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  1. I just heard this. I saw so many people commenting on this all over the country.
  2. Charlie Don't Surf. And capping it off is discouraged or the price will go up. Dance with the devil and you'll get the horns. Still, she was a beautiful woman. I wouldn't worry about the price of bacon doubling, as much as the price of cooking Green eggs and ham will triple under a new deal. Just then a policeman stepped up to me and axed us said "Please, hey, would we care to all get in line. Well ya know?" Back' in the blue. 😃 👍
  3. Got it, read it, loved it. Thank you pageluvva! A great read. This author is not politically correct, to say the least. This was pretty intimate. And Microsoft got busted, Redrum. 😉 https://thenationalpulse.com/news/microsoft-ccp-operating/ https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/27/walmart-wanted-majority-tiktok-stake-teamed-with-alphabet-softbank.html
  4. Snopes is not truth. It's very biased and political toward one party. As I said, this isn't about politics. It's about lives. Grow up, Man!
  5. Hey Strider, I hope you're doing well and in good health. Threads don't have to be deleted. Take, for instance, this man's request to know what the Hell is going on where he lives. Upstate NY. Keep focused, Man. I guess people would start spouting bullshit based on what they hear from WaPo or NY Times. But give some consideration, and throw your media driven brainwashing to the side for once. I actually work with it Every f-- day. I'm sick of it, tbh with you. Listen to someone in the field for once, and put BS aside. Do you deal with 6K, 5K, 4 K. 2K. or 1K of folks tested? Didn't think so. Test supplies were about at zero at the beginning. I'm telling him the truth, because I care about his life. Do you?? Or does what you read to make you feel better more important than this man's life? I didn't think so. Grow up a bit, enjoy the music at your store. I have been dealing with this in the field, first hand. You haven't. I bypass the media you take as gospel. I'm not trying to cause waves. This is about truth. Not your pride. After H1N1 (10 Years Gone), there wasn't many supplies left, and no replacement. Man, grow up! This is life. There was nothing resupplied. In fact, they first slowed down and stopped testing before, because they assumed H1N1 was NOT worthy. I took care of people affected by that as well. I know what I'm talking about, because I was drowning in it 10 years ago, Man. And today is just as important. It's sickening and a huge stressor.
  6. Preparation from last admin left us unprepared for a pandemic. It had to be built again from the bottom up, which has been exceptionable. I would say lack of care on ability to prepare. When there is nothing in the cupboard, you have no choice but to build from scratch. 😉
  7. I know NY and Jersey are two. I look at leadership under those 2. Governors are in charge during pandemics. Not president. I wonder what is in common with the top percentage of citizens within those states, and how bad the leadership is among those top states. I don't know, so I am asking your opinion, Jonesy. Many thanks if you answer. In Maryland, the count has gone way down, significantly. Way lower than before. And I don't see hospital beds being filled. It can't be that bad. I see it as dissolving after 20% of an area has been affected. Then it moves on.
  8. Hi 77, How's it going? OMG 77, I know 4 people in Russia. One on this site. Aside from that, one I know gives her kids with Hydroxychloroquine. That with zinc and another med beginning with an R *I forget* is not only something that helps, but a preventative. As for a cure for a virus, we have never even come up with a cure for the flu. This Corona is about 2.5 worse. Flu vaccine is BS. How many on this site have got the flu after having the flu vaccine? It's BS, and a waste of a good vein every year. It is highly transmissible. But the death count has been obscured by about 25%, according to the CDC lady with Fauci (Delta Burkes, The Queen of Scarves, whatever her name is). If you have a family member with it, and you go out and get run over by a car, your death will be attributed to COVID 19. Your body getting squished by a car will in effect, cause your lungs to stop your breathing regulation. Since COVID is a respiratory virus, it is counted as COVID. That said, I have worked with around 8 to 9K patients since March that have been tested. Of the first 6K, 10 came back with positive results. Masks aren't effective, unless you have one that you can't smell through. The reason for masks isn't for your protection; it's to protect other people from you. If you cough or sneeze, your mask protects others from whatever you might have. The flu, for instance. I have only known 3 people (friends or acquaintances) to have it. One was black with diabetes. She died. She was otherwise healthy. One was a bitch, and she lived. The other was from NY, and he visited his mom in a nursing home a lot back in April. You are in upstate? As long as you have a Cuomo as your gov'na, you are in danger. The guy sent positive patients into nursing homes! Old people's immunities are already low. Why strike a match and set it upon the top of a matchbook? Sick person. Yes, I would worry under management like that! Otherwise, this is pretty much hype. Herd immunity is the key to the resolution of this virus. Some will die, (like my friend) yes. But the chances of contracting it are less than 1%. The chance of dying from it are about less than half of the US population that contracted it. It's hype. You have more of a chance of dying from pneumonia. But, this is coming from a closet germaphobe.
  9. There is no reason to title this thread. I've bought many Led Zeppelin books, and vested a hefty fortune. I am wondering what the best book is regarding the Untitled album. The last album which I liked each track was Houses of the Holy. But the Untitled album is ultimately the best. Are there any books solely on this album? I understand that some books are costly, but it's no difference to me if it costs more than a few weeks of groceries. Thanks in advance.
  10. By the CDC: Death attributed to - COVID. Chalk another one up to COVID.
  11. This is a contest. 1964 Song video. Any released earlier or at the same time? This was made a cartoon video later (the one you see here). I know there has got to me more than listed in MTV. Edit to say: Reward goes out to the earliest going back to What Is The Earliest Rock Video of the 1960's
  12. 28 Centigrade this night. Many BOOMS ringing out. Not thunder. Having fun. 😁
  13. apantherfrommd


    Wouldn't doubt it. Congrats.
  14. apantherfrommd


    Well someone with ignorance has labelled you as one of two different types of people that according to them "The world would be better off if they all died". That would be Strider. As for me, I believe the world would be better off if they all lived. I went to Vaping to quit smoking, because Reswati's comment helped me. Vaping gives smokers the choice to lower their nicotine percent. I quit nicotine because of vaping. 40% of UK Vapers changed to quit. Same here. Peacefrog, I now do exactly as you do. Good onya. It's not much. Apathy is the enemy of the people. And appreciating what binds us and helps us is our strength. Good post.
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