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  1. Rahm Emanuel "Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste" - YouTube Control through chaos. I didn't see that alleged injection, but I wouldn't doubt you. Not in 2020. Hind-sight is a bitch.
  2. Did you see where the nurse passed out? Some strong adverse reactions. It's sad to see that. I was happy my friend got out of the hospital after 10 days of COVID. Has the pneumonia now. And my brother and family are better after the virus went through his family.
  3. I'm glad you tweet the guy. New Yorkers don't have it so easy. And it was the epicenter of the breakout, early on. The first thing that didn't make sense to me about the jerk, was that during the height, brave volunteers came in to help, while New Yorkers were fleeing. One of the first statements he made about that was that he thanked the volunteers. Next he told them they would be taxed for working in the State of New York! Terrible.
  4. And I mean respectfully disagree, 77. These new effects on this site will not allow me to edit. So if any LZ mods get on me for posting the truth, *shrugging shoulders* it's the truth. LOL Rick, I don't wish your thread deleted. You are honest to your thoughts as am I. I like your thread, and don't mean to disrespect it. I hate that things disappear around here, due to pride or whatever. I don't have any. 😆 so I'm just gonna agree to disagree sometimes. No disrespect, Man. I only hope Truth, Love, and Good Health to each and every member posting on here. Including mods. M
  5. I disagree. That's the one that has set the ball in motion to save lives here, and in the world. The guy you promoted with the start of this thread with has tried to block the medicine you wish to take. NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Vows To Block COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution, Says It’s Bad That Vaccine Came During Trump Admin NOVEMBER 9, 2020 By Jordan Davidson New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo publicly rejected the Trump Administration’s efforts to move forward implementing a COVID-19 vaccine, vowing to work with other governors to stop its distribution “before it does damage.” “The Trump
  6. Dayam! You're kidding me, Jonesy! Sick! Have we devolved that much? I didn't see that, but I did see "The Fauch" at the end of last week, trying to coerce blacks into taking it. “That vaccine was actually developed in my institute’s Vaccine Research Center by a team of scientists led by Dr. Barney Graham and his close colleague, Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, or Kizzy Corbett,” Fauci said. “Kizzy is an African-American scientist who is right at the forefront of the development of the vaccine.” The doctor is so confident that black Americans will respond to this race-based message that
  7. I'm sure there is some 7 year old topic on this board, somewhere. So be it. 40 years ago this week, the world lost a Beatle more popular than J.C. Awesome musician, that came along at the right time.
  8. Yeah! Reunited with his Brothers In Arms on Pearl Harbor Day.
  9. That seems like a nice independent school. Am I right in saying that it doesn't get any help from the government?.. pays it's own taxes, so it does not have to promote a government agenda? So basically a college that allows and promotes (real)free speech without reproach? A rare thing, with regard to Academia. That school is one of the oldest in America. 👍👍
  10. A new one to add to my Best of 2020 CD.
  11. Because we are running out of toilet paper and coinage? Good spot, John
  12. Trepidation is a good word, Paul. All the fast tracking would be is an elimination of the politics or bureaucracy. Yes, they have that in the Food/Drug Agency very much. It doesn't mean the safety measures were cut. But my concern is what are the ingredients I would be putting in my body? Aluminum? What's in the vaccine? What foreign agents in the vaccine kill another foreign agent (which is the virus)? You're coming through in stereo, Slacker. Must be a glitch.
  13. I'd rather Cuomo inject bleach after politicizing the vaccine. But I don't want New York to suffer anymore under him. I found this for you, 77 FDA Confirms Pfizer Vaccine Safe, Effective; Approval Expected In Days | The Daily Wire Good health to you and yours.
  14. A truly brave and gifted man - Rest in peace, Chuck Yeager. An Ace! He was 93.
  15. Turks still support Azerbaijan. What has changed is that Armenia is Russia's baby, now. Azeris don't hate Armenians. They hate the troops in the disputed lands - Karabakh. War is over, because the Russians are now in Karabakh. What's strange to me is that 3 countries were co-chairs on the Minsk agreement. USA, France, and Russia. How can Russia be neutral, on the chair, yet interfering? It doesn't make sense to me.
  16. That's fantastic. That's a lucky car. I remember when you got that.
  17. The first war since the virus from China: Azerbaijan vs Armenia. Terrible war. Been going on since the end of Zeptember. One side - Azerbaijan wants to keep their land and run the Armenians to their homeland. Armenia is attacking to keep their presence within Azerbaijan. But they have a base there in Azerbaijan.
  18. That was one amazing ride. Thank you, Eddie! 😁
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