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  1. Looks like he’s playing the Theramin in those photos 😜
  2. And a second book?? It pisses me off as I pre-ordered the first one and thought I had something of value
  3. Let’s face it folks. He’s done!!! We all hear rumours (including me) but in fact we only get disappointing swag. Enjoy the original stuff and leave it. I just wish JP would shut up and not promise anything
  4. This is great video and sound. Jimmy is clearly not as mobile as he was in 73 for example. But it does sound good!!!
  5. As a medical doctor, I have looked at recent video of JP . I see no evidence of Ostro or rheumatoid arthritis!! I don’t buy the arthritis rumour. As for us Hoping he could play like 30-50 years ago, It’s wishful thinking. As was said above, we all age and lose hand eye coordination. Doesn’t mean he couldn’t perform meaningfully tho IMO.
  6. Chaps. I’m sorry. It it is sad. Instead of trying to do something new- he is doing this!!! His hands look fine— I am a medical doctor ; he does not look arthritic. He’s milking it—period
  7. Funny. How many snowboarders are Zep fans?? Wheelchairs maybe......
  8. Agree w second tier comment. But for me the Allman Brothers Band is up there
  9. Pretty cool. RP also recorded at Abbey Road this week with N Rodgers. Possible Honeydrippers??
  10. Gotta like the song choice of little sister in light of his personal marriages!!! Lol seriously though, he is so vibrant and enjoys his craft. If only JP had that passion
  11. I wonder if he actually has touched these guitars? If so, probably first time in years. So damn sad.......
  12. Can’t diagaree neither the sentiments. I love zep as we all do but at what point are they taking advantage of their hard core fans? I earn a good salary and can afford this—- but why?????
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