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  1. until

    Rained out last yr. MUST see him THIS yr!
  2. sO many members on here play lead & none of you guys want to try playing it ? COME ON! I guess its harder to reproduce than i thought !?
  3. Fans who could afford to follow them around like that is what i understand!
  4. Mr.Sam webmaster sir....as i go fingering threw the forum , i find it more joyfull than any Zep book so far , however ...... u know the best part of any book is the pictures! When will we be able to see the pictures posted by our club mates???
  5. I gota say im with you re' most everything esp all in all Page not being perfect but WINS top spot in my book also for being my favorite & by a long shot too! He even beats out Hendrix Because to me in the end Page can shred as well as be technical if needed BUT thats a lil boring to him , he wants to try and experiment to create JIMMY PAGE CAN COMPOSE ! END OF SUBJECT !!!! ANYWAY like i said im with u on Pagey but like u seem to agree RITCIE BLACKMORE is still a force of his own, (thatswhy his name will always be here ! JUST been trying to locate that article re' Jimmy mentioning Blackmore , i love that he complemented him, i think Ritchie deserves it and would appreciate it comming from Jimmy, can u help me locate it... becoming a huge thing to confirm this for myself, please help i need more than 81 Circus, think brother think of more clues, PLEASE , anybody?
  6. I really like how jimmy aknowledged Plant by geting back to bussiness & being excelent after a rough show & robert giving him a brotherly peck on his forehead.... STANDBY.......(i kinda got a lil something in my eye😥)
  7. Woe! REALLY ??? Amazing , yea me niether! Circus mag 81' ? GOT To find this!
  8. Wish i could see the news clip.or even the pics , what gives? DOESNT ANY1 KNOW WHO I AM ? lol,lol , (Steven A Jones once commented on MY POST!!! (sadly it was a request to STOP "droping" his name & that he doesnt remember me 🤤!)
  9. Where were these taken for them to be together at that date, and who are you to be there also and why didn't anyone asked me to join??
  10. Mr. Sam webmaster can you help ? Why can't some pictures be seen at a later date for example of like NOW? I click and nothing happens it's awful
  11. Barlow ,Barlow....... was he the drummer for Jethro Tull? or ? didnt Plant also utilize him on some solo material?
  12. I do NOT agree with S.Jones on this one , I Remember the joy the happyness, we loved it , parts of Nervanna threw us back to HOTH days ! aaàaaW sO GOOD!
  13. WOE! THIS IS AMAZING STUFF!!!! A moment of time i never happend, how wonderfull! Thank u for these!
  14. I agree & then i believe BLUNTs overdue recognition will follow! I clearly remember The music they created was in the ear of local bands up in Wisconsin somewhere when we went there as I was a teenager for a relative's wedding. The reception was next to a connected bar and the bands there were playing alternative music. They didn't even know who's Zeppelin was, so I suggested some Robert Plant , they knew all about his current music. I got both bands to play at least one song off of shaken and stirred well actually I wanted them to play Slow dancer however some of the members didn't know how to play it. Anyway he should be proud of his stuff from back then and we should continue to speak up, that's all I got
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