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  1. I know there's not a lot on this or if there's anything at all I sure haven't heard it please advise. Surely there's got to be some thing out there. I'm sure they were asked about each other
  2. I never really thought of this before this is a great exercise for me I'll put in my two cents worth: A/ PG, HOTH, ITTOD B/ LZ II C/ IV D/ the rest are great albums and they're all tied
  3. Thank you for your reply learn something new everyday that's why I asked
  4. It won't let me see the video without signing in what's up with that?
  5. HOW are you coming up with two drummers and no bass player? Who's the other drummer? Are you confusing Paul with Ringo? Am I missing something
  6. bah ha haha haha haaha!! too funny Steve that's awesome!! 😅
  7. Okay Im NO drummer but this is what I thought also happened. And please forgive my simplistic explanation. I believe it's just part of the whole picture, but tell me if I'm wrong. I'm aware that he wasn't just interested in Pounding the drums as hard as he could he also had a lighter touch that was fantastic, I thought what also developed his Magic and fueled his intensity even more when the rest of the band kept hiding his other bass drum. so he was trying to compensate and found a lot of interesting ways to/ maybe compensate isn't the right word but also looking inwards and into more detail, focused more on other aspects of drumming! Is that also what happened?
  8. Well how can this be, since JPJ is not even credited as a writer on LLM? Yes, Black Dog is John Paul Jones's riff, but Heartbreaker? Where did you get that from? I remember reading somewhere that Living Loving Maid is indeed maybe the only song where Jimmy contributed most of the lyrics, if not all. IDK that he wasn't credited for it but that's not so strange to me when it comes to Zep and song credits it's messed up all over the board! . JPJ was not credited for a lot of his creative input in Zep! I must say I still have to stand behind what I stated above somewhere by that I am still pretty sure jpj came up with that riff , I thought somewhere I read John Paul Jones said it . I was quite surprised myself to learn this at the time!. Well we really got to get to the bottom of this one don't we!
  9. ima go listen to saccharin, haven't heard in a long time, and check out the hi hat!
  10. Hey Dan what about those swansong office pictures? Would love to see them

  11. No disrespect and I know this is an old thread but this wasn't Jimmy's RIFF this was brought to the band by John Paul Jones's, Heartbreaker as well! However I believe Jimmy had something to do with the lyrics! "You better lay your money down" I believe came from Jimmy! Never underestimate John Paul Jones's input, as I'm sure you know. And I love both of them especially back to back!
  12. First of all Jeff Beck can't compose very well. It was Jimmy Page who wrote Beck's Belero for his friend Jeff Beck! Guitar player is he's just not a great guitarist if he can't compose on the guitar
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