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  1. apantherfrommd

    BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

  2. apantherfrommd

    Pets/Animals - what kind and how many do you own

    I'm so sorry you've lost your favorite and best. It's truly a punch and a twist to the heart to say Goodbye to one so loved. I'm sorry, brother. Hey PanicCooker! How's it goin'? Benn climbibg the trees again, throwing crabapples at passers-by? Invisibility is a lot of fun, I'll give you that. I remember you telling me about Bob. I'm sorry for your loss too. Bob must have died waay young. I remember you takibg him to the vet one day, and they gave him a shot. Morphine? I can't remember. It seemed like he was doing better. You left some water out. And the breathing got better. You had a chance to say Goodbye, but still too young. I think it was you that taught me that "Pets are but a small part of our lives, but to them we are their whole life." *Hugs to PC* That was a hard loss to you.
  3. apantherfrommd

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    No way! That young? Though his best and Golden years were ahead of him, may Wade Wilson rest in peace. I never thought I'd be saying those words about this person.
  4. apantherfrommd

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Random thought: Small govt.? Just fine. Interesting to see how it works in my lifetime. Not perfect, but effective. Interesting.😎
  5. apantherfrommd

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    I believe life is too short to hold a grudge, but I take up for myself. You say for two years, I've held a grudge? For two years, you continually bring up my name in an insulting way, in a pool that I had left alone. Own it. You come after me when someone makes a joke that regards your comrad. Then, I take up for myself. I am entitled. I haven't prompted the jokes. That insinuation has been on you. As for gibberish, kipper and I being the same people? What stupid deductive reasoning are you using? As I said, life is too short. Don't bring my name into the pool, in a negative way, if I have been leaving it in peace. I thought abouth what ebk said, so I left the thread alone for a week, until you lied on me again and brought me up. Let it go. Or keep it going. There is good and bad in us all, but you should own up to this. You should have not brought me into the thread as you did. Peace
  6. apantherfrommd

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    Because, you might be a little smarter than that. Sean, if this is about a grudge, I would hope you could get over it. Joking around something doesn't make you look better. Only more pathetic. #1. Why did you state to the good members of the pool that "the only members still carping on Mrs. W and "Jr" if you wish, are kipper and panther, when I had not posted in a week? You lied, and the forum members saw it. A grudge? Taking up for your comrad? Pride? The world saw you post, and its on the record. Was it worth it. I stayed quiet.
  7. apantherfrommd

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    Same language and syntax. Tricksy hobbitses won the pick em pool twice then? You write more like me than I do. That's not fair. 🤣 Difference. I would have edited out the Lord's name in vain in the quote.
  8. apantherfrommd

    What's the weather like where you are?

    38 degrees.
  9. apantherfrommd

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    You keep bringing me up, Sean. How am I still carping on the Mrs and Jr, who are probably good people, when I haven't been on this thread since New Year's Eve? Walter brings them up after me to paint a conspiracy picture. And why did you include me in this thread in October in the first place? I'm trying to leave the thread in peace, Sean. Happy New Year, Sean.
  10. apantherfrommd

    Who named Led Zeppelin and Why?

    Hi Yer Blues. How's it goin' this year? Tell them this year to let the worm lick your bone. Rock On, forever!
  11. apantherfrommd

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    I came in here and wished my friend Congratulated and blessed out the caretaker of this thread for the manner in which he conducted it. Mainly against me. I was having a great time in October , E. A lovely time on the board before I was attacked here on this thread for no reason. Maybe somebody ruined something for me and someone should have stood up for the side of right then. If Sean is so great, let him admit he was wrong. But he has money to impress. He may be kind to you and yours and pick up the tab at a bar or place, but in morals he picks and buys his favorite people. Polite, I'm sure. You think Walter is polite using the word pussy. Broad sense of the word polite. Happy New Year
  12. apantherfrommd

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    We can get along. Here is actually what was petty and Junior High, Strider. I'm not sure yet why kipper was threatened, nor why I was brought in to that 2018 thread. You asked me to man up in the 2017 competition thread (that I wasn't in, and apologize to a paranoid man). I did. I think you should man up and apologize to Kipper and myself, and the members of your competition for your false assumption. Kipper made a joke, and we all understand you were trying to defend an insecure friend you say you call. I apologized just for the sake of peace. You should, because you were wrong, and almost threw out this year's champion out because of it, and gave Ledzeppelinfan77 crap about it last year. Kipper is humble, and accepted. But your competition is more than him. It's about everyone else and how YOU conduct it in a mature manner. Your false accusations of me this year and threat on Kipper, and even bringing Sam's name into it, showed how wrong you were. Before anyone tells me to "Get a life" , check your post count. Strider should have manned up when he was wrong, and conducted this thread with professionalism. By falsely accusing me, and even including me in the first place, and threatening Kipper, he blew it. Name calling Too? Happy New Year, Strider. Your prideful lack of what you would have others do (manning up when they are wrong) is a testament to your lack of a moral compass except when it comes to when someone wins favour with you. This answers your other question, I hope. I shoot straight and don't schmooze anyone. This is why you didn't betray Kipper. He's a great guy. And makes a great friend. The other guy that implied, I won like a "pussy". (Nice language for a dad raising a child by the way.) I let my dying and sick dad pick two games when I won the competition. It would take him right before game time, Walter, because he felt an adrenaline rush for picking. He knew if I won, it was going to Bretts family, Walter. Ever lost a dad, Walter? Call me a pussy again, and you won't again. I finished 3rd this year at work in the pool out of 22. I need Kipper's guru. Can I have their name, Please for the playoffs? Happy New Year.
  13. apantherfrommd

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    I never had a non member and 3 hands of a household in this comptition. Lol I was on the sidelines pulling for kipper, because unlike you, he was like everyone else. One hand, one shot. When I won the competition, Walter and I were at odds. His friend, Strider asked for my address to send a potted plant. I wished to send it to the closest to her kin. No prize, as his friend and I were at odds. So...My prize was beating a small man. The same as Kipper, a small wide man playing 3 hands, two not a member of the site that at the time. Lol Nail meets head. Congratulatulations, Kipper! You earned it.