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  1. That's interesting where did you hear that ? Sombody try that....see if does make a difference?
  2. Rest in PEACE... to one of my most favorite friend!! " brother-in-law" >nic name RIP Chris Anderson! 😢
  3. I listen to that song, no that's not it. it does sound like Page playing guitar at the end and some type of beetles chant going on over top of it maybe, no that's not it but is interesting
  4. Ok call it ZEPS "Rythm Section" sound! U hear it then U gotta know what i mean.... >>I need help finding<< that TCV tune....it plays at the end of the song
  5. Strider, i am in full agreance with that point ,i always preech the same but if we find this tune that ANY die hard TCV im sure is aware of ,u will hear the distinct sound i speak of. Someone PLEASE?
  6. Hey HELP> whats the name of the song from TCV on which the end part Jonesy takes off on some type of Zeppelin sounding riff ?? VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE LMK as Its ACTUALY VERIFIEING that trademark sound of Zep is actually JPJ's! sO many need to hear this.... ANYONE ???
  7. MY GOD ! how unexpected was that???? Any reoorts of fatalities ? I would have went out of my mind!! Thanx wolfman! sO much!
  8. After ROBERT PLANT its absolutely Ronnie James DIO!!! I miss him terribly, there is a void in the music world no one can fill !! RIP Ronnie.....😢 Amen
  9. That's a great idea wish Jimmy would put that out there ,surely more footage of Bonham exists I'm just dying to see the rest of the drum solo.
  10. Geeze that video had me .....idk .....? .....in vertigo land or sompin...Is that the official video by the band?
  11. WLL = ? Ummm ?...... "brain fart" forgive me but I can't recall which song that is ! Please help
  12. Can u elaborate or provide a sourse , I'm not doubting you heck you probably know John and he told you that ,HOWEVER..... since you're the "only one" who has anything specific about this topic and I hope you're right and no disrespect but how do you know this? Re' : "your last sentence"
  13. I know there's not a lot on this or if there's anything at all I sure haven't heard it please advise. Surely there's got to be some thing out there. I'm sure they were asked about each other
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