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  1. YES, Yes they did and after 62 years in the business with over 100 MILLION Records sold & 90 Gold & Platinum Awards, Lead singer, Merrill Osmond & drummer, Jay Osmond continue to record and perform to sold out concerts. If you would like to hear some tunes, see some photos, etc.. just let me know. Jay Osmond enjoys telling of the time in 1975 when The Osmonds joined Led Zeppelin on stage for Stairway to Heaven. Jay Osmond who was good friends with John Bonham, perform percussions beside John. The following night, John took his son to see THE OSMONDS in concert. Some cool old ro
  2. Here is part of an interview with Jay Osmond (World Class Drummer) as he discusses when THE OSMONDS joined Led Zeppelin on stage at Earls Court. https://youtu.be/lV_TFORtCz4
  3. Defending your favorite band is under stable but, there is nothing to be ashamed of. If you really heard the Osmonds perform, not just hear a bubble gum song on the radio and assume all Osmond songs sounded the same then you would know just how good they were. Just because you never read it, doesn't mean that it didn't happen. The Osmonds were fans of Zep and Zep were fans of The Osmonds. The Osmonds spent time back stage with Zep the last night of their gig in England (throwing frisbees) while waiting to go back onstage to perform an encore, when it was time to go back on stage Zep told Th
  4. Yes, it really happened and a whole lot more!!
  5. Thank you Zep Head, you're cool. I have no problem entering a lions den when I know the facts. I am here to help, not be rude and call anyone names. Usually the ones who make childish rude comments are just insecure and frustrated because it' sucks to not know your music history. In this case THE OSMONDS hanging out backstage with Led Zeppelin then being invited to join them on stage to perform a tune with them. What many don't know is that it doesn't stop there. The next night one of the members of Led Zeppelin went to THE OSMONDS concert. I'll be happy to share more if anyone wants mo
  6. Everyone was a "Newbie" at one time or another. I'm certainly not here to argue, I read several folks asking if it really happened or not so I posted to help solve the mystery once and for all. I do have proof and will be happy to share. I just need to convert the software so I can download it here. Have a great weekend!
  7. Thanks tor the question. There have been several shows regarding Led Zeppelin. In fact The OSMONDS played a remake of a Led Zeppelin song. This month the show is having a contest allowing fans around the world pick the songs for the show so chances are there will be a lot of the bubble gum songs as the teenage girls loved those songs. But, you gave me a great idea SymphonyX! (cool name by the way!)! I will make a couple of calls to see if I can set up some interviews (An Hour With Led-Zeppelin & The Osmonds)! Thank you SymphonyX! If the show works out I will be sure and give you credi
  8. I never knock people for being rude when they honestly don't know what they are talking about. Thank you for proving my point Zep Head. Led-Zeppelin and The Osmonds became cool friends over the years. Most cool bands respect other cool bands when they realize they are master musicians and that is how Led Zeppelin, Ozzie and all the cool bands felt about the Osmonds who rocked. In fact, it's cool how many recorded some of The OSMOND tunes, especially Crazy Horses which Ozzie Osbourne is quoted as saying "Crazy Horses is the best rock song ever written". The toys were for the younger Osm
  9. For those who knock THE OSMONDS have never really listened. You listened to Donny, Marie, Jimmy or Donny & Marie! But The original OSMONDS were on track to become a very serious rock band. Most readers got a taste of The OSMONDS with "Crazy horses", " Hold Her Tight", etc.. but sadly as the tweens began demanding Donny for his pretty looks upper management also recognized where the money was, pushing the four original OSMONDS out of the spotlight. Many don't know this but because radio stations stopped playing THE OSMONDS music, they were seriously considering changi
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