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    Well someone with ignorance has labelled you as one of two different types of people that according to them "The world would be better off if they all died". That would be Strider. As for me, I believe the world would be better off if they all lived. I went to Vaping to quit smoking, because Reswati's comment helped me. Vaping gives smokers the choice to lower their nicotine percent. I quit nicotine because of vaping. 40% of UK Vapers changed to quit. Same here. Peacefrog, I now do exactly as you do. Good onya. It's not much. Apathy is the enemy of the people. And appreciating what binds us and helps us is our strength. Good post.
  2. A guess he is nostalgic for the PUFF of the Magik past. I'm sorry to hear this. Good for Virginia. But some color in the brows because .. will message you.
  3. Before your edited quote, you stated how horrible it was to NOT believe in US intelligence. Just wondering if you still believe in Clapper, McCabe, Weissman, Comey, and Brennen as you did last year when you condemned a US President for not taking the bait?
  4. Oh Man! Dag On! Sorry to see him go.
  5. I'm so sorry you've lost your favorite and best. It's truly a punch and a twist to the heart to say Goodbye to one so loved. I'm sorry, brother. Hey PanicCooker! How's it goin'? Benn climbibg the trees again, throwing crabapples at passers-by? Invisibility is a lot of fun, I'll give you that. I remember you telling me about Bob. I'm sorry for your loss too. Bob must have died waay young. I remember you takibg him to the vet one day, and they gave him a shot. Morphine? I can't remember. It seemed like he was doing better. You left some water out. And the breathing got better. You had a chance to say Goodbye, but still too young. I think it was you that taught me that "Pets are but a small part of our lives, but to them we are their whole life." *Hugs to PC* That was a hard loss to you.
  6. No way! That young? Though his best and Golden years were ahead of him, may Wade Wilson rest in peace. I never thought I'd be saying those words about this person.
  7. Random thought: Small govt.? Just fine. Interesting to see how it works in my lifetime. Not perfect, but effective. Interesting.😎
  8. I believe life is too short to hold a grudge, but I take up for myself. You say for two years, I've held a grudge? For two years, you continually bring up my name in an insulting way, in a pool that I had left alone. Own it. You come after me when someone makes a joke that regards your comrad. Then, I take up for myself. I am entitled. I haven't prompted the jokes. That insinuation has been on you. As for gibberish, kipper and I being the same people? What stupid deductive reasoning are you using? As I said, life is too short. Don't bring my name into the pool, in a negative way, if I have been leaving it in peace. I thought abouth what ebk said, so I left the thread alone for a week, until you lied on me again and brought me up. Let it go. Or keep it going. There is good and bad in us all, but you should own up to this. You should have not brought me into the thread as you did. Peace
  9. Because, you might be a little smarter than that. Sean, if this is about a grudge, I would hope you could get over it. Joking around something doesn't make you look better. Only more pathetic. #1. Why did you state to the good members of the pool that "the only members still carping on Mrs. W and "Jr" if you wish, are kipper and panther, when I had not posted in a week? You lied, and the forum members saw it. A grudge? Taking up for your comrad? Pride? The world saw you post, and its on the record. Was it worth it. I stayed quiet.
  10. Same language and syntax. Tricksy hobbitses won the pick em pool twice then? You write more like me than I do. That's not fair. 🤣 Difference. I would have edited out the Lord's name in vain in the quote.
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