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  1. Good news! I've discovered (on youtube, already) the (a) Mexican version of Over under sideways down. Avoisive of prepositions, this track entitled 'Tarzan is the man'.
  2. Well made fan video i think. There's some well paced lyric videos too, but they're not as loud. It's pleasing to see the stock of that track rise. They're really sounding like a rock band.
  3. Seems to me the prevailing opinion for many years was that Page used a contact mic on the spring side of the whammy bar. I don't remember where I heard that tho.
  4. I remember Daddy's Junky Music on mass ave in Boston having a then-current Death Wish II era poster of Jimmy Page playing a Roland guitar synth in their guitar amp tryout booth. 10 years later I saw the WH-1 Whammy pedal advertised in a Jimmy Page issue of Guitar Player magazine. This pedal could bend up or down 1 or 2 octaves with an onboard expression pedal, and it had Roland guitar synth technology. The 2 octave bend setting, starting with the pedal depressed all the way down (and distortion pedal in the chain) is one way to do the blast off. I strongly preffered the original pedal.
  5. Lawd, help me. I was blown away 6 ways from Sunday before the Soundgarden part 20 minutes in. Take a chance on THIS.
  6. there's a fresh vid on youtube that claims its a click track.. and its a guitar lesson.
  7. Shake my Tree, Closer(Fire), The Chase, Midnight Moonlight (Swan Song), City Sirens, Cadillac, Wearing and Tearing, Bonzo's Montreaux, Sacharrine, Ozone Baby. What were they up to at Sol Studios? Were they working on a new LP? If so, how far along were they? I figure Jimmy was organizing a whole new style around his trick 3rd finger, hence the b-string bender and a country music approach to solos.. This is really shining for me on Ozone Baby, and later on 'Together' by The Firm.
  8. In 1980 I hear a musical argument brewing between Bonham and Page.. Page senses he's losing Bonham and gets some more mind into his playing for a few phrases, but can't hold on for an entire solo.. and thats on a good night. There are a couple Trampleds and most Stairways, Page is playing pointlessly and with a self indulgence that's ignorant of band and fans alike.. and he keeps playing.. surely the reason for the red telephone on Jones' keyboard.. to make the call for the flashing of the 'stfu' light by Pages pedal board. My impression is Bonham lost confidence in Page, and didn't enjoy playong tracks like WLL anymore. I hear him quitting on june 25th through 27th, rallying in Franfurt, losing will power in Berlin.
  9. My wife said Michael des Barres was great with Power Station (Tony Thompson drums) at their Boston show.
  10. I think this is the track Robert claimed Jones gave him an automobile not to use his (Jones') vocal track. It was in a RP interview that preceeded the remaster release.
  11. That original song at the end is alright.. They've got something.
  12. Page's first guitar, the one he found in the house he had just moved to with his parents was a Grazioso..
  13. Jimmy has my appreciation for developing a new (to Led Heds) guitar style. In 77 and 80 he's avoiding strong bends and struggling with hand strength. I wanted to hear searing bluesy fast licks like LZII, and that's not what I was getting as I listened to a 1984 live simulcast from England on Boston's WBCN. It took a while to get into the country feel of the b-string bender telecaster. Listening back, this is a brave period for Jimmy, New style, different tone, new songs. I love this Jimmy for starting over, fresh. "Together" is one of my favorites for it's sad b string bending and intense climax.
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