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  1. Robert's got a lot to be proud of, and the child, his brothers and sister have indian heritage.
  2. oh yes.. i even have a favorite noise section.. san jose 95, fm similcast. Shake my tree and Saccharine both have killer riffs.. i think its the offbeat hi hat in Saccharine that seals the deal.
  3. John Paul Jones wrote at least one tune in a Ventures style.. Called Baja. First version I became familiar with was by Jody Foster's Army, an 80 s skate punk band.. I like surf music.
  4. Graham Bond, the potential member of Cream that Robert Stigwood wouldnt sign, believed in magic, had friends who left England to escape curses. Graham Bond had other problems before he died in 1974, but curses rank as one of them. Some kind of battle seemed to break out between witchy brethren of the 60s. Page was famously rumored cursed by Kenneth Anger around this time. The fog of drugs limits the ability to pin the blame, but Jimmy has been running, walking and crawling against the wind since 1975.
  5. D'Yer Makr was the first and only Led Zeppelin song I heard for a long time, and I liked it not. In NYC the soul radio would play that track only, prolly cuz Zep played so many shows at MSG in 1977. On this station I heard "Have a cigar" by Pink Floyd but it was in disco format and with female voices. I thought that's how it was for 3 years. In 1979 I started hearing all the rock they call classic now. It was new to me and I was the right age to hear it.
  6. Seems like they got into a fight or something.. a quarrel. There was some build up, some fanfare, then ice. Meanwhile bootlegs are arriving, getting better, while showing that the best band in the world can't be perfect, ever. I miss Jimmy Page. I wish he'd do something new.
  7. Os Mutantes in the late 1960s: Video clip: https://binged.it/2w8leSR
  8. They should have had Iron Butterfly play, who were sounding good that year, well rehearsed and stage tested.
  9. How old you are has an effect on how critical you might be. I was a grocery delivery boy in 1995. Myself and Marcos, my supervisor agreed, we'd be happy just seeing Jimmy Page hold a guitar on stage with Robert Plant. Unledded had kept our expectations low to moderate. Boy was I surprised how good the Garden shows were. I would have taken anythng. Oh yeah and #freedom. Say what you want, when you want.
  10. I only recently heard "Saccharine" by Coverdale Page, and only recently learned that the wonderful Shake my Tree riff may have been around since 1980. Those two tracks have me in a sort of funk about a lost Zeppelin album. I could populate an entire album of what ifs.. What if the very happy vibe of Summer 1980 had a riff laden happy ending... It's a whole topic to me. Not sure if y'all agree.
  11. I see you and raise you one.. I think it's "Closer". Same riff, uptempo/downtempo.
  12. When the first The Firm record came out, a WBCN dj, prolly Charles Laquidara remarked about Jimmy Page having "finger amnesia", a comment he had to walk back due to fan phone calls. When the HTWWW live lp came out the radio folks said it had the same problems as TSRTS. Again fan blitz on phone caused on air walk back. I'm here because im not a normal fan, I am a Zeppelin addict. I reserve the right to be critical, be dissapointed, give praise and generally speak my mind. #Freedom. Ive been riding this bronco a loooong time, and the good times ended just as I became musically conscious.. One summer when the sun was yellow, the sky was blue, and music faces were glowing.
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