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  1. Interesting that, when it's not a conventional interview with a mainstream music mag, Page seems to open up and talk more freely.
  2. 76229


    Congratulations to Percy's beloved Wolves who've just clinched their first away win in Europe (excepting qualifying rounds) since 1973! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49874366
  3. Just reading this Uncut interview and the sitar story seems to have changed. I'm sure originally he said he was in his session career circa '64, when he bought a sitar off some Indian musicians who were playing in the studio next door, or something? And that that was the first time he'd owned one. Now the story is that the place where his old man worked had some Asian workers and one of them knew someone who had a sitar, which he bought off them. Plus this took place in 1961. There's a pic of him playing it in the back garden.
  4. An acoustic collaboration with someone like Laura Marling would be interesting too. Key phrase is "if he really wanted to" and if we're honest with ourselves, he doesn't. Incidentally, laura did a terrific cover of Bron Yr Aur, which ended up on a CD, released free with one of our music mags last year
  5. I wonder if the part about "you were practising this morning" was something he told the journo. Edit: surely the "project to be announced later this year" can't be the guitar anthology book as it's already been announced?
  6. There will be something next year. Groan. "Not necessarily musical"? That had me intrigued though. The streaming service maybe. (my guess is Page probably thinks of it as "not being musical" in the sense that a download isn't something you can hold in your hand)... ......or could it be something video? Or maybe just one of his many teases. Still.....
  7. Bleedin ell Chillum, that's a bit strong. For me Jason is a member of the extended Zep family so if he wants to drain a few nickels I don't mind. YMMV. It's been a while since I've seen him live in anything, but he's a serviceable rock drummer.
  8. Cheers. Surely someone prepared to go to the trouble (and physical danger with Grant & Cole around!) wouldn't be unaware there are people who'd kill for these tapes. I just find it so frustrating, the '77 gaps, especially the absence of the opening show in Dallas. The biggest band in the world start their first tour for two years and NOBODY RECORDED IT??!! Sorry, I don't believe it. There must have been at least one audience recording just, as you say, it came out badly so got recorded over or whatever. Speaking of hoarders, ever heard the rumour there's a bloke hoarding Denver 1968? There's a tape I'd add to my original list...
  9. Anything from Scandinavia 1968. Anything from the UK shows 1968, to see how the set & improvisations were evolving by then. Any or all of the missing '77 shows. I refuse to believe any of those shows had not a single bootlegger in the audience as they were so huge by then. Boston 1969, either May or the full 4 hour January show (if it happened!)
  10. Worthless?! At one point you see Bonzo's foot technique. Actual film of it! I'd have paid for that on its own, lol
  11. George, I suspect the footage you posted on your You Tube channel of Australia '72 was shot with one of these cameras, by a roadie. Given the long focus on Bonzo for Moby Dick, I wouldn't mind betting the film shooter was Mick Hinton.
  12. 76229


    Congrats to Percy's beloved Wolves for reaching the group stage of the Europa League (nee UEFA Cup).
  13. Looks like it's Zeppelin 2, Spirit 0. Edit: no it isn't. Some knob on SHMF posted the case had just "been won" by Zeppelin, but it's actually a misunderstanding by the poster of the DOJ submission last week.
  14. I bet you remember more of '77 than Jimmy does Strider... 😁
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