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  1. I agree it seems likely they've confused the RAH with the Roundhouse. And yet..... the tantalising thing is if you misremembered it, confusing it with say, the Marquee would make a lot more sense, not the Roundhouse. I almost wonder if some footage was shot there but proved unusable due to lighting or whatever, then the footage was destroyed.
  2. Surreal to think, when those pics were taken, Plant had been playing to three men and a dog at teacher training college in Walsall just 7 weeks earlier. Suddenly he's strapped into a rocketship and it's about to take off.
  3. JPJ is exactly 2 years younger and still plays. His fingers seem to be in great shape. Of course, different people age at different rates, though Page has good genes, his mother lived into her 90s I think. I suspect it's more a case of he can't think of anything new that's worth recording. Most songwriting is a finite resource, few people do great new albums in their 70s. The real issue is that rumours multiply because he's always been so secret squirrel about everything: he likes mystery and it served him well in Zeppelin. As Plant said, "Page ought to have been a San Francisco version of Simon Templar, hiding in shadows and peering round corners".
  4. It's the Daily Star! Over here that's one step up (down?) from the National Enquirer.
  5. I'd be surprised, Brum doesn't have that many Catholics, though there is a cathedral https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_Chad's_Cathedral,_Birmingham The big Catholic places in England would be Manchester & Liverpool rather than Birmingham.
  6. Jesse is Plant's kid with Shirley. Complicated! Plant will never do an autobiography though. He's said as much. Shame. The one I'd love to see write something like that, is JPJ, maybe that'll happen one day.
  7. Plant is the master of using flowery language to not answer anything he doesn't want to. Ironically, similar to Page's interviews. I like hearing both of them talk, so I listen to these kind of things, but I'm not expecting to hear any great revelation tbh.
  8. Not sure G ever had a Jaguar. I recall reading somewhere it was Mickie Most's Jag. Now he was the kind of bloke to have a Jag!
  9. Saw this on reddit. Is this really Plant? They were in Dallas March 1970, but....it just doesn't look right. I know blond hair can go dark in water, but the shape of the face doesn't look quite right either.
  10. If Leif Mases still with us? He could verify if Jeff was involved in the recording of ITTOD. While someone like Dave Northover could confirm or deny re: the '77 tour. There ought to be a "people who worked with Zeppelin" Facebook page we could invite people to! Isn't there one for ex-Showco techs?
  11. I recall from the Barney Hoskyns book that Jeff was doing extra "drum setting up" assistance on the 77 tour. Iirc the source for this was Benji LeFevre (?), I'll have to dig it out. The claims on wiki about Jeff being there for the recording of ITTOD are more controversial. EDIT: having checked, the source is Ocheltree himself. He is however, credited as "drum tech who assisted Bonham on the '77 US tour". Barney is pretty accurate, so who knows.
  12. Latest Guitarist mag has Page on the cover, and a review of the Tele. and link https://www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/music/guitarist-magazine-back-issues/guitarist-july-2019-issue-447/
  13. Funny how Matt Everitt was in a band called Menswear and now he's interviewing Percy. "did you ever play Madison Square Garden son?" "er no I was in Menswear" (kidding, I know Plant would never ask something like that!)
  14. It seems a distinctly odd choice, especially given how puffy Page looked at Atlantic 40th compared to his prime. Why not a stock 70s Earls Court type shot?
  15. Redditch town centre. Lovely of Percy to put that pic up, keeps perspective.
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