end of August and had to confess this to Grant who quietl
  9. That fill around the 5.05 minute mark reappears on Good Times Bad Times. This is genuinely exciting to get decent quality sound of him with Tim Rose. Imagine being Page, seeing him in that little club in Hampstead and imagining what he could do with proper studio recording and rockier material!
  10. Couldn't see this posted on this thread. it's two months out of date, but does seem to confirm the filming was done pre-pandemic, and editing was going on July / Aug. Originally posted on ledzepnews, so hat tip to @Cookie0024 From latimes.com August 2, 2020, via ledzepnews: 1:00 P.M. | Santa Monica It’s a busy day at Paradise Pictures, albeit a quiet one. Besides writer and producer Allison McGourty, there were just two others in the spacious craftsman in Santa Monica, and they were in a dark room with masks on editing a documentary about Led Zeppelin. Before the pandemic, th
  11. This. As well as something like Kashmir, I'd love to hear him talk about, say, a particular track he arranged in the pre-Zeppelin days. Why was the arrangement done that way etc.
  12. Of all the rock musicians doing books nowadays, I sometimes think "why does someone like Steve Tyler write a book that reads like it was puked onto the page, yet JPJ / Page / Plant hasn't done one?". If ever there's someone in music where I'd love to read their memoirs, Jones is the one. Plant said recently he'd never do one.
  13. Can't they get him declared a vexatious litigant or something?! Or does US law not work like that?
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