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  1. Seems like this show only gets better as it moves on. I don't think Bonzo was having a piss though, sounds like he was f'd up on something but started to slowly straighten out. You ever thought about the two Oakland shows? You've covered about everything from '77. Overall I agree with most of your ratings here (I'd probably give IMTOD a generous B+, Page isn't no Allman on slide, but overall I thought the song was performed greatly, I'd also say you were a bit too generous to No Quarter. I would have given it a B at most. Thought Page was coherent but he came off lacking a lot of enthusiasm du
  2. Rock and Roll is insane from this show. Wow. Bonzo really kicks it into high gear and drives the song into a completely new dimension. Plant is singing the song completely different as well. He's almost shouting with anger. Sounds great. I was pleasantly surprised by this concert apart from Kashmir.
  3. Hey! This is my first post on the forums, you might recognize my name from /r/LedZeppelin. Im a big fan of what you do and I use your reviews of these shows as a template and what to hunt down and listen to next. Im glad you did this show just due to its infamy alone. Im surprised at your STH rating mostly, I actually think its pretty fantastic. I noticed you were a big fan of a few of the late May solo's that Page pulled out and honestly I cant get behind them I think Jimmy here was extremely fluid, his phrasing and improvisational skills were pretty off the charts. I think this was honestly
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