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  1. SLAYER in cincy was loudest i ever heard. Never saw Zep live , & was disapointed how low the volume was in the theater when viewing Celebration day!
  2. I agree word for word , re' HOTH & PG! Re' HOTH , just amazing how they pulled this of after such a HUGE album Zep 4! Such confidence ,and on Top of the world... This was one of Plants most memorable x's he said once. Some1 else said somthing like at this point "They cameout walked the earth surveyed their land that they ruled and were pleased" (Close enuf) So fitting! Or at least that was the feeling they all shared while generating ideas for HOTH! Obviously this feeling was still around for PG also!
  3. Oh by the way Eddie gives credit to Pagey said he got the finger tapping technique by watching Jimmy Page live in the early 70s! This is a fact I heard Eddie say it himself
  4. I understand youf point but EV Was more than fluff & VH was pretty great but no Zep. But they were ALOT OF FUN But hey.....easy on Roth ! Early VH Wud never been as great without David!
  5. For me Dio is or was RITE UP there on the list next to the Zep guys. All as #1 equally well Elvis was also . Then not sure who #2 could be for me.....but my point is DIO is THAT important to me!
  6. WHAT ? THATS IT? One person! I Know better theirs many ...in fact Steven A Jones on here mite actually be Jimmy Page! 🤤! Just kidding. I like yoir question & the above reply you recieved gives us ALL hope . Although Robert looked rite at me eye to eye for an extended moment , on his shaken & stird tour in Cincinnati !& Pagey during the outrider tour everyone knew next he was about to point his bow rght at this Huge guy up front & center in Dayton ohio i was standing next to in the 2nd row , So i RAMMED HIM as hard as i could & landed (with both arms up in the air for victory) rite where pagey pointed lmao . Pagey totaly saw his intended 6'+ tall target suddenly go tumbling to his left as this skinny little kid who was still AIR BORN & landed the blessing of jimmys bow point. .bah Ha ha ha ha!! Every1was high 5ing me .theirs a bootleg out their that caught every moment in audio! I can hear me clearly in it being a nut, shame on me... One day i hope i get to shake their hands. Would be VERY Special to meet JPJ in particular.
  7. Michael Lee* Thats a great comment! & a great complement to.JPJ who surly would have lifted WTC to the level we all wish it was. Its not bad by any means *Michael Lee OMG what an amazing drummer he was. I cant get over what a monster he was, i couldnt take my eyes off him. Now thats sayin sompin since Pagey & Percy ALSO on same stage. Now thats a drummer tjat was fun to watch!!! Their should be a LZ.com forum topic on just HIM.
  8. I heard Plant once say he drove an Audi. Often over the yrs Ive thought about this car I WOULD LOVE to own & drive his old Audi!! But sadly Im not so wealthy to it off. Likely out of my reach. GOD KNOWS how happy it would make me everyday for the rest of my time on earth! (Amen) Yea lets call it a prayer!
  9. Robert Plant's OPINION Quote from the 70's: "W ere just sO much better than WHOEVER is number 2" sO cocky,sO funny,sO True! Honistly from what ive read over the yrs when it comes down to it (now i dont know which super group member of the 70's said this 2nd Quote): "Basicly we were all just battling each other for the number 2 position without even saying ,EVERYONE KNEW who #1 was!"
  10. Dag dude relax, so i guess they have video to watch jimmy ? To impersonate ? If so then i stand corrected. I didnt think their was much else back then
  11. Well WHAT ELSE did he have to go off of back in the day ,no internet etc....i suppose he could have expanded more in recient times ... But JS is amazing ....JP actually went & saw him LIVE! FACT
  12. I do quite often ! & love his 1st 2 solo albums....slow dancer? Come on! Awsome!
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